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( Master Mu Returns (3)

Su Chen went quiet. He rubbed his nose and said, If this is true, you have to be careful with Qi Feng, Ah Chen.

Mu Yuchen handed the tablet back to Li Si, glancing out of the window. Its within my expectations. Tell Ah Mo he doesnt need to stay there anymore. Get him to come back.

Master, arent we looking for Qi Feng anymore? Li Si looked at Mu Yuchen in doubt.

He has something he wants here, so hell definitely be back. Given the current situation, itd best benefit your Master. Though Qi Lei did lose out on a great deal of influence, he still holds a certain amount of power when his mother, Wang Qin, was around, but with her death, most of the people who sided with her now follow Qi Qiming.

Su Chen shrugged as he glanced at Mu Yuchen. Ah Chen, I hope he isnt someone who cant stand up on his own. I know you have an interest in Qi Lei. He has a good heart, but I cant sense the determination in him. He isnt really resolute to do something. That drive of determination could be something core that is needed in many critical moments. This has been proven many times in history.

Mu Yuchens eyes darkened as he put one hand on his forehead. I dont understand. Why would Gu Qiwu want Wang Qin dead? Did Qi Qiming ask him to do so? Or was it Qi Feng?

This question had been troubling Mu Yuchen and was the only thing he could not understand throughout this incident. He felt that Gu Qiwu had no reason to kill Wang Qin. Everything had its consequences, and Wang Qins death did not seem to bring Gu Qiwu any benefits, so why would he have done that?

Su Chen gave it some thought before saying,If youre sure its Gu Qiwus plan, then find the murderer to pinpoint him. Maybe hell tell the truth.

Mu Yuchen shook his head. Not really. We dont have any evidence to show that Gu Qiwu ordered him to do so, and the murderers identity can only be investigated by the police. We cant waste our time and energy on this. Actually, Im quite lucky to get out of this tight spot. I felt uneasy when I received a call from Ah Bao. Unfortunately, I was unable to save Wang Qin.

Master, I think the perpetrators initial target was not Wang Qin, or else, Gu Lingsha wouldnt have gotten the injury on her arm. Li Si remembered something.

Mu Yuchens eyes turned icy when her name was mentioned. He then asked, Did Xi Xinyi do anything lately?

Not really. I thought she would go look for Gu Lingsha and the others when Master Mu was arrested, but she was acting cautiously. Li Si smiled.

Shes not so much of a fool after all. Mu Yuchen extended his arm towards Li Si and said, Let me take a look at the share market.

Li Si quickly found the share market page and handed the tablet to Mu Yuchen. Its stabilized all thanks to Missuss effort. She gathered Vice President Zhang Lan and the others on the night you were detained. They came up with a solution and worked with Master Mo tirelessly after that. She even asked Elder CEO Shen for help regarding the South River project.

Mu Yuchen looked at the data graphs as his eyes turned gentle and warm. He blinked and looked out of the car window, observing the moving scenery as his empty heart filled up in an instant.

Su Chens eyes never left Mu Yuchen. He noticed his expression and gave his shoulder an understanding pat.Alright, its getting late now. Lets head back now. We can rest during the weekend tomorrow. Let me down at the junction ahead. Im going back to my office to get something. You dont have to send me back.

Mu Yuchen returned the pat on the hand on his shoulder as he said gratefully, Zimo and you have been a great help. Thank you, buddy.

Su Chen laughed and started teasing him, Thats alright. We have a 5km weighted run this weekend. Are you coming?

Maybe next week. Come over to Maple Residence with Zimo this weekend. Its been some time since we last gathered around. Weather like this calls for a barbeque. Ah Mo should be home in time as well. Li Si, come over too, Mu Yuchen suggested as he looked outside at the warm light.

Su Chen snapped his fingers and nodded. Alright, see you then!

Remember to bring your wife along as well. Ji Zitong is quite close to Xiaye, so they can chat together. Its been some time since you got married to Ji Zitong. When are you having your wedding reception? Mu Yuchen asked Su Chen a sudden question.

Su Chen was stunned for a moment. He then hit his own forehead and gasped. I almost forgot if you didnt mention it. Ive been busy working in my office and was pretty worn out with what happened to you, so I havent got the time to bring her home. Her mother has been feeling unwell lately, so she went back to take care of her. I havent told my family Im married. Im not sure if my sister knows by now.

Li Si coughed and blinked his eyes when he heard Su Chen. He suddenly felt sad for Ji Zitong.

Master Su!You dont have the understanding that youre already a married man!

Mu Yuchen glanced at Su Chen, feeling uncomfortable under his stare.

Su Chen curled up slightly and stared back at Mu Yuchen. Dont look at me like Im your prey. Go back and look at Xiaye instead!




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