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(Master Mu Returns (4)

Mu Yuchens gaze did not change. Instead, he glared at him sharply. In the end, his gaze stayed on his empty ring finger.

Su Chen looked over without realizing what was wrong, and Li Si started laughing on his own.

Mu Yuchen put one hand on his forehead helplessly as he said, Youd better not go back so early today. Head over to Imperial Sky Jewellery City and pick a ring for her. You cant mistreat your woman no matter how stingy you are.

Su Chens face blushed slightly and he coughed lightly. Im not being stingy. I just wanted to wait for a good time to pick out a ring. Damn it, weve been buddies for decades! Do I look like a stingy man to you? Anger was his way of hiding his embarrassment.

Pretty much! Mu Yuchen gave a swift reply.

The chauffeur stopped the car and reminded, Master Su, weve arrived at the junction.

Su Chen punched Mu Yuchen in embarrassment before getting out of the car while mumbling, You bastard! Ive been so worried about you in the past week, you little

Mu Yuchen just smiled as he reminded, Dont forget about this weekend. Ill call Zimo. Bring Ji Zitong over.

Su Chen waved his hand angrily before heading towards his office. His office was just right around the corner, so it was a short walk.

The fact that he was married had not really settled in yet, especially when he got really busy. After being married for around half a month, he got really busy because of work and Mu Yuchens matters. Most of the time, it would already be past midnight when he returned home and Ji Zitong would be asleep, but she would usually leave some food for him, much to his appreciation.

Chen Ling was sick several days ago, so Ji Zitong had gone back to take care of her. He did not know when she would return since they only had a short conversation on the phone last night.

On the way back to his office, Su Chen decided to take things slow. He would only bring Ji Zitong back to the Su residence next week. His family knew what had happened to Mu Yuchen, so they did not bother him lately, and it was a blissful period for him. However, he felt it was appropriate to have his parents meet his wife since they were already married.

He soon arrived before his station and swiftly walked into his office.

Before Su Chen could have anything to drink, Secretary He came up to him and handed him a document.Chief Su, these are the promotional materials from the headquarters. The Head Chief wants you to do the TV promotion.

Su Chen raised his eyebrows and flipped through it, not sounding very pleased. Why me? Let that peacock in the west of the city do it. Im not going!

He was not interested in things like this. In contrast, the Deputy Chief in the west was much more interested and would welcome it every day.

Secretary He was helpless against his superiors attitude, so he started trying to convince him, Chief Su, why dont you go for once? Make our station proud! I know you dont care, but you should consider our feelings when only Chief Du gets seen on TV, Chief Su! Chief Huang at the headquarters said

Secretary He cleared his throat as he mimicked Chief Huangs tone, Its an important show. We need someone with a good image to attend. With a build like yours, dont go and embarrass yourself. You are representing our bureau as a whole! Let Deputy Chief Su from the north go. Hes young and handsome. I bet he can charm all the women even without saying anything! Thats it! Case closed!

Chief Huang actually mentioned you specifically! If you attended it, youd be the star in our bureau!

Secretary He shot Su Chen a glance full of expectations, yet the latter was frowning.

What? Do I look like Im a model? Are you guys done with the promotional articles? Have you guys gone to observe the civilians? Is the report on the public opinion done? Dont always think about those useless things. If anyone wants me to go, ask him to go instead! Su Chen ranted in frustration.

In shock, Secretary He quickly nodded and replied, Yes! Youre right, Chief Su!

Shut up! Go and get me a cup of tea! Ill fire you if you bug me about this again! Go and call that peacock in the west. Tell him to take this document and say Chief Huang told him to do so. Chop-chop! Su Chen threw the document onto the table.


The loud sound shocked Secretary He who nodded quickly. Yes, Chief Su! He was too afraid to say anything, so he quickly grabbed the document and fled from Su Chens office.

Su Chens frown softened a little when he heard the sound of the door closing.

He was one of the fastest rising officers in recent years. His career after leaving the army had been smooth sailing. Being in his position at such a young age was not easy, so a lot of people were not impressed. Many people assumed he only reached where he was today because of his background, but only Su Chen himself knew what he was capable of. He was one of the most proficient officers as he spent a lot of time familiarizing himself with all the different kinds of work in the bureau.

He actually did not want to leave the army back then, but his family did not want him to disappear all the time. Moreover, Mu Yuchen and Zhou Zimo had already left the army as well, so he felt that there was no point staying anymore, hence he left. He thought his current career would be easier, but he became even busier than when he was in the army!

The things he did in the army were mostly testing and training, but what about now?

Su Chen felt exhausted just thinking about it. He pinched the space between his eyebrows and grabbed the document in front of him.




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