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(Pick Her Up From Work (3)

Are you going to Chairman Mus place for a barbeque? Ji Zitong muttered softly.

Su Chen nodded gently as he finished the tea in his cup before continuing, Mmm, we buddies used to always gather together. Next time, youll have to try blending into our lives too. Youve probably met Ah Chen many times, and Zimos a pretty easygoing person too.

Ji Zitong naturally knew the three of them. She pondered for a while, then nodded. Mmm, got it.

Xiayes a pretty great person. In fact, youre quite close to her, so you can keep in touch with her more from time to time. This time its considered a celebration for Ah Chen. Just leave the present to me.

Su Chen massaged the tension between his brows and got up with waning interest. Okay, go upstairs when youre done drinking. Im going upstairs for a shower. Ill prepare the bathwater for you.

Ji Zitong nodded silently while Su Chens tall figure walked past her.

The cold night grew late and the moon hung high up in the sky. The crisp splendor of the moon shone all over the ground, reflecting the faint mist and engulfing the entire Grand Waves Villa in a mesmerizing haze. The cool breeze rustled past, turning the twilight into a light muslin dancing in the wind.

At the moment inside Maple Residence, it was also a time of glorious lights. The two rows of streetlights in the front yard were indistinctly releasing a faint luster. Unlike the haziness from a few days ago, right now it seemed to emit a clear and bright warmth.

Mu Yuchen went straight home after parting ways with Su Chen. When he reached Maple Residence, only Sis Wang and the few servants were at home. Mu Zicheng was at the old Mu residence because it had been an unusual period of time recently, so he stayed with Wang Hui, Aunt Fang and Aunt Lin there. Wang Hui and the rest had the experience and energy to take care of the child, hence Xi Xiaye felt assured leaving him with them.

After some thought, Mu Yuchen decided to cook, and properly reward his lady, Xi Xiaye.

When Mu Yuchen was busy in the kitchen, Sis Wang felt like she could not really help out. Then, she looked at the clock on the wall in the living room, and the time had slowly inched towards 8 p.m. It was already quite late, so then she voiced out her concern,Master, Missus has been coming home quite late these past few days. Two days ago, she was also busy till 9 p.m. before going home. How about we call her tonight to urge her to come back? Im afraid she still doesnt know that youve been released.

The busy Mu Yuchen then stopped what he was doing to turn and look at Sis Wang. He thought about it before a faint smile rippled across his handsome face and he said softly, No worries. Lets wait. Its the weekend tomorrow, so its not too late yet. You have all worked hard these past few days. Make some arrangements for only one or two people to stay back. All of you should get a break too. His tone was modest.

Sis Wang smiled gratefully. Its nothing. Missus always looks after us too, so we havent been tired out, but, Master, we were all very worried that something like this would happen, especially Missus. When I woke up in the wee hours of the morning, I would often still see the light in the study room switched on. Sometimes, it would be like that till daybreak. It was quite heartbreaking to watch.

Sis Wang was familiar with Mu Yuchens life, so she knew about Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiayes situation verywell. Back then when he brought Xi Xiaye back to the Maple Residence for the first time, Ah Mo had called her over to serve them. She had witnessed all the hardships that Mu Yuchen and Xi Xiaye had gone through together, thus she felt a particular tenderness and concern for the couple.

Upon hearing that, Mu Yuchen paused. Moments after that, he sighed softly and quietly turned around to continue what he was working on. In a raspy voice, he said, She can be like that. Next time when Im not home, you should all watch over her. She can be like a little girl sometimes, and is rather stubborn.

When Sis Wang heard her employer, she instantly smiled. Thats true. Ive heard that no matter how strong your wife can be outside, once she gets home, shell be like an innocent little girl to her husband. This is a good thing thats worth looking forward to, and its a very common thing to refine a relationship between husband and wife.

Mu Yuchen chuckled softly without a word. He relaxed a bit and then continued, Okay, make the arrangements. We dont need all of you to work now. Come back on the night when the weekend ends. Ill be home these next two days.

Okay then, Ill make the arrangements and return home for two days, Sis Wang said knowingly. Naturally, she understood and would give the husband and wife some personal space.

Mu Yuchen nodded gently before Sis Wang then went out again.

Sis Wang had just left Maple Residence not too long when a black car drove into Grand Waves Villa, coated with the cold and hazy night breeze. It turned a few quiet corners before steadily stopping before the entrance of Maple Residence.

The Porsche car door was opened, revealing Xi Xiaye the way she always was. She dragged her worn-out body out of the car while her hand held a heavy black briefcase.

These past few days, she had been working till late at the office. In fact, all the recent problems had been quite worrying. Quite a number of things were affected by the first few days of the incident, but now it was slowly going back to the way it was. Still, she needed to watch over those things properly. For instance, today, she had gone to quite a few factories and shopping malls to inspect the situation, so she had no time to catch her breath. However, as long as she could stabilize the company as soon as possible, it was all worth it. That way, he would not need to be too worried when he got back.

Xi Xiaye locked the car and went into the villa with her briefcase in her hand.

Just like they had for the past few days, the lights at home were left switched on.

Sis Wang would not sleep before she returned. Actually, when she waited for her to get home these past few days, she would immediately serve her warm dishes and take care of her considerately.

Xi Xiaye had just reached home when she immediately lay down on the sofa. She almost could not pick herself up. With a sigh, she closed her eyes, feeling exhausted as she called out,Sis Wang, bring me a glass of water please!

Nevertheless, she had only laid down for a short while when a glass of warm water was brought to her. Without looking up, she just took it and drank it all down in a few gulps. She cleared her throat when she was done, and then frowned before handing the glass back. In between gulps, she found it a little odd. Why did she seem to catch a whiff of Mr. Mus cold fragrance?

After that, she just thought that it was her own illusion since it had been like that for these past few days.

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