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(Pick Her Up From Work (1)

Su Chen thought about it for a while, then decided to drop the topic. When he finished handling the matters on his desk and finished his cup of tea. The sky had already turned dark outside, and Secretary He had gone home too.

He read through the final document before realizing that it was quite late. He lifted his hand to check the time on his wrist. It was almost 6p.m., already past office hours. Su Chen then swiftly tidied the things on his table up.

The car slowly drove out of the entrance of the Traffic Bureau. When he made a turn and saw a couple holding hands and passing by, Su Chen thought about it for a while before going to look for Ji Zitong at the flower shop. She had not gone home for quite a few days, but she should be going back today, should she not?

Inside Smile flower shop.

Ji Zitong had been busy the entire day because one of the employees had taken leave for the past few days. She could hardly catch her breath with all the work. In the evening, the farmer from the flower farm had decided to come over to verify the accounts, so she was busy up till now. Finally, she was done with everything.

Chen Ling had accidentally sprained her waist a few days ago as she was walking down the stairs. Right now, she was resting at home. Her condition was quite bad a few days ago, but now it was much better. Of course, consequently, she could not come help her out at the shop.

She worked till quite late, and after a few days, she felt quite worn out. Ji Zitong planned on going home earlier that day, of course, back to Su Chens. She had not been back for almost a week now. Last night, when they were on the phone call, she wanted to say something, yet in the end, he had work to rush to, so they just hung up.

As she thought about this, she made a move and began to swiftly close her shop.

Just as she was about to move that flower basket of champagne roses, a large hand was already a step ahead of her as he picked up the basket with one hand.

Startled, Ji Zitong quickly looked up to see Su Chens steadfast and dashing face greet her sight. He had changed out of his dark work clothes, and the casual metallic gray suit he wore showed off his tall figure. He looked like an elegant gentleman, stunning Ji Zitong for quite a while.

What are you looking at? Arent you packing up? Master Su asked unromantically, then brought the flower basket into the shop.

Ji Zitong was dazed for a moment. She then picked up the other flower basket and walked in as well.

The husband and wife moved quickly. After a while, they were done packing up.

Is Mother alright? Su Chen asked as he picked up the windbreaker she left on the rack.

Ji Zitong took it from him. Shes fine. Its just a sprain of her wrist. She was calling me about her pain a few days ago. We went to check it out at the hospital but it wasnt a huge deal. After that, I got some Chinese ointment from my father and applied it a few times, then she was fine.

As she said this, Ji Zitong put on her windbreaker because it was still a little chilly outside.

How do you have time to come over? Hows the thing with Chairman Mu? Ji Zitong had been paying attention to Xi Xiayes matters recently as well.

Hes just been released. I went back to the Bureau to get some things, so I decided to come over too. Are you going home today?

Su Chen reached out with his long arms and helped her fix her collar that had turned inwards. His expression was calm, yet his tone was one of asking.

Ji Zitong paused before she nodded and replied calmly, Mmm, Mothers fine. Ill call them to inform them, so they wont wait for my return.

Then, she quickly took her phone out and gave Chen Ling a call. After she hung up, Su Chen closed the shop.

He had just started the car when he suggested,Its the weekend tomorrow. Since well be on break, lets get some good ingredients tonight and rewards ourselves. Ive been having fast food every day these past few days, and I can barely stand it.

Upon hearing that, Ji Zitong who was in the front passenger seat raised her brows. She said without objection, Havent you gotten used to that before this? I remember that when I first moved over, you told me that you havent used that kitchen for at least half a month.

Su Chen looked up and glanced at Ji Zitong. That was a special phase when I was busy with work, so I naturally wouldnt have time to manage all this. In fact, its hard to cook for just one person and I dont like eating leftovers.

Youre quite a pampered one. When we were in the army, I didnt see you have this habit. Once you joined the government, youve gotten quite a bit of temperament. In fact, youve become rather delicate, Ji Zitong responded casually.

When Chief Su heard her comment, he felt quite unhappy. He frowned and squinted at Ji Zitong before turning his gaze ahead again as he said softly, Ji Zitong, do you realize that you have a very bad habit? It urgently needs to be tackled and rectified.

What? Doubt passed Ji Zitongs eyes as she looked at him calmly.

Su Chens brows furrowed even more as he said in a serious tone, Dont you realize that you often attack people with your words? Especially me. Every time I talk to you, you attack me at least once. This is a really bad habit. Im fine listening to you because Im tolerant, but if its someone else, then that might not be the case.

Listening to you, I can hear two critical points. Firstly, you, Su Chen, have a high tolerance. Secondly, I frequently attack you with my speech. So, which one is your main point? The first or the second? Ji Zitong straightened her fingers as she spoke to him.

When Su Chen heard, he immediately chuckled. What do you think?

I think that you were emphasizing more on the first, Ji Zitong said frankly.

Actually, Ji Zitong probably did not know that all three of the buddies, Su Chen, Mu Yuchen and Zhou Zimo, were all narcissists. That was why they were good friends.

Su Chen laughed out loud, not refuting it. Im telling the truth. I admit that Im also praising myself, but your words are really making me uncomfortable. The days in the army are long gone. Ive taken those experiences as one of my growth. Keeping some memories of it will do. Theres no need to maintain that lifestyle. Many people felt suppressed and almost broke down when they were in there. Once they got through it, only did they feel nostalgia for it.

Ji Zitong silently listened and did not say anything.

Ah, humans. Its not a bad thing to live life a little simpler and more comfortably. Life is all about living the way we find best. What do you think?

This is just hope. If we really want that to happen, it might not be as easy as we wish. Look, its like you, isnt it? Arent you still rushing about?

When he heard her remark, the curve on Su Chens lips became wider. Whats wrong? Still holding a grudge over the fact that I hung up on you last night?

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