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Youre back!

With the help of a staff, Elder Su beamed as he walked up. Behind him was Father Su, Su Zhengxun, and Mother Su, Xie Jiajia.

Zitong, youre finally here!

Youve met my grandfather and sister, so I dont need to introduce them to you. This is Father and this is Mother! Su Chen introduced softly by her side.

Ji Zitong then looked over following Su Chens line of sight and quickly saw the older Su couple.

Su Zhengxun stood upright and was dressed in a tailored black tuxedo. Just with his tall and formidable physique and manner alone, one could not help but revere him. A humble smile hung on his handsome face, and you could vaguely see the similarities in his outline with Su Chens.

Beside him, Xie Jiajia seemed rather petite with a cute dollish face. Dressed in a milky white lace dress with a black hem outlining her skirt, she looked earnest and had a joyful, fresh aura. She looked young and her pair of eyes were bright as she stared at Ji Zitong slightly nervously. Her little hand held tightly onto Su Zhengxuns hand, but to Ji Zitong, it looked just like a father holding his daughters hand.

Shortly, Ji Zitong greeted them politely,Grandfather, Sister, Father, Mother, hello. Im Ji Zitong.

Good girl, Zitong. Hello and dont worry. Im not an evil mother-in-law. Im actually very easy to get along with, so you dont have to be worried!

Ji Zitong had just finished when an alluring and gentle voice responded to her. She looked over to see Xie Jiajia beaming at her. However,Xie Jiajias hand that held onto Su Zhengxuns had tightened, so he could not help but frown slightly now.

Now, it seems like its not Zitong whos nervous, but you. Do you look like someone whos easy to get along with? Even though Su Zhengxun sounded as if he was unhappy, if one listened closely, his tone was still filled with doting.

Su Zhengxun and Xie Jiajia had a great relationship that was well recognized within the scene. In fact, they always had a great relationship with Mu Tangchuan and Zhuang Shurong. Despite their low profile, to others, they were a model couple who were very much in love.

Xie Jiajia pouted at Su Zhengxun. How do I look unfriendly now?

I see it with both my eyes, Su Zhengxun plainly said and smiled with a nod at Ji Zitong.

Xie Jiajia smiled and nodded at Ji Zitong too. Yet, in the next second, she put on an evil stepmother expression as she glared at Su Zhengxun. How dare you? Say that again! If you dare say that again, dont think about getting in my bed tonight!

Even though Xie Jiajia said this very softly through gritted teeth, Ji Zitong and Su Chen could hear it all clearly. Ji Zitong was stunned on the spot. She looked at the couple before her in surprise. Even Elder Su and Su Yu could hear it all clearly.

Cough cough! Cough cough! Behind them, Elder Su cleared his throat and finally broke this silence.

In the next instance, Su Zhengxuns handsome face was already blushing, his sharp eyes flashing with annoyance.

Okay, lets go home first. This brat Su Chen got married and didnt even discuss it with the family. My child, youve suffered. Dont worry. The Su family will definitely let you marry in grand fashion. Tomorrow well bring this fellow to speak to your parents! Elder Su gave Su Chen a glare as he said to Ji Zitong.

Dont worry, Grandfather. Weve already gone to the Ji home. My parents are very open-minded. We just came back after such a long time

Alright, thats enough. This isnt your fault. Its all this punk! Elder Su stated as he could not help but shoot Su Chen a glare again.

Su Chen could not help but put a hand to his forehead. Why did it seem like he had committed a serious crime when he had just brought his wife back?

Alright, lets go in and continue. Secretary He, please bring the things in the car to the living room. All of you, go to help too!

Su Chen shrugged helplessly as he pulled Ji Zitongs hand and walked in through the door.

Everyone watched them, then exchanged a glance before smiling as they followed.

Knowing that Su Chen was bringing Ji Zitong back to the Su residence that day, Mu Yuchen had told Li Si to send over a few good bottles of wine. The Su family was a family of wine-lovers. Obviously pleased with Mu Yuchens gesture, Elder Su drank a few more glassesat the dinner table, and indeed got drunk, so Su Chen and Su Zhengxun carried him upstairs to rest.

While Ji Zitong was left in the living room, Xie Jiajia and Su Yu accompanied her.

Xie Jiajia, who was also known asMother Su, was a very passionate and lively person. She was very likable. Ji Zitong was worried at first about getting along with her, but unexpectedly, they hit it off very well.

Xie Jiajia liked Ji Zitong too because she was quite dependable and seemed full of life. Her looks and personality were worthy of her son while her family background was good, and she was the daughter of a respectable family. As long as her son fancied her, the rest was not important.

Haha, Zitong, tell me then, how did you and Su Chen get together? How unexpected that you were a cadet under him and Ah Chen! What a coincidence! Youre truly a quarrelsome but loving couple! Just like me and Su Chens father, when I married him back then, he was a nerd who didnt know how to be romantic at all and forgot about fun! He even complained that I was a little girl who wouldnt grow up. Wont he even look at how I cant age which is a benefit to him!?

Xie Jiajia and Ji Zitong chatted happily. Maybe it was because of Xie Jiajias dollish looks, but when Ji Zitong sat with her, she really did not feel much pressure.

Mother, you and Father have quite an interesting life.

I think its just cheap thrills! Zitong, youll understand in time! Beside her, Su Yu rolled her eyes at her own mother. Alright, Mother, its not early anymore. Zitongs been busy the entire day, so shes probably tired. Let her rest earlier. Fathers already told you to rest earlier. Dont you have a meeting tomorrow morning?

Zitong, go upstairs and wash up. Everything that shouldve been prepared has already been prepared. Come, Ill bring you to Su Chens room. Su Yu could not bear to watch Ji Zitong be bothered by Xie Jiajia. It had already been a long night, so she could only help Ji Zitong escape the abyss of suffering just in time.

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