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(Decision (1)

The sky turned dark as the sun was setting in the west. The grass fields were tinted with a golden shade, waving along with the evening breeze.

On the cemented path towards the Shen residence, two figures were seen walking towards the house. It was a peaceful scene.

Mu Zirui held Xi Xiayes hand while dragging the strap of his bag with his other hand. He looked at Xi Xiaye with his big eyes as he asked,Mother, is Father back?

Mmm, hes back. Hes now cooking at home. Did you listen to the teacher in class today? Xi Xiaye put her arm around Mu Ziruis shoulder and asked.

Oh, Mother, can you tell the teacher to let me enter Grade 2? I really dont want to stay in kindergarten anymore. I know everything the teacher teaches. Plus, the children there are too childish and not fun to play with, Mu Zirui begged Xi Xiaye.

Too childish? Youre still young. The process of learning needs to be built with a strong foundation.

But, Mother, Ive learned the knowledge already. Isnt it a waste of time?

Well talk about it again after I discuss with your father, Xi Xiaye replied after giving it some serious thought.

She had checked Mu Ziruis homework before, and she noticed that his thought process was quick and pretty smart in general. Quoting Shen Yue, he really might be a prodigy!

Shen Yue started training him to take public transport home from a week ago. He sent some people to follow him in the beginning, then let him come home alone after everything went smoothly.

Xiao Rui, recite both your fathers and my phone numbers to me again.

Oh, okay

Mu Zirui grabbed Xi Xiayes sleeve and swiftly recited their numbers.

Xi Xiaye nodded with a smile. Good. If youre ever lost, just call these numbers and youll find us. Alright?

Mother, youve repeated this so many times.

Are you saying that Im nagging you? Im just worried about you, alright?


When the two of them returned to the Shen residence, Shen Yue was making funny faces at Mu Xiao Cheng who was inside the cradle. Mu Zirui quickly put his bag aside and rushed over when he saw his little brother.

Great-grandfather, I want to play with Brother too!

Youre back? Be careful. Dont make him cry. What did your teacher teach you today?

Teacher told us some stories and taught us to memorize the multiplication table

Xi Xiaye smiled as she looked at the two of them. She then walked into the kitchen.

Mu Yuchen was cooking in the kitchen. While he was busy preparing the spices, he saw Xi Xiaye come in, so he started washing the vegetables. Is Xiao Rui back?

Yep, he just told me that he wants to skip to Grade 2. He also said the other children at the kindergarten are too childish. Do children nowadays grow up that fast? Xi Xiaye put on a helpless smile as she looked at him.

Xiao Rui is very smart. Grandpa is impressed by his swift adaptability as well. His grades are great, so I think its worth considering. Getting prior knowledge could benefit him on the path of advancing academically. Hmm, we should start developing his interests as well.

I think the children of the current generation are pretty exhausting. Mr. Mu, can we not fill up Xiao Rui and Xiao Chengs time like other families? I hope they can have a happy childhood. Xi Xiaye frowned as she stopped her hand movements and looked at him.

Some people are destined with a heavy mission the moment they were born, and because they are burdened with a lot of responsibilities, I hope they can learn all the skills they can. Otherwise, they might not know what to do when they land in a tough situation. They should still learn whats necessary. That determines if they can lead a comfortable life. I want them to experience whats truly work hard, play hard.

Xi Xiaye had nothing to refute. Sure, that makes sense.

After dinner, Shen Yue spoke as Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye were leaving, Im glad that youre alright. The two of you should finish up the work at hand as soon as possible, and then let Xiaye be my Head Secretary at Fuhua for a month. Ill have Uncle Lan assist you as well. Then, youll be taking over Fuhua officially after that. Ah Chen, youve learned a lot about property development. If there are any issues in the future, the two of you shall talk it out.

Xi Xiaye nodded. Mmm, I understand, Grandpa. Ill be done with the handover work in a few days, so Ill head over right away. By the way, are you really not going to fight for Project No. 2?

One mustnt be too greedy. Im sure you understand after this experience. Focus working on Project No. 1 since itll take at least several years, and its a large-scale project with enormous business opportunities. Im thinking about adopting Ah Chens suggestion and giving Fuhua a slight change. Well be involving ourselves in other industries as well. Fuhuas line of work is too specialized. Alright, well talk about it more when you come over. Qi Kai suffered a huge loss this time, but they totally deserved it.

Shen Yue ran his fingers through his white hair. Ive heard about the conflict between you guys. Ah Chen, some things are bound to happen. We cant avoid it, so why not accept it since we cant change anything? Its always better to be doing something than just feeling guilty about it, understand? Shen Yue said.

Mu Yuchens eyes went quiet. He then nodded. I understand, Grandpa. Thank you for what youve done.

Shen Yue took a deep breath. Alright, its getting late now. You guys should go home.

Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye traded glances with each other before saying goodbye to Shen Yue.

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