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(Gather (2)

Mu Yuchen disappeared out of the doorway before Zhou Zimo could say anything. Zhou Zimo then let out another cry of pain.

Su Chen glanced at him coldly before catching up to Mu Yuchen.

Zhou Zimo felt aggrieved as he rubbed his shoulder which Su Chen punched moments ago as he shook his head while mumbling, How come the two of you have become so weird after getting married? You guys werent like this before. Whats up with you?! He bemoaned his fate before catching up to them.

Mu Yuchen saw Mu Zirui slowly going downstairs when he arrived at the staircase. Mu Zirui turned his head over and looked upward as he heard the sound of footsteps. Mu Yuchen lowered himself and carried him.


Mmm, you got heavier. Seems like you had a good time at grandpas place. Mu Yuchen gave Mu Zirui a loving smile.

Mu Zirui put an arm around his neck and chuckled. Grandpa said I grew bigger. He can barely carry me anymore! Father, when will I be as tall as you?

Wait until youre about 30. You need to eat more. When I was your age, I could eat a full bowl of rice, the same big bowl used in grandpas house. I wasnt a picky eater as well. I heard from your mother that you dont like to eat carrots and vegetables. You cant grow taller like this. Mu Yuchen gave Mu Zirui a serious look, but there was a tint of gentleness underneath.

Can I grow taller by eating carrots and vegetables? Mu Zirui blinked his big, innocent eyes and asked Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen pinched his cheeks as he had a rare, warm smile on his face. Of course. A balanced diet promotes growth. I was around 170cm when I entered high school. Together with Uncle Su Chen and Uncle Zimo, we were handsome and great at basketball, so we were pretty popular among the girls.

Mu Zirui hesitated before finally deciding to tell his father his secret, Father, the girl, Ah Hua, in the next class is really pretty. A lot of boys like her, but she likes me. She also gave me her favourite wind chime which is really lovely.

Mmm? And then? Mu Yuchen squinted his eyes and gave Mu Zirui a curious glance.

Mu Zirui smiled as he blushed. Ah Hua said she wants me to become her boyfriend.


Mu Yuchen raised his eyebrows. What did you say?

I didnt say anything. I took her gift and then told her that were still too young, and its not the time for a relationship. Mu Zirui gave Mu Yuchen a serious reply.

Mu Yuchen could not help but laugh. He pinched Mu Ziruis cheek again and asked, You know what being in a relationship is like? Who taught you about it? But what you did was correct. Youll meet even prettier girls in the future. Your job now is to focus on your studies.

But, Father, Ah Hua is really beautiful.Mu Ziruis eyes were sparkling as he explained.

As beautiful as your mother? Mu Yuchen asked.

Mu Zirui gave some serious thought to it before shaking his head.

Thats it then. Your mother and I are still young. Dont find us a daughter-in-law so soon, okay?

Father, whats a daughter-in-law?

The father-son pair talked as they walked downstairs. When they saw Xi Xiaye and Qi Lei chatting on the sofa in the living room, the two of them walked straight towards them.

Here we are. Mu Yuchen put down Mu Zirui and greeted Qi Lei.

Qi Lei nodded as he glanced at Mu Yuchen. He heard the sound of footsteps coming from upstairs and saw both Su Chen and Zhou Zimo coming down.

Its pretty lively here! Zhou Zimo and Su Chen traded glances as they laughed.

Its almost time now. Tell Li Si and the servants to prepare the stuff. Well head out now. Xi Xiaye then walked towards the front yard.

By the time night arrived, the evening around the Grand Waves Villa area was spectacular. Colorful lights surrounded the villa area as the sky turned dark, and the front yard of Maple Residence was well lit. It all seemed very lively.

They left the main cooking to Mu Yuchen and Li Si. Zhou Zimo and Qi Lei were playing cards while Su Chen and Ji Zitong were preparing the ingredients together while Xi Xiaye was helping Mu Yuchen out. Mu Zirui was in-charge of delivering the cooked food to the table.

Have a try?

As Xi Xiaye was slathering the sauces on the barbeque meat, the smell was extremely tempting. She felt hungry and looked up to see the man handing her a stick of barbequed meat.

Xi Xiaye looked around and realized no one noticed, so she smiled cheekily and took a bite.

Mr. Mu, Im starting to realize youre a real treasure. You are so breath-taking and youre an excellent cook. Heres a reward for you! Xi Xiaye swallowed her food happily and then planted a kiss on his cheek.

Mu Yuchen enjoyed himself as he smiled and continued with the barbeque. I told you you wouldnt regret marrying me.

Alright, quickly finish these up.

Ah Chen, are you done? Come and have a drink!

Xiaye, you guys, leave it for a moment. Everyone come and have a drink!

Su Chens voice was heard by everyone.

Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye came over with the barbequed meat.

After they had their fill, Su Chen and the others started playing cards again.

Just as he expected, Qi Lei guessed that Mu Yuchen wanted to tell him something when he was invited over.

Mu Yuchen was lying down on the lounge chair on the front yard with Qi Lei right beside him. They were both watching the group playing cards. Xi Xiaye had brought Mu Zirui back in for a shower, and the little guy was getting up as well.




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