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(Gather (4)

It seemed like something was revealed there. Mu Yuchen frowned and gave Zhou Zimo a disgusted look.

Cough! Help me! Zhou Zimo yelled, I didnt say its yours

The crowd averted their gaze to Mu Yuchen who just glanced at everyone expressionlessly. In the end, they all turned back to Zhou Zimo.

You guys misunderstood. Im trying to say if you guys want to know who has thebiggestage among the three of us!

Youre the smallest no matter what, Mu Yuchen quickly retorted.

Thats right! You have no ambition and will easily become a traitor! Ah Chen and I were always the ones who helped you out when we were little! When we were still in high school, you were so afraid to extort money from the younger students, but then you enjoyed most of the food we bought with the money! Shameless!

Su Chen gave Mu Yuchen a nod before he grabbed Zhou Zimos tie. Id have handled you if it wasnt because you were so small!

The crowd laughed.

Qi Lei was oddly envious of their relationship. Nonetheless, they started chatting with one another.

Night fell, and it was past 10p.m. when they noticed the time.

They were all a little drunk. Only Xi Xiaye and Ji Zitong were still sober. Sis Wang drove both Zhou Zimo and Li Si back while Ji Zitong helped Su Chen get into the car.

Qi Leis Grand Lake Villa area was pretty close, so Mu Yuchen could still send him back.

Mu Yuchen helped get Su Chen into the car as he said to Ji Zitong, Remember to prepare some soup for him to sober up. Hes still got work tomorrow. He drinks a lot every time he comes over. Ive had Sis Wang put some wine in your car boot as well as Xiayes gift for you. Su Chen is my good brother, and hes been alone all these years. Please take care of him from now on.

Ji Zitong nodded. Dont worry, Chairman Mu. Ill definitely treat my husband well.

Just call me Ah Chen. Both Xiaye and I should be calling you our sister-in-law. Su Chen is slightly older than both Zimo and I. Hes the elder brother among us, and hes a loyal and attentive friend. Im sure that marrying him isnt the wrong decision, Mu Yuchen said.

Ji Zitong was stunned for a moment. She looked at Su Chen for a while and sighed. I know. I guess this is fate. I never expected us to be together. The old me would never have believed it.

Mu Yuchen grinned. Su Chen is a simple man. He should be the most carefree one among the three of us. Actually, the two of you were already been fated from back then. All these years, youre the only girl hes so worked up about aside from his mother and sister. I wish the two of you happiness.

I Ji Zitong mumbled. She was about to say something else, yet Mu Yuchen interrupted her as if he knew what she was going to say.

Theres no need for any more words. Youll understand after you live with him for a longer time. Its getting late now, and I need to send Qi Lei back. Mu Yuchen then walked towards his own car.

Ji Zitong was stupefied for a while. She came back to her senses when she heard the sound of the car engine starting. Then, she looked over at Su Chen as she slowly lowered herself into the drivers seat.

It was around a 10-minute drive between the Grand Waves Villa area and the Grand Lake Villa area. Qi Lei had already fallen asleep when Mu Yuchen sent him back to his home, and Yang Sheng arrived in time as well.

Thank you, Chairman Mu! Yang Sheng acknowledged Mu Yuchen as he took Qi Lei over at the entrance of the villa.

Mu Yuchen nodded, glancing at the drunk Qi Lei as his expression softened. He drank quite a lot tonight. Remember to give him some pills to sober up. Tell him not to worry as Ill never go back on my promise. Also, Im very thankful for him.

Chairman Mu do you know who did it? Master Qi really had it rough recently. I dont want to see the murderer going unjudged.

Wang Qin had helped Yang Sheng a lot. Even though she passed away, he felt it was wrong to leave her murderer free.

Leave it to the police. What you need to do now is to take care of him.

Master Qi guessed it was CEO Qi He had several fights with CEO Qi since VP Wang left. He even took away everything that belonged to CEO Wang from the home. Then, he burnt the things that he couldnt take. CEO Qi was furious. I think Master Qi will have a hard time at work again tomorrow.

Yang Sheng gave Qi Lei a bitter glance. He was not sure why he told Mu Yuchen this, but he could not think of anyone else to rant to except him and Xi Xiaye.

Most people only knew of Master Qi as a playboy. No one knew Qi Lei was a pretty cold person who hardly had any friends. He still had someone to talk to when Mu Lingtian was still alive, and occasionally spoke to Gu Lingsha as well, but now

Tell me directly if anything happens to him the next time, Mu Yuchen said.

Thank you, Chairman Mu. Yang Sheng looked at Mu Yuchen gratefully.

Mu Yuchen nodded and pointed at the door. Get in now. Hes quite drunk.

Yang Sheng nodded. Okay, please be careful on the way back. He then helped Qi Lei to get inside the house.

Mu Yuchen watched as the two of them vanished through the door, yet he did not leave right away. He leaned against his car door and lit up a cigarette in annoyance. The cigarette was nearly finished but he hardly took a drag on it anyway.




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