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(Warmth (3)

Mu Yuchen paused when he heard Xi Xiayes reasoning. He turned over and looked at her with his hand on her knee. Dont worry. I promise this wont happen again, alright?

Her face softened as she gave a quick nod.

Xiao Cheng sounds pretty good. Its a solid name. How about it? His voice was filled with an unknown charm, so she could not help but nod.

Xi Xiayes plan to change Mu Zichengs nickname was foiled, but Master Mu had given Mu Zicheng a nice nickname as well, called Mu Xiao Cheng, Xi Xiaye complained that it sounded like the name of a naughty boy, but her son proved her wrong.

These were all talks about the future.

It was already 11 a.m. when they arrived at the Mu residence. Mu Tangchuan and Zhuang Shurong were present as well. Zhuang Surong even prepared the meal herself knowing the two of them would be visiting. Meanwhile, Wang Hui and Mu Yinan were playing with Mu Xiao Cheng in the living room.

Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye could hear the laughter of the elders as they entered the house

Look at him, hes smiling again! Oh gosh, this little thing looks more and more like Ah Chen when he was little. He looks just like this when he was still a baby. Im going to flip through the photo album tonight. They look just the same! Wang Hui spoke to Mu Yinan as she played with Mu Xiao Cheng.

Mu Yinan got closer and stared at Mu Xiao Cheng for some time. I dont think so. All the babies look about the same at this age, but I think this little thing will look more like me in the future. This handsome boy will find a lot of girls falling for him!

Stop it, you geezer! Just how old do you think my great-grandson is for you to be telling him these. Dont get close to my great-grandson in the future. You bring a bad influence! Isnt that right? My cute little great-grandchild This geezer here was one big bastard when he was young. You should never be like him when you grow up. Be more like your grandfather and father. Be a responsible person. Come shake my hand Here Yes Thats it

Stop ruining my image in front of him! Mu Yinan stared at his wife unhappily.

Am I really ruining it? Youre like that anyway. Im not wasting my breath talking to you anymore. Go call Ah Chen and see if they are arriving anytime soon. Its almost 11a.m. and they arent here yet!

Wang Hui brushed Mu Yinan off. The two of them were really happy to be with Mu Xiao Cheng lately and always brought him out together to meet with their friends. It was satisfying.

Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye traded glances with each other before walking over.Theres no need to. Were back.

Grandfather, Grandmother, and even Father are here as well? Xi Xiaye spoke at the same time.

You guys are back!

They looked over when they heard Mu Yuchens voice, and their faces softened when they saw Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye together.

Wang Hui was relieved and glad to see Mu Yuchen again. We were really shocked when we first heard the news. Your parents were really worried.

Lets forget about the unhappy past, its alright as long as hes fine, Mu Yinan let out a sigh of relief, he then continued while looking at Mu Yuchen, Lets eat first, come to my study room later, Tangchuan as well.

Mu Tangchuan and Mu Yuchen traded glances with each other before giving a nod.

Mu Yuchen heard a tiny voice. He then felt someone pulling at his shirt. Upon looking over, he noticed Mu Xiao Cheng waving his hands and legs while pulling his sleeve. With his cute little cheeks and a pair of huge, dark eyes like the stars in the sky, he was just adorable.

Mu Yuchens face became gentler as his eyes softened. He quickly picked Mu Xiao Cheng up as he spoke in a kind tone, Let me hold you for a while.

Be careful! Xi Xiaye put her bag aside and quickly went over.

Wang Hui and the others gave them some space.

Mu Xiao Cheng seemed to be recognizing his father. He wriggled around in excitement when his father held him while babbling unrecognizable words as he smiled. His eyes stared straight at Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen held him carefully, he poked Mu Xiao Chengs cheek and the baby started chuckling, his smile grew wider as he looked at his woman beside her, she was focused on their son as well.

Mu Yuchen suddenly felt like he had everything he needed, he would spend the rest of his life protecting all that he got.

Why does he only look at you? Baby, look at Mother here. Im right here Can you see me? Xi Xiaye felt ignored as her man was getting their sons full attention, so she pulled the babys hand because she wanted him to look at her.

Mu Xiao Cheng totally ignored her. He just looked at Mu Yuchen and seemed like he wanted to talk to his father. Mu Yuchen grabbed his other hand as he gave Xi Xiaye a victorious gaze.

It seems like our son prefers me more. Mu Yuchen snickered.

He just hasnt seen you for quite some time and thinks youre new. Sons are always closer to their mothers. Xi Xiaye raised her brows and glared at him unconvinced.

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