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(Decision (3)

Xi Xiaye took it and opened it briefly to skim through. She was stunned.

After that, she looked up at Mu Yuchen in disbelief, her beautiful eyes filled with a confused light.

It was such an important document, and he actually showed it to her. What was the meaning of this?

Before she could react, Mu Yuchen already continued to explain briefly, With this, Im sure it wont be too hard for you to get close to her. Once the South River Project No. 2 winning bid is revealed, Qi Kai will definitely publicize it a lot. Gu Lingsha will be one of the main people in charge, so you two will have lots of chances of contact. The attached document is some more information on Gu Lingsha. Theres even an analysis of her personality too. Youre smart. You dont need me to teach you how to do this, do you?

Xi Xinyi was absent-minded. She looked down silently at the document for a long while, then glanced up at Mu Yuchen and muttered, But there are many movie companies under Qi Kai, so Qi Qiming might not choose Yueying. There might be an even higher probability that well just have an assisting role.

The curve on Mu Yuchens lips widened as he said calmly, Dont worry about that. I have a way to make them choose Yueying.

Xi Xinyi frowned and looked at Mu Yuchen, puzzled. Still, he did not explain.

As Li Si watched Mu Yuchen walk away, he could not help but remind Xi Xinyi before turning around to follow after him,Miss Xi Xinyi, keep these things properly. Its very important.

Xi Xinyi watched as he moved further away. After a while, she looked down at the information in his hand, her gaze filling with mixed feelings in that instant.

She was not sure if this was the right choice, but for her son, she could only take the gamble. When she thought about that, Xi Xinyi took a deep breath and calmed herself down before keeping the document and turning around to leave.

On the cemented path towards the carpark, Li SI followed Mu Yuchen who was emitting a chilly aura, his footsteps unhurried.

Master, can you really be sure that Xi Xinyi will be on our side? Li Si asked worriedly. Master had given her those bits of information that they had spent tons of effort to find in the end. In fact, they even went through a lot of trouble to slot Xi Xinyi by Gu Lingshas side, breaking through Qi Qiming and Gu Lingshas guards. However, whether it would work, Li Si dared not be certain about it.

Mu Yuchen suddenly turned to look at him. His calm, handsome face froze a bit before he said calmly, Consider this planning ahead. She was Mr. Wens pawn before this. Her identity itself is already a form of disguise. Even though she might be reduced to an abandoned person now, she still has some potential. Ever since the last incident, I could already feel that we have more to face in the future. Qi Fengs a pretty tough one to handle. Its not a bad thing to plant a spy on that end. Itll do us good to know their moves in time.

Master, dont we have Master Qi on the other end? Master Qis gone through such a tragedy, and Im sure hes bitterly disappointed with Qi Qiming and the rest, but now since hes willing to return to Qi Kai to work, thats enough to prove that he doesnt want to continue being dispirited. Maybe hes figured some things out too, Li Si expressed his puzzlement. Then, he paused and said again, In fact, Master, I think its still a little dangerous to make Xi Xinyi our spy. We cant be sure that shell really come to a realization and turn over a new leaf. Its too risky using her as a pawn. We cant be sure if shell just turn around and go against us instead later on.

Li Sis concern obviously made sense. His Master had always been the type of person who would not work with someone he was doubtful of, especially for such a high-risk matter. To put such a chess piece as such an important position was an extremely extravagant risk.

After Xi Xinyis gone through so much, shes becoming more and more mature, and shes more careful handling matters too. If this chess piece is used well, it will garner an unexpected effect. In fact, it isnt just us here. On Qi Leis end, weve got to get someone to watch over him. Now that Wang Qins gone

When Mu Yuchen said this, he did not continue. He stopped walking gloomily, and with both hands behind his back, his bleak line of sight stared at the scenery ahead with his long shadow that the sun had cast. After a long while, he continued, Your Missus promised VP Wang that we would watch over him. Since that is so, we have to keep our promise.

Li Sis heart sank. After a while, he nodded gently. Master, I understand But, Master, Im afraid youll have to start worrying again. Im concerned that you might be too worn out.

While were alive, as long as we live a little happier, its alright to be a bit more tired. Mu Yuchen suddenly turned to look at Li Si with his hands behind his back as he said calmly, We cant always just be living for ourselves, can we?

Li Sis heart felt a little sour at the sound of these words. A slight pain surged in his chest as he fixed his gaze on Mu Yuchen and sighed. Master, well, we still have Master Qi on the other side. Only he is on the frontline of this battle. VP Wangs death must have been a huge blow to him. Of course, its best that he can walk out of this shadow. Hopefully, the police can also find out who the real culprit is as soon as possible.

Right now, Qi Leis facing the most difficult circumstance, but everything hes facing is also closely related to our future, yet hes just the leading role on the surface. Planting Xi Xinyi as a pawn is just a backup. Even though its risky, I still want to try. Apart from doing it for the sake of some kinship, I also want to gamble the worth of her maternal love. If she were smarter, I wouldnt treat her unfairly.

As Mu Yuchen said that, he picked up his steps and slowly walked away.

No matter what, were still bleeding the same blood. I dont like the kind of tropes where kins slaughter each other. Theres no one who will understand this more than I do.

His deep tone was colored with a bleak sorrow. In the end, Li Sis expression turned grave upon hearing that.

Okay, lets go back. Call Qi Lei. See if hes free today. If he is, he can come over in the afternoon too. He should go out more.

Okay, Master! Ill give Master Qi a call right away.

As Li Si caught up with Mu Yuchens footsteps, he took his phone out from his pocket and swiftly called Qi Lei.

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