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Before Xi Xiaye and Ji Zitong could react, Qi Leis tall figure had already greeted their sight.

Youre all here?

Qi Lei was at ease as if this was his own home. He walked over to Xi Xiaye and put the gift box he was holding onto the table. He picked up an empty cup from the coffee table and poured himself some tea under Xi Xiaye and Ji Zitongs shocked gaze, finishing it in a few gulps.

Whats wrong? Why are you looking at me like that? Qi Leis handsome face flashed with a puzzled look. He shrugged at Xi Xiaye. I didnt come uninvited this time. It was Mu Yuchen who very sincerely invited me, and even asked for a gift on behalf of your older son. Call him over for me to say hi.

At this moment, Li Sis voice came. Missus, it was Master who invited Master Qi over. He said that the last time, Master Qi only brought a present for Little Master, and forgot Master Zirui.

Now, Xi Xiaye finally reacted. She examined Qi Lei and could not read many emotions on his face, so she relaxed a little.

Since Wang Qins funeral, she had not seen him. She only heard from his assistant that he thanked her for that cactus. Now, looking at him, he did not seem as gloomy as before, so she felt relieved.

However, because of what Li Si had just said, her bright face instantly blushed again. He had actually asked for a gift directly. It did seem quite like that mans profiteering personality.

Have a seat first. Li Si, is the outside almost ready?

Mmm, its all ready.

Li Si lifted a hand to pull his sleeve up and took a glimpse at the time. It was close to 5 p.m. and they had been at it for quite a while now. Master and the rest had also gone upstairs for over an hour.

Xi Xiaye waved for Mu Zirui to come over.

Xiao Rui, this is Uncle Qi Lei.

Hello, Uncle Qi!

With his beautiful eyes,Mu Zirui stared at Qi Lei and bowed like a gentleman, much to the latters amusement. Is he really your son? He does look quite handsome. Hes almost as handsome as when I was younger.

As Qi Lei said this, he reached out to pat Zirui on the head before handing the gift box on the table to Mu Zirui.

Mu Zirui looked at the gift box before him and subconsciously turned to Xi Xiaye to ask for permission. Mother?

Xi Xiaye nodded gently, then Mu Zirui reached out to take it as he said, Thank you, Uncle Qi!

Qi Lei smiled and nodded.

Xiao Rui, go upstairs and call your father and the rest down.

Okay, Mother! Ill also see if Little Brothers awake

After a while, inside Mu Yuchens study room, the buddies were discussing some matters when they suddenly heard the sound of footsteps. They looked up to see that little head peeking in at the door.

Father, Mother is asking you to go downstairs, saidMu Zirui softly.

Mu Yuchen nodded with a smile. Okay, tell your mother that Ill be down right away.

Mu Zirui left with a grunt.

Su Chen watched as Mu Ziruis little figure vanished from their line of sight before he looked at Mu Yuchen with interest.Why did you suddenly think of adopting a little one? Youre now the father to two sons.

Xiaye was worried that her grandpa would be too lonely, so she was thinking of letting Zirui accompany him more in the future. Its not a bad thing to add another lively one in the huge Shen Residence. Ziruis quite smart too. Its good to have someone accompany Xiao Cheng next time, just like Ah Mo is doing right now.

Upon hearing that, Su Chen and Zhou Zimo exchanged a glance and nodded. I understand what you mean. Its great having a brother like Ah Mo. Right, how are he and Lingshi?

I asked him about it a while ago, but he was still thinking about waiting on Lingshi, Mu Yuchen responded in a low and raspy voice.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the room suddenly fell silent and the buddies did not say anything.

Ah Mos loyal to Lingshi. Its been so many years, and he only has Lingshi in his heart. Lingshis just finding it hard to let go. Their love has spanned over a decade now. Hey, well cheer them on when they get back.

Su Chens right. Alright, Chen, dont worry too much about it. If Ah Mo could work a little harder, then all will be good. We could throw a shotgun wedding, teased the gentle-looking Zhou Zimo suddenly when he heard Su Chen.

Mu Yuchen frowned and shot a dangerous glare at Zhou Zimo while Su Chen was already laughing out loud. Thats enough, Zimo. With Ah Mos honest personality, he probably wouldnt do such things. A shotgun wedding is more of your style. You look quite serious, gentle and refined in manner. No one would believe that youre the master of tricks.

When he said that, Zhou Zimos handsome face froze. Then, he cleared his throat and lifted a hand to cover the smile that grew on his expression. Ah, can you not talk about these things? Ive stopped for a long time now.

Stopped? You? If you could really turn over a new leaf, would you have given me two boxes of condoms? Lucky thing the one receiving the parcel was me!

Speaking of this, Su Chen felt his face turn hot!

Zhou Zimo smiled innocently and feigned confusion. What about it? You dont know how to appreciate things. Those are good stuff. A partner sent it over to me as a gift. There were all sorts of fruit flavors. I have no use for it, but you would! Arent you happy that I gave it to you for nothing? On account of you being newly wedded, I especially gave you two boxes. I only gave Ah Chen one

When Mu Yuchen heard this admission, his handsome face turned stiff. He cleared his throat as he got up and walked out. Give it all to Su Chen. I dont need it.

Thats your size


Zhou Zimo wanted to explain more when the pen in Mu Yuchens pocket already flew towards him. Fortunately, Zhou Zimo was swift enough to evade it. His joyous laughter boomed. What are you shy about? There are only a few of us. Of course, I remember everyones sizes. Such as how Su Chens one is

Zhou Zimo, get lost! I dont know you! If you dare say another word, Ill kill you! Su Chens palm flew over, his steadfast face blushing.


Zhou Zimo quickly evaded him swiftly, reaching out to pull Mu Yuchens sleeve. Mu Yuchen was quite speedy as his tall figure moved aside and avoided him. As a result, Su Chen pushed Zhou Zimo to the wall and he cried out miserably.

Mu Yuchen looked at Zhou Zimo coldly, then said without emotions, I never use those things. You should keep it for yourself.

Youre kidding me, you.




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