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(Begin Again (3)

As she felt the musical notes that poured from his fingers, for an instant, Shen Wenna suddenly felt as if they had returned to the past.

The times they shared in University A were clearly very memorable to her.

A distant warmth suddenly broke through the chains around her heart, slowly seeping to other parts of her body. She could not help but feel a little stunned as she turned to look at the person beside her, yet she saw the steadfast profile of his face while his fingers were still dancing quickly over those keys.

A moment passed. In the midst of the moving tune, Shen Wenna suddenly said softly, I forgot when was the last time you played this song for me. It feels like a few centuries have already passed.

Xi Mushan turned to look at her, his eyes clear. It was on Xiayes fourth birthday. I sat like this and played for you too. At that time, you sat beside me like youre doing right now. Its been over 20 years, so I thought I wouldnt remember either. Ever since you left, I havent touched the piano.

Why? Shen Wenna stared at his hands as she asked.

Because Im afraid. Once I sit at the piano and play this song, Id think of you. Ive always been very afraid of accepting the fact that you left me, Xi Mushan said without concealing the truth.

Shen Wenna froze. She took a deep breath as she could not help but blink. Falling silent for a moment, she slowly lifted a hand, and placed it onto the piano keys.

A piano duet started to fill the air

At first, it sounded a little out of practice, but after that, it coordinated harmoniously.

When they were done with the song, the husband and wife sat there for a long time. Neither moved as they silently stared at their own pair of hands that lay frozen atop the piano keys. Finally, Shen Wenna stood up. Weve just let ourselves down. Alright, lets not bury this in our hearts. Weve been remarried for quite a while now. The sun outside is looking great. Lets go out for a walk.

Then, she lightly picked up her steps and walked outside. Xi Mushan got up and followed after her too.

The shady path was framed by a peach blossom forest.

The husband and wife walked through nostalgic spots again. In the midst of their quiet daze, they felt like they had returned to the past.

In their innocent university days, he liked her, and she fancied him too

Compared to Xi Mushan and Shen Wennas quiet life, Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye clearly had it less relaxed.

During the time that Mu Yuchen was detained, lots of work had piled up in the office, so once he got back to work, many things started coming one after another. First, he needed to get the share prices back up again. Then, all the projects that were stopped were slowly brought back on track again. In fact, it was the first of May soon, so naturally, there were many things to do.

On the third of May, Ah Mo and Mu Lingshi, who had left City Z for quite a few months, finally returned. Xi Xiaye went to pick them up.


At the departure gate from afar, with her sunglasses perched on her nose, Mu Lingshi could see Xi Xiaye in the crowd, so she quickly waved and squeezed her way over. After a while, she reached her with Ah Mo behind her. With them were two bodyguards in black suits holding suitcases.

Have you waited for a long time, Sis-in-law? Mu Lingshi took her sunglasses off, and her clear voice came through. There was a hint of a smile in it too.

Youre back! I just came over as well. As she looked at the two people standing before her, Xi Xiayes beautiful and fair face flashed with a faint tenderness.

Mu Lingshis complexion looked great. She seemed quite radiant and much more cheerful unlike the gloomy version of herself from before. She had probably been doing well these past few months.

Ah Mo was smiling beside her, his deep line of sight falling on Mu Lingshi. It was easy for Xi Xiaye to recognize the gentleness and faint doting in his eyes, and she could not help but chuckle to herself at the sight of this.

Moments later, Ah Mo softly called out to Xi Xiaye too, Sis-in-law!

This greeting surprised her, and the smile on her face became even more dazzling as she acknowledged him gladly. Alright now, lets get home first. Your brothers cooking. Hes made all your favorite dishes.

The two of them nodded and then walked outside.

Along the way, Xi Xiaye drove skillfully with Mu Lingshi in the front passenger seat beside her while Ah Mo sat at the back with the bodyguards. He must have things to tell them.

In the car, Mu Lingshi started to tell Xi Xiaye, Sis-in-law, I bought Xiao Ru and Mu Xiaocheng gifts. I wonder if theyll like it. Initially, I wanted to spend a day or two shopping properly, but Mu Lingmo was rushing to get back, so we only managed to go to the nearby night market for a quick browse the other night.

Xi Xiaye beamed sweetly. Its been the holidays for them these past two days. This morning, Grandmother just brought them over to her place, so theyll be back at night. Theyll definitely be happy with any gift you give them. Just get something for Xiao Ru is fine. Xiao Chengs still so little. He wont play with these things. Last night, your brother even told me that he wants to formulate some sort of teaching method to cultivate their talents, telling me not to spoil them.

Isnt my brother a little crazy? How old is my nephew? Hey, Sis-in-law, isnt it going to be Xiao Chengs 100th day soon? Are you going to have a banquet?

No, our families will just invite our friends over for a meal.

I heard about the news from where I was. Its a relief that Brothers okay, but Im quite curious as to what happened? Mu Lingshi could not help but ask.

Its hard to explain this. Ill tell you more when we get back.

When they returned to Maple Residence, Mu Yuchen was almost done preparing lunch. Sis Wang prepared the cutlery, and soon, the dishes were served. It was steak that Mu Lingshi and Xi Xiaye relished.

Have a seat.

Mu Yuchen wiped his hand with a towel, and then pulled a chair out for Xi Xiaye like a gentleman. Mu Lingshi and Ah Mo took their seats as Xi Xiaye poured everyone a drink.

Youve worked hard. Its great that youre home now. A few days ago, Grandmother was nagging me. Youd better make a visit home tonight, Xi Xiaye said with a warm smile as she passed the glasses over.

Mu Lingshi and Ah Mo nodded as Mu Yuchen took the drink that Xi Xiaye poured him. The company matters on the other side were handled well. Rest for a few days before reporting back at the office. Lingshi, youd best manage the club matters. As for Ah Mo, Ill assign you to another project.

Alright, cheers!


The glasses were quickly emptied as everyone sat down to feast.

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