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(Begin Again (2)

Xi Xinyi nodded as she lowered her gaze sadly and silently sighed. Mm-hmm.

She picked up her steps and continued walking ahead, her sad voice coming through. Ive been thinking a lot recently. I thought about the past and the present. Actually, when Han Yifeng asked for a divorce from me, I shouldve understood that Ive pushed myself to the edge. However, then, I still refused to see that I was wrong. I didnt know how to see the truth. Only when I really lost him and the child did I know

When she said this, Xi Xinyi suddenly stopped walking. She lowered her head and stared at her hands that were open before her. Her voice that trembled slightly contained a hint of sorrow as she choked on her sobs. Did I know that I ruined all of this on my own. I pushed myself to the edge Father, I feel so helpless right now. I miss Yifeng so much. I miss my son so much I wish I could return to the past When Yifeng left, he did give me a chance, but II

At this point, Xi Xinyi already could not help as tears streamed down her face. She could not continue.

Xi Mushan stood with his hands behind his back as he turned to look at Xi Xinyi who was crying silently. After a while, he sighed and handed her a tissue from his pocket. Here.

Xi Xinyi sniffed. She looked up with red eyes at Xi Mushan and accepted it after a long while.

Xi Mushan did not take another glance at her. He only stood with hands behind his back as he continued walking ahead. Xi Xinyi followed unhurriedly behind him.

Its good that you could figure this all out yourself. I hope that the grudges between your mother and I can end here too. Theres no need to meet again. As for your matters with Xiaye, Ive promised Xiaye not to interfere in the past. Unexpectedly, things still played out the way it did today. Xi Mushan sighed. Youre like your mother. You wont spare tricks to achieve your aims. Thats how you caused todays tragedy.


I should take some responsibility for the Xi family suffering todays misfortune. I didnt perform my duties well, and I almost didnt even get the chance to make up for it. Xinyi, I hope that you wont take the same path as your mother. I hope that youll have a different ending from the one she did.

As Xi Mushan said that, he suddenly turned to look at Xi Xinyi.

Father, do you think I still have a chance? Do I still have a chance to redeem myself? Xi Xinyi looked nervously at Xi Mushan, her hollow heart desperately needing a sliver of courage.

Once, I also thought that your aunt and I wouldnt have a chance to start over again, but now we have reconciled. Xi Mushans deep voice had a hint of gratitude. He paused, then continued, Losing is terrifying, but whats even more terrifying is standing in the same spot and watching it leave you without knowing how to get it back.

Father I Im afraid he doesnt want me anymore, and I fear later my son will abandon me too Xi Xinyi said as she choked on her sobs and teared up.

If you dont go looking for them, youll lose them forever. Let the miserable past stay in the past. The fact that you came today shows that youre probably aware of your errors. Its a good thing to want to turn over a new leaf. This is positive luck for you. Understand?

Xi Xinyi sniffled and nodded through misty, teary eyes.

Alright, the past wont repeat itself. Theres still the future, so youll have to choose how you want to live it, mmm? Xi Mushan said earnestly and then took in a deep breath before he took a look at Xi Xinyi and patted her on the shoulder. Then, he silently turned around to leave with hands behind his back, leaving her standing all alone on the empty pathway.

After a while, Xi Xinyi wiped away her tears, and when she turned to look, she only saw Xi Mushans faint, frail back

When he reached home, Shen Wenna was standing at the balcony enjoying the scenery. Xi Mushan went over to join her and could still see Xi Xinyis figure leaving slowly.

Shen Wenna had a calm expression. Xi Mushan carefully turned to look at her for a long while. He could not read anything from her expression, so he thought about it, then said, I can tell that shes regretful. I hope she wont be like her mother. She hopes that I can go take a look at Yue Lingsi.

Why dont you go then? Shen Wenna looked at him with an indifferent expression.

Wenna, I love you. Thats a fact that has never changed. Do you understand? Xi Mushan thought that she was annoyed, so he frowned helplessly.

Shen Wenna lowered her gaze, lifting her hands to hold onto the chilly railing as she quietly looked down in the direction of Xi Xinyis figure moving gradually away. She said a little difficulty, Those three words are too heavy.

Yes, to us, they are all too heavy. Thats why Im grateful.

Xi Mushans silent eyes could not help but flash with tenderness as he silently looked at Shen Wenna beside him.

Shen Wennas beautiful face rippled with a smile. But just like that, many years have passed. Weve lost the things we should have. We didnt have a chance to experience all the beautiful times we once fantasized about having.

Who says weve lost our chance to? We still have time now. Come with me! Xi Mushan looked at the side of her face that seemed faintly sad, and his heart hurt. His hands could not help but reach over to gently hold her hand as he pulled her inside.

Shen Wenna was surprised. Where are you bringing me?

Youll know if you come with me, Xi Mushan said to her before he dragged her out through the door.

Shen Wenna naturally felt a little awkward as he pulled her all the way. She tried to struggle for a bit, but he locked his grip onto her so tightly that she could not wiggle free. It was a good thing that it was lunch break, so there were not many people on the road.

Xi Mushan brought Shen Wenna through the forest of peach trees. Soon, they reached outside the school piano room.

It was only when Xi Mushan pulled Shen Wenna to sit down before a shiny piano that she fell into a daze. Her beautiful eyes shifted as she stared stunned at Xi Mushan beside her while his long fingers were already on the piano keys. A series of alluring musical notes poured out

This song was, of course, one that Shen Wenna was familiar with. In fact, Xi Mushan had frequently played this for her back then. She had not heard this song for a very, very long time. It had been so long that she had even forgotten the last time she listened to it. It might have been ten or twenty years ago, or even longer than that

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