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(Warmth (1)

Do you want another? Mu Yuchen chuckled as she was still unaware of him. Xi Xiaye was stunned when she heard his deep voice. Her eyes flew open and she stood up quickly as she looked over.

Mu Yuchens handsome face appeared before her.

Xi Xiaye took a pause. She could not believe what her eyes were seeing, so she stared at the man for a long time. Mr. Mu is that really you? Are you back?

Mu Yuchen gave her a gentle glance and nodded. Yep, Im back.

Xi Xiaye grabbed his huge hands and started to feel his warmth. Her eyes turned red, and all of a sudden, she broke down and teared up. She covered her nose and faced the other way. I was so worried about you.

His heart softened as he wrapped his arms around her to comfort her. Whats there to worry about? I take good care of myself. I told you that Id be fine.

I went to the police station several times and they didnt let me see you. Its been almost half a month. How could I not be worried? Xi Xiaye raised her head and looked at him.

Youre such a worrywart. Its alright now, okay? He patted her head gently, really missing her. It mustve been tough on you. I missed you a lot when I was inside.

Xi Xiaye hugged him tightly and nodded. I dont think I couldve held on any longer if you were still inside. Every day felt like a nightmare.

He laughed. Doesnt seem like youve been well without me.

What do you think? She looked at him as she felt the warmth from his chest reach her, and she suddenly felt the chill inside fade away. Soon, she started to get closer to his lips.

He was delighted with her initiative. He held her tight as he lowered himself, and they kissed gently

Xi Xiaye fell backward onto the sofa, his unique scent filling her nostrils. She shuddered slightly and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. They continued until she felt her shoulders become cold and she trembled.

He stopped his movements, fearing that he might not be able to control himself since she still needed some time to recover.

I was too impatient He tried to calm his uneven breathing. Because her outfit had become messy as he had unbuttoned her shirt, he helped her fix her clothes.

Xi Xiaye grabbed her messy collar with a deep blush on her face. She looked down and said, I went for a checkup several days ago.

What did the doctor say? How are you doing?

She did not gain much weight after giving birth like most other women and was still pretty slim. After this stressful period, she looked even thinner than before.

She said its fine. Give it another week or two and Ill She tried to avoid his gaze.

His arm around her waist tightened as he stared at her. Youll what?

Xi Xiaye caught the sparkle in his eye as she gave him a mysterious smile. Im going to let you suffer for a period of time since you made everyone uneasy.

Mu Yuchen chuckled. I dont think Id be the only one who suffered. Dont you miss me?

He was getting more and more shameless now. Xi Xiaye looked away as she pushed his face to the side gently. Dont look at me like that. Go and make me something to eat now. Im hungry!

He smiled and gave her a loving nodded. Yes, Your Highness!

He then walked towards the kitchen. Its almost done now. Go wash your hands and eat. I made some of your favorites today as a reward for you.

What did you cook?

Moments later, the reunited couple sat down facing each other as they enjoyed their happy dinner.

Xi Xiaye briefly reported the companys situation to him during dinner, Mu Yuchen also gave her an overview of the whole incident, they exchanged opinions with each other, Mu Yuchen now had a good grasp of what happened outside when he was in jail.

The two of them went upstairs after dinner, they left the dishes to the servant.

Lets head back to Mu Residence tomorrow, your grandparents and parents misses you, our son is with them as well, well then go back to Shen Residence in the afternoon, Xiao Rui misses you as well.

Xi Xiaye sat in front of the mirror brushing her hair after shower, she looked at Mu Yuchen who was helping to dry her hair behind him and said.

Mu Yuchen nodded, Sure, come over!

Xi Xiaye went over obediently, he grabbed her and made her sit on her lap, he then started helping her dry her hair.

Mr. Mu, I was right beside CEO Wang when she passed away, she asked me to take care of Qi Lei, I was very heartbroken at that time and I promised her.

Xi Xiaye felt it was necessary to tell Mr. Mu about this.

He just gave a brief reply, Mmm? What did you promise her?

She extended her arms and hugged him, I said we will treat Qi Lei like our younger brother and take care of him, what do you think?

He raised his eyebrows and looked at her with a smile, You have such an old brother now?




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