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It was May, and the weather was gradually becoming warmer, especially in the afternoons. The warm sun radiated with its golden light, warming the people that walked beneath it who seemed to enjoy it very much.

On the bench in front of the front yard walkway in Su Chens villa, Su Chen was resting leisurely, flipping through a magazine.

Su Chen felt like he had not been this relaxed for a long while now, being able to carefreely sunbathe.

Chief Su, everything has been prepared. We can leave now! Secretary Hes voice came.

Su Chen looked up from the magazine. Its all ready?

Yes, Chief Su, Secretary He answered.

Su Chen then closed the magazine, turned his head, and then his sharp gaze looked out through the glass window. He did not see Ji Zitong, so he hesitated for a moment before getting up to walk in.

At this moment, inside the bedroom,Ji Zitong had just finished her shower. She changed into a rose pink dress that fell below her knees. The soft color complemented her fair skin. With a light-colored scarf tied simply around her neck, she looked less intimidating and appeared gentler now.

When Su Chen walked in, Ji Zitong was tying her hair up before the mirror. She watched the man that walked slowly towards her through the mirror as she continued what she was doing.

Su Chen stopped behind her, gazing into the mirror as she quickly finished tying her hair up.

Are we leaving now? Ji Zitong turned to the side to look up as she asked him.

Su Chen nodded. Mmm, are you almost done?

Ji Zitong nodded as she stood up. Alright, lets go then.

Then, she was about to walk forward when she unexpectedly saw Su Chen frowning slightly. His sharp gaze swiftly examined her, making her feel puzzled, so she asked, Whats wrong? Is there something on my face? Why are you looking at me like that?

She had just said that when Su Chens long arm reached over and took the brow pencil from the table. He gently pushed her to sit down again. Sit down. Let me put some light make up for you. It will suit your outfit today better.

Ji Zitong was not that great at makeup. That was something Su Chen had observed in their time together which explained why she would usually go out without makeup. Usually, in terms of grooming, she would only do simple cleaning and maintenance as well.

Ji Zitong stared blankly at Su Chens words. Before she could react, he had already made her sit on the chair as his long fingers held the brow pencil and began to drag it across her skin with full concentration. Ji Zitong subconsciously moved, wanting to wriggle away

To prevent her from making a big deal out of nothing, Master Su sternly said, If you dont want me to make you look like an ugly witch, then please stop moving. His sharp eyes shot her a warning, so she then obediently stopped what she was doing.

Su Chen moved very quickly. Even though he did not seem very skilled, the effect of his makeup was pretty breathtaking. A few minutes later, Ji Zitongs little face revealed a little more charm, and she generally looked more radiant. A hint of elegant aura tinted her quiet beauty.

Su Chen looked joyfully at his masterpiece and then handed the lipstick to her. He moved the mirror closer and beamed. Take a look.

Ji Zitong raised her brows as she turned to look at the mirror. Indeed, she looked as if she had transformed into an entirely different person.

On the way to the Su residence, Ji Zitong could not help but marvel, Im surprised that youre pretty talented at putting makeup on for women.

Im trying to consider if youre complimenting me or cursing me right now. Su Chens handsome, steadfast face flashed with ease as he turned and looked at Ji Zitong beside him. Usually, I always watch women put makeup on in front of mirrors, so I thought that it wouldnt be too hard. In fact, my mothers very skilled in that aspect. I guess I grew up being influenced by her.

Your mother? Ji Zitong was quite curious about this mother-in-law that she had yet to meet. She could vaguely tell from what he mentioned that she was rather eccentric.

Mmm, forget it. Let me just briefly introduce my family situation to you. Youve met my grandfather and older sister, so well skip them since you know how they are. My fathers Su Zhengxun. You probably know him. Hes not as strict at home as he seems in the media. Hes the one with the least authority at home while my grandfathers the most authoritative in the Su family. Then, theres my mother. Usually, for matters at home that have nothing to do with work, my mother and grandfather call the shots. My father basically has no opinion on these things.

My mother is a little eccentric. Shes not difficult to talk to, but she does have a way with business. However, at home, she practically lacks a common sense for daily life. Shes like a little girl who hasnt quite grown up yet, like a princess. You would always see her act like a spoiled child in front of my father until you get goosebumps all over. You cant call her old. You have to always praise her youth and beauty. Shell really adore you then, Su Chen explained briefly.

When he noticed that Ji Zitong did not look very comfortable, he tapped her on the knee and consoled, Dont worry. Theyll really like you.

As long as you are a woman, they will definitely like you.They already said that as long as she was female, they would be willing to accept her!

Besides, Ji Zitong was personally approved by Elder Su. No, he very satisfactorily approved of her!

It was quite a distance from Su Chens villa to the Su residence. Furthermore, it was the holidays, so the traffic jam was bad. They spent almost more than two hours before the car made it out of the jam, and rushed straight for the Su residence.

The Su residence was a classic Oriental mansion with a garden. Although it did not look overwhelmingly massive, from the outside, it looked very exquisite and elegant. The surrounding environment was also very peaceful.

As soon as their car reached the entrance, they could already see quite a few people waiting at the door. Once the car came into sight, they started waving at them. The dazzlingly golden, warm sun wrapped them up in soft, sacred light. Accompanied by the cooling breeze of the evening, this scene made Ji Zitongs heart feel a hint of warmth.

Were here. Lets go down.

Su Chen alighted from the car first. He did inform them before he returned, so he trusted that they would have been prepared.

Youre here!

Xiao Chen, Zitong!

When she saw Su Chen and Ji Zitong get down from the car, Su Yu was the first one to go up to them.

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