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(Master Mus Invite)

Meanwhile, on the clean cemented path on the way to the Grand Lakes Villa area.

Qi Lei was dressed in a black hooded trench coat. He walked along the quiet sidewalk while holding huge bags. The warm sun cast a long shadow of his tall figure. The cold breeze that rustled past made his clothes a little messy while his already frail frame appeared lonely and desolate.

He went back to the Qi residence late at night. The bags contained all of Wang Qins things that she had packed up. As for everything else, whatever that should have been cleared were cleared; nothing was left behind.

He hoped that Wang Qin who was gone would no longer need to face Qi Qiming. Qi Qiming did not even have the right to keep her things. He was completely detached from the Qi family. From now on, it would just be him, Qi Lei, alone.

He did not know if he would be alone forever. Now that Wang Qin was gone, his heart was emptied by half too. The energy in him felt as if it had been hollowed out.

However, he knew that he was still alive, still breathing, and blood in him was still warm. There were still many things he wanted to do. Even if it was not for himself, it would be to fulfill Wang Qins lifelong wishes.

The phone in his pocket buzzed for a long time. Just when he thought the other person was about to hang up, Qi Lei took it out to look at the screen. He realized it was Mu Yuchens work number, so he then answered the call.

Master Qi, its me Li Si.

Whats up? Qi Lei answered calmly. You could not hear any warmth from his deep voice.

Our Masters having a barbeque at Maple Residence this afternoon. Are you coming?

Qi Lei knew about the news of Mu Yuchen being released very early on. Now, the media had also been clearing the misunderstandings about Mu Yuchen. The calamity that he had been going through was finally coming to an end, which was great. However, his mother was never coming back.

He thought about it, then he said with a solemn tone, Nah, Im a little busy.

Upon hearing Qi Leis dull tone, Li Si said on the other end,Master Qi, our Master says you havent given our Little Master a gift.

A gift?

Qi Lei instantly frowned and could not help but say, Your Master Mu really never rises early without profit. How dare he ask for his sons gift? I remember when Xiaye was still hospitalized, I already sent a gift over. Dont be greedy, profiteer!

Li Si laughed out loud from the other end. He quickly explained, No, Master Qi, youve misunderstood. Our Master says its for our First Master. The gift you gave our Missus was for the Little Master. Im guessing you havent met our First Master, have you?

What? First Master? Little Master? Since when did that bastard Mu Yuchen have another son? Qi Lei cried out in surprise.

Our First Masters already quite a few years old, Master Qi.

Mu Yuchens illegitimate son? Qi Leis mind instantly flashed with this possibility.

No, Master Qi, youll know when you come over in the afternoon. Our Master Mu said that you can even bargain for the role of godfather.

Go to hell! A daughter would be much better!

Haha, if its a daughter, you might need to wait a few more years.

Okay, please tell Mu Yuchen that I want steak with honey sauce, yellow croaker stewed in red wine, and

Before Qi Lei could finish, Li Si had already hung up. When he heard the dead tone, Qi Leis face darkened and he cursed Mu Yuchen before picking up his pace and walking ahead.

Shortly after noon, Zhou Zimo, Su Chen, and Ji Zitong all made their way over. They even brought quite a number of ingredients for the barbeque. Li Si had his lunch at Maple Residence, so he saw that everyone had rushed over, and were happily preparing the food with the servants.

Inside Maple Residences living room, Xi Xiaye and Ji Zitong were chatting idly on the sofa, while Mu Yuchen and his buddies went to the study room, Mu Zirui was happily busy in the backyard with Li Si.

Youve been married for so long, but this is the first time Im seeing you two come over together. Mr. Mu and I were just talking about it earlier. We think that you and Su Chen look fitting together. You have the look of a couple similar in features [1], said Xi Xiaye smilingly as she examined Ji Zitong.

When she heard that, Ji Zitong was momentarily stunned. Suddenly, she did not know how to answer her. She thought about it for a moment before replying, Thats just a baseless belief. Actually, I didnt think that he and I would. Its just that suddenly

Now that she recalled it, she still felt like it lacked consideration, but ever since she married Su Chen, she did not feel that different. Her life remained quite peaceful. Apart from the awkwardness of suddenly having to share a room with him, everything else was going quite well.

Xi Xiaye seemed to be able to read Ji Zitongs thoughts. She found out about the whole story of Su Chen and Ji Zitongs marriage from Mu Yuchen. Upon deeper thought, she felt like it was extraordinarily similar to her and Mu Yuchens situation. They both married in the spur of a moment, and both lacked better options.

Xi Xiaye pondered for a moment and then decided to be an advocate of Su Chen. Marriages like that. As long as you get used to it, Su Chens a pretty good person. The three of the buddies are all great. They dont have the foppish ways of those sons from prestigious families. The Su familys a decent bunch too. Dont worry. Last night, Mr. Mu told me that Su Chens a gem. Even though he can be a little dominant and stubborn, hes an extremely tolerant and considerate man.

I know how hes like. Were already married anyway. No matter what, I have to continue on. Ji Zitong clasped her hands together gently, yet her eyes were blank.

Watching the two of you right now reminds me of how Mu Yuchen and I were back then. After that, I thought I was really lucky. Of course, I also hope that youll be as lucky as I am. Zitong, youre a great girl. Whether it was from the time I gave birth to Xiao Cheng, or this time, I really have you to thank for.

Youre too courteous, Director Xi, Ji Zitong replied awkwardly.

Just call me Xiaye.

Ji Zitong was the most awkward girl that Xi Xiaye had ever met. Although it had been so long, she continued to respectfully called her Director Xi, yet Xi Xiaye felt helpless hearing this address.

Ji Zitong paused. Something that Su Chen had said from before flashed in her mind. She pondered for a moment, and then lowered her voice as she said softly, Okay, Ill call you Xiaye then.

Xi Xiaye smiled and nodded cheerfully. She was about to continue when she heard someone call out from outside, Master Qi, youre here!

It was Li Sis voice.

Master Qi?

Qi Lei?

Xi Xiaye raised her brows in surprise. She turned to Ji Zitong who looked up in shock too.

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