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(Begin Again (4)

Mu Yuchen went upstairs right after lunch with Ah Mo following him. Xi Xiaye was arranging some flowers in the living room while Mu Lingshi watched her.

It seems like you guys had a lot of fun during the trip. Plus, you look well. It seems like youre much happier than before.

Xi Xiaye was trimming the plant in her hand as she glanced over at Mu Lingshi.

Mu Lingshi took a deep breath. She could smell the fresh scent coming off from the trimmed plant as she smiled. It was alright. We strolled around, and its pretty fun in Australia. I could feel my mood lighten up when I was traveling. Its no wonder my brother kept telling me to travel since years ago.

Traveling helps one relax. While you were out traveling with Ah Mo, Grandmother was already planning your wedding, and I think its about time too. Xi Xiaye pushed the vase towards Mu Lingshi.

Mu Lingshi did not decline. Instead, she smiled and looked downwards. Sister-in-law, is my brother good to you? She asked Xi Xiaye moments later.

Xi Xiaye beamed. Of course the same will happen to you as well.

Inside the study room, Mu Yuchen stood behind the table with Ah Mo right in front.

Master, these are what you asked for. Its the information on Qi Feng for the past few years. I found his address near Sydney. He has a daughter with Gu Lingsha. Her name is Qi Weier, and her nickname is called Weiwei. She has had poor health ever since she was born because she was born in theseventh month of pregnancy. Qi Feng and his daughter have been recuperating in Australia all these years. Qi Fengs legs were paralyzed ever since the accident, and his face was disfigured. He underwent several plastic surgeries. Even his voice has changed as well. Im afraid we wont be able to recognize him without these photos, Ah Mo gave a brief overview as he handed a folder to Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen frowned slightly as surprise colored his expression. What did you say? Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha have a daughter?

Ah Mo nodded. She should be 5 years old by now.

Mu Yuchen opened the folder quietly. It was full of information about Qi Feng in the past few years.

Why didnt they get married if shes Qi Fengs daughter? Gu Qiwu wouldnt have let go of such a fantastic chance. Mu Yuchen glanced through the documents before putting them back into the folder. Is there a photo of Qi Weier?

Im sorry, Master. We didnt get it due to the time constraint. Qi Weier has poor health and rarely steps outside. Besides that, Qi Fengs mansion had a lot of guards stationed outside, so it wasnt easy for us to get close. Ah Mo looked at Mu Yuchen apologetically.

Do you know about Qi Weiers current condition?

I heard she has some cardiovascular issues together with some other symptoms of premature birth. Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha have spent a lot of effort to cure her. They rarely let her out of the house, thus we can only find very limited information on the child at the moment. Master, if you want to know more, then Ill send people to investigate further.

Mu Yuchen tossed the folder back onto the table and remained silent for a few moments. No need. Qi Feng will be back very soon. I guess hes quite lucky that Qi Qiming planned everything out for him. Things will get really lively when he gets back to City Z.

What do you mean? Ah Mo was confused.

Qi Kai has become Qi Qimings personal playground now that Wang Qin has passed away. He did everything he could to get South River Project No. 2 under his wing. Do you really believe Qi Kai is trying to venture into other industries like Qi Lei mentioned? Mu Yuchens eyes turned cold.

Are you saying that Qi Qiming got the project for Qi Fengs sake? Ah Mo realized.

What else could it be? The Hui Gu Corporation sent Gu Lingsha over, Mu Yuchen said as he looked at Ah Mo unostentatiously.

Ah Mo took a deep breath. If thats the case, Qi Lei

Mu Yuchen stayed quiet for a while. Then, he went towards the tall bookshelf. Ah Bao sent me a document from abroad not too long ago. Take a look. He stopped before the bookshelf and grabbed a document from it before handing it to Ah Mo.

Whats this? Ah Mo looked at Mu Yuchen curiously as he took it.

Youll find out once you open it. Mu Yuchen sat down on the chair as his expression darkened. Ah Mo got nervous as he quickly opened the document. It was a DNA report!

He glanced through it. The results showed a 99% match; it was a father-daughter relationship!

Tester: Mu Lingshi

Ah Mos eyes moved downwards, he was shocked to see that name.

This is impossible! Master, how is this possible? Ah Mo could not believe it. Gu Qiwu? How could it be him?

No, its only possible for it to be him, Mu Yuchen briefly replied Ah Mos doubts. He took a long pause before he continued, I always thought Aunt was too rebellious, and thats why Now that I think about it, it might not be what we saw.

I heard from Father that Aunt has been quite fond of Gu Qiwu since young. I assumed it was just plain admiration for a brotherly figure. The relationship between the Gu family and the Mu family is odd as well, so no one expected it to be him.

Then, Lingshi Shes really Gu Qiwus

Yes, thats the only possibility, and that explains everything thats happened. Im sure you know about the pen I auctioned in City B during the New Year.

Ah Mo was startled as he thought about it.

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