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(Pick Her Up From Work (2)

Ji Zitong immediately rolled her eyes at him. Do you think I have the time for that?

No, Master Su answered very firmly.

Ji Zitongs stiff expression then began to ease as she inhaled and look out of the car window. The sky had already turned dark outside while the streetlights on both sides were lit up. She could still see couples holding hands on the sidewalk or young lovers walking past in each others embrace.

Ji Zitong actually quite liked the feeling of going for a spin in the car on wide roads like these as she watched these people and the streetscape. Of course, the ride should not coincide with the traffic like it did this moment because it would only ruin the mood.

The traffic lights turned red, and the car was trapped in a gridlock.

Su Chen turned and saw that she looked extremely bored, so he reached out to play some very soothing Latin music in the car.

Ji Zitong suddenly remembered that when he first sent her home, he was also playing songs like these, so she could not help but ask him, Do you like foreign style music too?

I dont have a special preference. I quite like country music and folk music. I cant be certain about which one I like either. Its like how in high school, I liked pop music, but after joining the military academy, were so exhausted from training every day that Im not interested in any music. Once I left, I started listening to more of these, and then just got used to them, Su Chen responded calmly.

It looks like you werent satisfied with that lifestyle either, she said with a wry smile.

You silly! Who would be happy with that kind of highly stressful and challenging life? However, it really trains ones willpower. In the future, Id want to throw my child in there to train him for a bit too. Let him know that his old man used to enjoy that kind of life.

However, when Su Chen said that, Ji Zitong could not help but feel her heart palpitate as she stared at him in a daze.

Seeing her like that, Su Chen was bewildered for a moment too. After a while, he realized what he had just said. Then, he cleared his throat and shut his mouth to focus on driving while looking ahead instead while Ji Zitong only turned away and continued looking out of the window.

The car sped all the way. About half an hour later, they finally reached the neighborhood in which Su Chens villa was. The husband and wife went to buy ingredients from the nearby supermarket. After that, they rushed back home.

Naturally, dinner was still prepared by Su Chen since Ji Zitongs culinary skills were not that great. Even though Su Chen did not usually like to cook, now that he had a wife, he obviously had to show his demeanor as a man. However, Ji Zitong helped with the cutlery.

Su Chen ate very quickly. In fact, in recent times, the husband and wife were coordinated in dividing the work in the kitchen.

After dinner, Su Chen did not rush up to the study room as he usually did. Instead, he sat down in front of the television in the living room and switched it on. He took out some tea leaves and was about to make tea to casually pass the time while Ji Zitong cleaned up the kitchen.

As Su Chen fiddled with the tea leaves, he shouted toward the kitchen door,Im making tea. What do you want to drink? Dahongpao? Or Pu Er?

Inside the kitchen, Ji Zitong, who was washing the dishes, paused and quickly answered,Im not drinking any of that. Give me a cup of lemonade instead!

Even though this man was quite annoying sometimes, his culinary skills were pretty impressive. At least, they were much better than hers, especially the simmer-friend sweet and sour fish. Although it was such a huge fish, Su Chen only had a few bites while the rest had gone into her belly. She even had two bowls of rice!

Right now, Ji Zitong thought it was terrifying as she thought about it.Since when has my appetite increased? I wonder if this is considered eating and drinking unreasonably.

She did not need to worry that she would get fat since she was just the type who would never get fat no matter what she ate. Her weight would always be the same. Furthermore, she was almost 1.7 meters tall, so even if she added on a few kilograms, she would not look fat easily.

However, she was quite full from the meal right now. She washed her bowl and walked over towards the sofa, caressing her belly and feeling stuffed. At that moment, she did not care about the man who was watching her calmly now.

Su Chen could not help but clear her throat as he lowered his head and chuckled.

Ji Zitong bluntly gave him a cold look.

The way you eat, if I brought you to a buffet, you definitely wont lose out. Su Chen laughed and then handed her a pill to aid her digestion. Have this. Sit for a bit and then take a shower, then you wont feel so bad afterward.

Ji Zitong took the pill and the lemonade that he made for her. She opened the bottle and quickly swallowed the pill.

I havent eaten anything the whole day. I only had time to have a slice of toast since there were quite a lot of things to do at the shop these past few days. I almost couldnt catch my breath.

Thats your body. You should look after it. How can you not eat? If you cant handle it, then hire one or two more people. Youre just passing time anyway. Do you have to do everything yourself? Cant you just be an arm-flinging shopkeeper?

Su Chen watched as she laid there and shifted a little, seeming quite uncomfortable. He then took a pillow and helped her by putting it behind her back to lie on it.

Even if Im just passing time, I cant be making a loss. The shop isnt huge to begin with. If something didnt happen to my mother and Xiao Bei didnt take leave, I usually could handle it. Right now, both of them arent around, so I was a little overwhelmed.

Ji Zitong did not know why she would even care to discuss matters of her little business with the man.

Su Chens still gaze swept across her bright and moving little face. Suddenly, his eyes lowered and instantly fell onto her empty fingers. The words Mu Yuchen had said to her before quickly flashed in her mind.

He muttered to himself for a moment before suddenly telling her, Dont go to the shop first tomorrow. Go somewhere with me.

Where? Ji Zitong turned to her side and silently looked at him.

Su Chens eyes flickered for a while before he smiled mysteriously. Youll find out tomorrow! Then, he silently looked down and continued drinking his tea.

Nevertheless, Ji Zitong only examined him unhurriedly. When she saw that he was not planning on explaining, she did not ask him further and lowered her head to drink. Right, if youre free next week, find a time to visit my home with me. My fathers been talking about it recently, and were still newlyweds.

Su Chen was taken by surprise. After a while, he looked apologetically at her. Im sorry. I overlooked that. Well go back to visit tomorrow. The day after tomorrow, Ah Chens invited us to his place for a barbeque.

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