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(Begin Again (5)

Ah Mo was not sure what to say. He grabbed the document tightly as his expression darkened.

I havent told anyone about this yet, but of course, your sister-in-law knows. I havent told our grandparents, parents, and Lingshi. Mu Yuchens expression darkened.

How could it be Gu Qiwu?

Ah Mos heart sank. Lingshi already hated Gu Qiwu from the beginning. How could she take this news? She almost broke down when she thought her father was Qi Qiming.

Ill leave this to you. Youre going to decide whether you want to tell her or not, Mu Yuchen said quietly, Weve finally arrived at the answer weve been searching for so long. Although it isnt a satisfactory answer, this is the end of it. We cant change the facts, so we can only choose to accept it.

Master, should I tell her? Shes been waiting for an answer

We cant cover it up forever. Shell find out sooner or later anyway.

Ah Mo gripped the document tightly. Alright, Ill think about how to break this to her.

Mu Yuchen nodded, turning his chair around and looked outside at the clouds. Mmm, you tell Lingshi while Ill handle our parents. Let Chauffeur Wang send you back to the Mu residence. Get some rest before coming back to work.

Ah Mo left the room after he gave a brief grunt in reply.

Soon, Mu Yuchen heard the noise of a car engine from the yard. When he looked below, he saw the car slowly driving out of Maple Residence after Xi Xiaye sent them off at the entrance.

What did you tell Ah Mo just now? He didnt look too pleased when he came downstairs. Xi Xiayes voice came from behind him after some time. Mu Yuchen turned over and looked at her.

Try some of this tea. Its quite fragrant. Zitong gave it to me some time ago. Xi Xiaye put a cup of flower tea in front of him.

Mu Yuchen took a sip and left the cup aside before he grabbed her hand and replied, What else could it be? Its time to tell them about it.

Xi Xiaye frowned slightly. Just as she was about to say something, Mu Yuchens phone on the table started ringing. They both looked over and noticed it was a call from an unregistered number.

They traded glances at each other. Xi Xiaye then picked up the call. Hello?

Mu Yuchen looked away and started playing with her fingertips.

The person on the other end sounded surprised to hear Xi Xiayes voice as he asked, Ms. Xi Xiaye? Meanwhile, she found his voice slightly familiar.

Who are you? Xi Xiaye frowned and looked at Mu Yuchen. When she wanted to hand the phone to him, the caller continued, Nice to talk to you, Ms. Xi. I know Mu Yuchen must be by your side. Give him the phone and youll know who I am.

Xi Xiayes frown grew deeper. Mu Yuchen suddenly grabbed the phone from her before she could say anything else having overheard their conversation on the phone.

Hello, Uncle Gu. Mu Yuchens tone of voice was calm. He seemed unfazed, yet his eyes turned cold.

Mu Yuchen? Haha, greatgreat Gu Qiwu started chuckling when he heard Mu Yuchens voice. I think its about time we meet up. What do you think?

Since youre so sincere, Uncle Gu, why not? Mu Yuchen said calmly.

Good, lets meet at XX field on the outskirts of City Z at 3 p.m. tomorrow. Ill be waiting for you, Gu Qiwu said coldly before hanging up on the call.

Mu Yuchens expression clouded over as he looked at the screen. He revealed a grin before leaving his phone on the table.

Gu Qiwu? Why does he want to meet you now? Xi Xiaye heard the conversation between them, and she scowled as she gave Mu Yuchen a doubtful look.

What else could it be? He has eyes everywhere too. How else could he have covered his tracks all these years so perfectly? Its about time we bring things out of the dark, Mu Yuchen answered.

Xi Xiaye was startled. So, youre going?

Why not? Gu Qiwu has always been secretive. Its my honor to meet him in person. Mu Yuchen grinned and his eyes looked like he had something planned.

She reminded him, Be careful no matter what. Things have just barely calmed down for Glory World.

Dont worry. If he really intends to do something, I wouldnt have got away so easily, Mu Yuchen comforted.

Xi Xiaye nodded. She went over and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. Ill stop worrying about it then. Im almost done handing over my work now. Ill go over to Fuhua after the holidays. Grandpa has been waiting for me since last year, so its about time that I fulfill my promise.

Mu Yuchen looked down at her hands on his shoulders. His eyes turned gentle as he held her hands. Grandpas already made arrangements. Im sure youll be fine with Uncle Lan and Grandpa helping you out. Even if it doesnt work out well, you still have Mr. Mu behind your back, so dont worry, okay?

Do you really think I can handle the whole Fuhua Property on my own? Xi Xiaye was not feeling too confident, fearing she would disappoint everyone.

You even took Mr. Mu down. What else could be difficult for you? Nothing is impossible for our Director Xi. He chuckled.

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