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(Decision (2)

As usual, Mu Yuchen woke up early in the morning. Xi Xiaye and Mu Xiao Cheng were still asleep. As he was about to wake her up for breakfast, he got a call from Li Si.

Mu Yuchen quickly changed and went out.

At the resting hut in the park, Xi Xinyi found her way there by memory. Mu Yuchen was already waiting for her at the same spot.

Xi Xinyi stopped behind him and looked at him quietly, her eyes seeming complicated.

She knew what had happened to Glory World and Mu Yuchen, and she thought it would not end so quickly. Nevertheless, Mu Yuchen came out of jail after just half a month. He was a very capable person after all.

This mans existence was like a myth in City Z. Not only washe capable, but his networks were formidable as well.

Xi Xinyi felt that Xi Xiaye was way too lucky to be married to this man. On the other hand, she herself

With Wang Qin gone, her value in Qi Kai fell drastically. She knew very well that Qi Qiming was willing to help her because of her relationship with the Han family. Along with Yue Hais help, Qi Qiming wanted to use her to topple Wang Qin.

When she first joined, it did help Qi Qiming gain more internal supporters, and Wang Qins power was weakened. Now that Wang Qin had passed away, Qi Qiming was in full control of Qi Kai, so Xi Xinyis value as a pawn declined over time.

Xi Xinyi was definitely affected by Wang Qins death. She was not sure if Qi Qiming would still treat Yueying the same. With Han Yifengs abandonment and the Han familys lack of concern, Xi Xinyi felt extremely restricted.

Fortunately, her movies earlier this year did very well at the box office. It was thanks to that that she did not become an abandoned pawn so quickly.

Xi Xinyi kept thinking about it. She thought it was time to find someone else to help her, and in the end, she could only feel safe working with Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen had also told her before that he would give her one chance, so why not take it? Hopefully, he would not be too harsh on her since she was related to Xi Mushan and Xi Xiaye.

Ive thought about it, and Ill agree with it. Tell me what you want me to do, Xi Xinyi said.

Mu Yuchen turned around and glanced at Xi Xinyi. His expression turned cold as he spoke, Youre getting smarter.

Mu Yuchens strategy was exceptionally effective. They found out that Gu Qiwu and Qi Qiming met in secret. Ah Mo found something odd, and now with Xi Xinyi, everything was going according to plan. The sole unfortunate event was Wang Qins death.

Mu Yuchens eyes darkened as he thought about it.

Im just going with the flow. Ill do my best in whatever you ask of me, but please dont forget what you promised. I want my son. Xi Xinyi never expected she would do this. Her hatred towards them never reduced, but she knew very well she was responsible for the consequences she bore today. If it was not for her greed, maybe

Xi Xiaye was right. She was a person like that.

I can give you a chance, but whether it works depends on you. Mu Yuchen gave her a sharp glance as if he could see right through her. If you still wont reflect on yourself after going through so much, you wont be able to use any chances given to you anyway.

Xi Xinyis face turned pale and her eyes looked blank. Finally, she nodded after some time. I know in the past Im sorry for what Ive done to Xiaye. Whether you believe me or not, I really love Yifeng and our son. My methods were too extreme. Im not a good wife or a good mother either

Xi Xinyi started to tear up. Tears then flowed out of her eyes and rolled down her cheeks.

Mu Yuchen averted his gaze towards the blue lake. Saying the word love sounds really cheap when youre able to hurt the person closest to you. I feel sorry for Han Yifeng.

But you wouldnt have gotten together with my sister if it werent for me, right? Xi Xinyi mumbled.

Mu Yuchen scoffed. Really? Do you really think one person can alter someones fate? As long as I fancied her, Id still be able to get her even if she married Han Yifeng.

Xi Xinyi was taken aback. She took a deep breath and hesitated before asking, Is Gu Lingsha really the person who pushed me?

Its clearly written on the document given to you, Mu Yuchen replied.

Xi Xinyi nodded. Okay, Ill do whatever you say.

Mu Yuchen walked aside and gazed at Xi Xinyi. Its great that you thought this through. Save your tears for Han Yifeng. The first thing I need you to do now is to get closer to Gu Lingsha.

Xi Xinyi was stunned for a moment before she felt troubled. Chairman Mu, you might have no idea, but Gu Lingsha is extremely careful. She isnt really friendly to anyone. Ive never seen her getting close to anyone since shes been here.

Mu Yuchen put on a grin as he signaled Li Si who quickly handed her a document.

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