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(Gather (3)

Qi Lei turned over to Mu Yuchen as he said,Congratulations on getting out.

Mu Yuchen looked at him, his eyes darkening. I guess Im lucky, but you dont seem very fortunate.

Qi Leis eyes darkened as he looked away, while his voice sounded calm, his tone felt sorrowful

I sure am a little unfortunate, but so what? Are you going to offer me some words of comfort right now? His voice sounded cold just like the wind passing by.

A light flashed in Mu Yuchens eyes as he said, I thought about doing so, but seeing you now makes me think that you dont need it. Great. He raised a toast, and they finished their glasses together.

Ive heard too much of those and Im getting bored with it. Yang Sheng got a cactus plant from Xiaye several days ago. I understand. Thats my mother after all, so its normal to be sad, but theres nothing I can do to bring her back to life. I still have a life to live. You dont have to tell me. I understand, said Qi Lei as he gulped the wine down.

What do you plan to do from now on? Mu Yuchen asked.

Qi Lei took a deep breath and leaned back onto the chair. That old man wants me to take over my mothers position. He thinks hes doing me a favor! My mother had a lawyer and made her will a long time ago. All her shares and properties are left to me. That old man was just afraid that I might not be able to take on the stress and sell all the shares that I have.

My mothers group influence fell considerably after she passed away. I suppose itll be very challenging even if I want to rebuild it. He looked at Mu Yuchen straight in the eye.

Mu Yuchen raised his eyebrows. VP Wang was able to do it, and youre saying that you cant?

Qi Lei smiled before sighing. Talking to you does feel motivational at times.

Ive heard whats happening in Qi Kai. Its not a favorable position for you. With Qi Kai getting South River Project No. 2, your situation is pretty bad. Mu Yuchen gave him an objective analysis, I think Qi Kai is trying to make a shift through this project. A lot of entertainment-focused companies are starting to get involved in other industries with property and business being common targets.

Qi Lei nodded. Youre right. Thats happening right now. Qi Kai started out in theshowbiz industry, and its been several decades. If we dont find other pathways to break through the current situation, we might get left behind in the future. Since the Hui Gu Corporation is interested, our company isnt going to let this chance slip away. The whole company is focused on this one project.

However, it doesnt seem like youre involved in South River Project No. 2. Youre almost losing your spot in handling Project No. 1 as well, Mu Yuchen noted.

Qi Lei shook his head. Yeah, Ive been thinking about it this whole time. Im pretty much a failure ending up like this.

Youre not the only one who had it tough. Dont simply use the word failure. Mu Yuchen looked at him sternly for a moment and then continued, Grandpa told me yesterday that he met you a few days ago.

Yes, it was regarding South River Project No. 2. Ive understood from him that Qi Kai successfully obtained the core land. Do we not have any hope now? Qi Lei asked.

Mu Yuchen grinned. Thats what this is about. Do you regret working with me now?

Qi Lei smacked his own head and looked at Mu Yuchen quietly before shaking his head. I can only say its my fault. I never expected you to be arrested at such a critical moment, and I

Do you think Qi Kai is better at working in the showbiz industry, or in property development? Mu Yuchen suddenly asked before Qi Lei could reply.

Of course the showbiz industry! Although property development is tempting, its still difficult for the current Qi Kai to handle it alone. Why else do you think we need the Hui Gu Corporation? Qi Lei glanced at Mu Yuchen like he was looking at an idiot.

Mu Yuchen looked down and laughed. Then, he peered over at Su Chen and the others before he stood up. Im glad that youre fine now. Theres something I should tell you, but Ive been a little busy with all the work piled up lately. Come and meet me in my office next Friday at 3p.m.

Ah Mo should be back by then. It was about time to tell him about Qi Feng.

Mu Yuchen walked away before Qi Lei could reply.

Qi Lei was affected by the laughter around. He closed his eyes and calmed down himself before heading over.

They were still playing cards. The loser would have to do something interesting. Li Si was mimicking the cries of animals for the third time now. The first time was a wolf howl, the second time was a pig squealing, and the third time was a dog barking.

Everyone laughed as they enjoyed Li Sis talented acting.

Su Chen and Ji Zitong worked pretty well together.

As for Zhou Zimo, he unleashed his inner talent and gave the crowd a performance. Even Qi Lei and Mu Yuchen chuckled. Having lost again, Zhou Zimo threw his cards away and put on a serious expression. Do you guys want to know, between Chen, Su Chen, and me, who has the biggest?

Who? Qi Lei gave him a dirty glance.

Su Chens first reaction was to choke Zhou Zimos neck.




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