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The afternoon sun was splendid, and the wet ground from before was dry now. The air was filled with the refreshing fragrance of fresh grass. Ji Zitong fed the goldfishes in the pond in the backyard. When she returned to the living room, she saw that Su Chen was by the coffee table pouring himself a glass of water to drink.

Su Chen looked at her and lifted the glass in hand as he asked,Want a glass?

Ji Zitong shook her head. She pointed to the backyard past the window behind her. Ive fed the fishes for you. Theyre pretty huge. Dont you plan on releasing them?

Soon, Ive asked someone to get me some goldfish. Its been delayed because of the recent incident.

Su Chen finished the water in his glass, and then took his car keys. Lets go. Ill bring you somewhere first. Tonight well go over to your parents for dinner before coming home.

Then, before Ji Zitong could answer, his tall figure had walked ahead. Shesilently watched his figure disappear out of the doorway. Moments after that, she slowly followed after him too.

Su Chen drove very quickly all the way. When the car drove slowly into the Imperial Sky Jewelry City carpark, Ji Zitong was still a little surprised as she quickly turned to him. Why are we here?

Lets get down first, Su Chen said before he got out of the car.

Ji Zitong followed him down. They locked the car before the husband and wife walked into Jewelry City.

When Su Chen brought her to see a row of wedding rings inside a high-end store, Ji Zitong realized that he had brought her there to buy their wedding rings.

At the counter, Su Chen pointed to one of the pairs of rings as he nodded to the shop assistant, and waved to Ji Zitong beside him.Id like to see this pair.

Ji Zitong walked slowly towards him too.

Okay, Master Su!

The shop assistant quickly brought out the pair of rings. The womens was a very elegant diamond ring with a minimalist pattern, but it looked very dainty and stylish. The gorgeous luster that seeped out caused Ji Zitong to be momentarily dazed.

In the midst of Ji Zitongs daze, Su Chen had already held up her hand and calmly slid the ring onto her ring finger. He examined it for a bit and thought it looked quite pretty. His deep and alluring voice brushed past Ji Zitongs ears. It suits you quite well. Well take this.

Ji Zitong looked down at it. The size was perfect. With such slender and fair hands, the ring enhanced her skin. She was quite pleased with it, so she gladly nodded and softly said, It does look quite beautiful.

She rarely wore such accessories, but right now as she studied it, it felt quite amazing.

She moved her hand around to look and breathed in before looking at Su Chen. Upon seeing that there was a hint of satisfied tenderness in her eyes, she laughed softly and casually picked up the ring for men and pulled his hand over before slowly putting it on for him. It was quite suitable for him as she examined it. Its almost as if it were tailor-made. You have a pretty good eye, Chief Su.

Su Chen was naturally very happy and he nodded calmly. I told them to recommend some in the morning. Right now were just here to get the goods. Alright, well go with this one then. Get a few more sets of accessories too. Dont all you women like these things?

Ji Zitong was about to reject him when he had already turned to look at the counter. As he moved towards the counter on the side, his sharp eyes swiftly locked down on a few targets.

This set, this set, and this one. We want this pair of jade bracelets too. Please wrap it up for me, and I want this jade bracelet too. Wrap this up on its own

In just a few minutes, Su Chen had already speedily chosen the things he wanted to buy without asking for Ji Zitongs opinion at all.

When the shop assistant saw that, she was a little stunned.Master Su, did you even take a look at how much these accessories cost?

Nevertheless, this was normal. When the Master and Master Mo came over to get things, they were all like this too.

After slightly over ten minutes, the husband and wife finally left the jewelry store with several bags. When they reached the car, Master Su handed the two bags in hand to Ji Zitong and said, This is for Mother. The one on you and all of these are for you. Put them in the back seat first. Hold the one for Mother, so you dont get confused.

Ji Zitong glanced at the bags before her and her brows furrowed into a knot. She could not help but softly mutter,What a spendthrift!

Nonetheless, she just quietly put the things down and got into the car too.

Su Chen just smiled. Arent you happy that Im showing such filial respect to your mother?

My mothers a classic stay-at-home woman. If she knew you spent so much unnecessary money, she would probably give us an earful.

When he heard that, Su Chen noticed that her expression was slightly gloomy. He then patted her on the shoulder. Alright, theres no need to be calculative with me about these things. You are Missus Su right now, so you have a right to ask me to buy you things, other women would definitely be happy with these things, why do you look like I owe you millions instead.

I dont care about these things. I was raised in a common family. Naturally, we cant compare to sons of big shots like you. Its not a bad thing to be simple and frugal. It might even be better to do more meaningful things with it. Take Director Xi as an example. She frequently provides financial aid to the orphanages and keeps an eye on pension funds.

Upon hearing that, Su Chen paused. The smile on his face froze as he then nodded. Ive learned! Youre too serious. You need to fix that since you might lose out in life.

Isnt it good to be serious? You dont have to talk about me like that,Ji Zitong muttered.

Its not bad. Its just that itd be easy for you to live in your own world. Its hard for those whoare too critical of things to have friends. Those who know you well will know that youre frank, simple, and kindhearted, but before that, you cant be sure that those who dont know you well would be scared off by you. Its good to know the ways of this world. That way, you wont lose out easily, especially since you have a business. Understand? Su Chen looked at her intently as he guided her.

Ways of the world Ji Zitong muttered softly. Seconds after that, she did not say anything and just turned to look out of the window. Drive. Its getting dark.

Su Chen squinted at her as his gaze darkened. Then, he leaned over to help her buckle up before he silently started the car.

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