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(Warmth (4)

Not too long after lunch, Mu Yinan went upstairs to his study room and Mu Tangchuan followed him closely behind.

At this moment, inside Mu Yinans study room, Mu Yinan was smoking while Mu Tangchuan elegantly steeped some tea. Upon getting a whiff of the faint of smoke, Mu Tangchuan brought the steeped tea to Mu Yinan. Father, you havent been well recently. You should smoke less and drink more nourishing beverages.

As Mu Tangchuan said that, he took the cigarette away from between Mu Yinans fingers and put it out in the ashtray on the side.

Its fine. Your mothers been watching me. I dont smoke often anyway.

Mu Yinan picked the tea up and took a sip. His aged eyes suddenly flickered with a faint light as he said in a deep voice, Ive gotten someone to find out more about Ah Chens matter this time. Im sure you know more than a little about it too, dont you?

Mu Tangchuan sighed and nodded. Ive heard from the police bureau, and know a bit more from Li Si.

Sigh, it was a slip of the tongue. Unexpectedly, it caused such severe consequences. Thankfully, back then, Ah Rong had objected. Otherwise, we might have brought harm to Ah Chen. We really cant be sure who did it this time. Was it Qi Qiming? Or Gu Qiwu and the rest? Speaking of Gu Qiwu, right from the start Ive always thought that he was too shortsighted. He has deep suspicions, and you suffered some loss under him back then too. All these years, the Mus and the Gus relationship has been fading. This might not be a bad thing for us, Mu Yinan lamented with some self-blame.

Father, you dont need to blame yourself. The children all have their own thoughts. All these years, the Gu family hasnt been on good terms with us, especially when we reached Gu Qiwus generation, so you dont have to care too much about it either. Actually, there isnt anything necessarilygood about the so-called combining of prestigious families by marriage. Look at Qi Qiming and Wang Qin. Were they not a tragedy? As long as the children are happy, right now they dont care about those things. They arent living as conservatively as the older generation like us.

Mu Tangchuan thought about it, then lowered his head to take a sip of tea.

Youve got a point. As long as theyre happy, yet there arent many people that can be understood thoroughly. You dont know that all these years, every time I think about your sisters incident, Id feel extremely pained, but I never dared bring this up in front of your mother. You know how this incident is like a thorn in her heart. All these years, Lingtian and Lingshi Thankfully, you and Ah Rong are understanding. Lingtians matter has been a sore thorn in Ah Chens heart all these years. We cant rule out that the incident this time wasnt a trick from Qi Qiming and the rest. Im a little worried, said Qi Qiming gloomily as he set his teacup aside.

Father, alright, just leave these things for the children to worry about themselves. Why are you always thinking about this? Isnt it enough to just live life happily with Mother and me? About my sister, Lingtians incident, and all of those things that have long passed, cant you just let them stay in the past?

When Mu Zixi was brought up, Mu Tangchuans expression seemed broody.

Tangchuan, you dont know that even though your mother doesnt say it, shes just like me. This is still an unfulfilled wish. I think Lingshi and Ah Mos wedding can be sped up. Even though you and Ah Rong treat them like your own children

When Mu Yinan said this, he suddenly could not continue. His aged eyes could not help but seem a little sorrowful.

When Mu Tangchuan saw that Mu Yinan was rather downhearted, he served him more tea as he advised, Father, alright, dont be sad now. Theres still time. If you want to look for them, youll still be able to.

Do you not have any news at all? Mu Yinan looked up to Mu Tangchuan and asked.


Ever since they found nothing outfrom before, he had not put in much thought into the investigation. If that man deliberately did not want to acknowledge his two children, even if he found him, what could he do? It would only add another burden to Lingshis heart.

Sometimes, ignorance was bliss.

Of course, Mu Tangchuan knew that Mu Yuchen and Mu Lingshi had been secretly trying to find him all these years, and he did not stop them either.

Knock knock!

Before Mu Tangchuan could answer, there was a rap on the door.

Come in!

As Mu Yinan said that, Mu Yuchens figure slowly appeared.

Grandfather, Father, Mu Yuchen greeted simply, and then turned to close the door. After that, he walked over and sat down calm and collectedly.

It looks like these past few days have been good for your spirit. Mu Tangchuan looked lovingly at Mu Yuchen as he poured him a cup of tea.

Mu Yuchen smiled calmly. Its alright. Luckily, I could also sort out some things on my mind.

Ive roughly understood the incident from them. Who would have such guts to take you on? As Mu Yinan said that, his aged face turned rigid as a chill pervaded him all over.

I cant be sure about that too. Dont worry, Grandfather. Ill handle it. Mu Yuchen lowered his gaze while his tone was quite calm, yet the light in his eyes flickered from dark to light.

Ah Chen, I know what youre thinking, but you dont have to take on the whole thing alone. Itseasy to dodge the spear in the open, but hard to avoid a stab in the dark. Can you guarantee that this incident wont happen a second time? You have to be more careful. Xiaye handled the company matters well. These few years, the Mu family has been attracting much criticism. Tangchuan, you have to be more careful. Dont get caught as a topic for gossip. There are many eyes watching the two of you.

Ah Chen, be honest with me. Was this times incident really the work of Qi Qiming? As revenge for Qi Feng?

Grandfather, Father, there are many things I still cant be sure of, so I cant tell you the answers, but I do have something that I can tell you. Lingtian passed away in that car accident years ago while Gu Lingsha and Qi Feng lived. Before this, I sent Ah Mo and Lingshi to France to investigate this.

When Mu Yuchen finished, Mu Yinan and Mu Tangchuans expressions sank.

Mu Yuchen sighed. He looked down at the teacup before him. Moments after that, he suddenly got up slowly and said with waning interest, Hes not doing too well. In fact, he might be returning soon. I hope that you two wont interfere with this. Just let me resolve the grudges between us. I dont want to implicate so many people. Theres been too many who were involved all these years. I dont want to blow these grudges up, and I hope that you can both agree to this request of mine

Then, without waiting for their answers, Mu Yuchens clear figure vanished out of the door.

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