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(Warmth (2)

Xi Xiaye frowned. Arent you just a few years older than him? Hes probably around the same age as Ah Mo. Whats wrong with him calling me his sister-in-law?

Up to you. I dont really mind anything. I feel sorry for the death of Wang Qin as well.

Mu Yuchen took a pause, his eyes darkening slightly before he continued, Qi Lei is a pretty good guy. Its rare for someone to have an attitude like that especially having been born in a prestigious family. I feel sorry for his childhood, but constantly running away from it isnt going to help.

Xi Xiaye nodded in agreement. Its tragic to have a father like that. On Qi Kais end, Qi Qiming appointed Gu Lingsha to take over the South River project. That woman came over and put on an arrogant front, so I made sure she knew her place. Im sure she was frustrated.

Xi Xiaye decided to tell Mu Yuchen what happened with Gu Lingsha the other day. She wanted his perception of her to be even worse!

Mr. Mu, dont you think Gu Lingsha is really weird? Mother doesnt like her, and neither does CEO Wang. Although she looks quite pretty, I can sense something wrong within her. Ive always felt an odd sense of dislike from the moment I first saw her. Moreover, I really think she has some other feelings for you. Dont get too close to her in the future, and dont talk to her either. She kept mentioning you wont be able to understand the conflict between Mu Yuchen and me as if she really had something with you. Im really annoyed about that

Xi Xiaye went on to complain about Gu Lingsha as well as express her dissatisfaction and hatred towards her.

Mu Yuchen had no idea his little woman would be this talkative. He started grinning as she kept on talking.

She was getting jealous, and her expression clearly contained anger with a hint of possessiveness. He liked what he was seeing and hearing!

That was right. He was hers, so this was how she should be acting!

Mu Yuchen was enjoying her concern. It was wonderful. Instead of thinking his little woman was sensitive, he wished she would be more like this in the future!

I only have my eyes on you. Just ignore her. Dont see her again if she annoys you. Mu Yuchen just gave a brief reply after she finally finished talking. I already told you shes not just what she seems like on the surface. Just let me handle it afterward. Ill think about something to help Qi Lei. Ill go to the Shen residence to find out what happened from Grandpa. You can take over Fu Hua when youve fully recovered. I know Grandpa helped us a lot this time.

Mmm, he planned it from the very beginning. You arent angry at me for seeking Grandpas help, are you? I just dont think we can let the South River project stop. Furthermore, I felt a bit triggered by Gu Lingsha the other day. Xi Xiaye turned around and looked at him.

Why would I? Im proud that my wife is so decisive. Alright, lets go to bed early. We have to go and get our son tomorrow. Ive missed him too.

Mmm, hes started smiling already. Hes looking more and more like you. Mother said he looks very much like you when you were still a baby. He grabs your finger when you touch his hand. Ah, hes a real cutie! Xiao Rui likes him too. He always talks to the baby beside the cradle.

Xi Xiaye was getting excited as they talked about their sons. She then suggested, Hey, Mr. Mu, lets have a daughter once our son is older, shall we? We have two sons already. We just have a daughter left

Master Mu felt a headache come on. He threw the towel onto the chair and went to bed. Do you really think Id risk it? What if we get a son again? We already have two!

Moreover, he had been abstaining for half a year and really did not want to repeat this life anymore. In addition to that, he was not so sure if her body could take another pregnancy.

Xi Xiaye frowned when she noticed he was not being cooperative.

Promise me!


Mr. Mu

Go to sleep

Xi Xiaye fell asleep before they could reach a consensus. She had a good nights sleep in his arms. The sun was up high already when she woke up the next day.

She shifted her arms a little, and a pair of arms hugged her tightly as she moved. She turned over and saw the man still sleeping peacefully.

Its still pretty early. Let me sleep a little more. Tell Grandmother that well go back for lunch.

He noticed her staring, so he changed into a more comfortable position and continued sleeping with her in his arms.

After sleeping on a rock-hard bed in jail for nearly half a month, Mu Yuchen felt like he was in heaven!

Xi Xiaye knew how he felt. She chuckled and pushed his hands on her waist away. Ill let you sleep on your own. Its 9 a.m. now. Let me wash up and prepare breakfast. Sis Wang and the others arent around.

Thank you, my dear. He opened his eyes and crossed his arms behind his head, enjoying the view of her getting up and finding something to change into

Xi Xiaye had already made breakfast when Mu Yuchen finally got up. The two of them quickly ate it and went to the Mu residence.

The weather was great today with the sun shining brightly outside. The weather was getting warmer during May, so Xi Xiaye wore a beige dress while Mu Yuchen wore a dark silver suit. They looked like they matched each other.

Mu Yuchen was the one driving today.

Mr. Mu, lets give our son a nickname. I feel like his name sounds too formal and its hard to make a nickname out of it. Xiao Rui is fine though. Xi Xiaye remembered what Wang Hui mentioned before, and she was now seeking approval from the man beside her.

His eyes were still focused in front as he asked, What name do you want?

Lets call him Qiqi. I hope that we can all be peaceful and safe in the future.

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