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(Master Mu Returns (2)

Captain Wang stared at the pictures for a long time before his strained expression softened. He looked through the other photos and asked, Whos this person in the photo? How did you get these photos? Why are you only showing these to us now?

Lawyer Wang glanced at Mu Yuchen whose expression was as calm as ever. Finding out who that person is will require you to investigate more. The security camera footage on the ship is still in your hands. Im sure it wont be difficult to find out. As for why we have this, its all thanks to Master Mus fore-planning.

Did you know that someone was going to do something against you? Captain Wang squinted and looked at Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen casually adjusted his sleeves. Youve misunderstood, Captain Wang. I have no idea this would happen. I just thought I needed better security, so I arranged my guards all around me. Im glad that they captured this for me.

Captain Wang took a deep breath and then said, Youre a really cautious person, Master Mu. If you have this, why stay here and torture yourself?

Torture? I dont think so. It takes time to get these as well. Thank you for putting on an act with me this whole time. Ill be sure to pay you back some time later. Captain Wang, you and your colleagues are welcome to visit the Imperial Sky facilities. Ill be sure to entertain you. So, can I leave now?

Mu Yuchen already stood up.

Captain Wangs expression turned pale as he nodded vigorously. Youre free to go, Master Mu!

Mu Yuchen nodded at him elegantly before leaving the room while Lawyer Wang packed his things up and gave Captain Wang a firm handshake before catching up with his client.


Ah Chen!

Su Chen and Li Sis expressions softened when they saw Mu Yuchen come out. They quickly went towards him.

Mu Yuchen did not stop at all as he spoke, Lets talk outside.

The car was parked right outside the police station. Mu Yuchen got in as soon as he stepped out of the premises. Su Chen sat beside him while Li Si sat in the front passenger seat.

I expected them to release you. You really held your ground in there for over ten days. It took me a long time to convince Uncle Mu not to act. If he had given his orders and had his people do something, our plan wouldve been ruined, Su Chen complained as he put his arm over Mu Yuchens shoulder.

Mu Yuchen smiled. If I didnt do this, we wouldnt have been able to break through the current situation. Did Ah Mo bring back any news?

Master, as you expected, Gu Qiwu and Qi Qiming met by the river. Gi Quwu also went to Qingshan Cemetery before returning to City B. Regarding Glory World, Missus didnt stop moving forward with the South River project. Gu Lingsha met her several days ago. She probably provoked Missus and caused her to seek help from Elder CEO Shen.

Elder CEO Shen sold several plots of land and invested all the money into Glory World, so our share prices have stabilized at the moment. As for South River Project No. 2, Hua Heng raised his prices even higher and then made a quick deal with Qi Kai. It was a huge deal and took a lot out of Qi Kai. I wonder what the Gu Hui Corporation would think if they found out about this.

Li Si guffawed before he continued moments later, Ah Mo sent an email over. He found Qi Feng when he followed your instructions.

Hmm? Mu Yuchen sounded interested. He traded glances with Su Chen beside him as they both looked at Li Si together, signaling him to continue.

Take a look at this. Li Si handed the tablet over. The screen showed an opened email with some photos attached.

Mu Yuchen grabbed it as Su Chen looked over while Li Si continued with his explanation, Master, this is Qi Feng. His face was injured during the accident, so he underwent plastic surgery. He looks nothing like he used to. That is the hospital that he went to. His vocal cords were injured as well, and his voice sounds very different from before. Lately, he went for recovery surgery.

After plastic surgery, even his voice has become different? Su Chen mumbled, No wonder we couldnt find him all these years!

Su Chen let out a bitter laugh. He glanced at Qi Fengs strange face before asking Li Si, Why isnt there an address? Didnt you find him?

We just got this information from the hospital, but we havent found out his address at the moment. He didnt register a detailed address at the hospital, but its confirmed that he doesnt stay in Sydney. He stays in a rural area a certain distance away from Sydney. They stay at this hotel every time he goes for surgery, Li Si explained.

Su Chen scrolled down and saw Qi Feng sitting in a wheelchair. Then, he looked at Li Si with his eyes widened.Thats a smart move. Australia is pretty big and its hard to locate him. Hmm? What happened to his legs?

Li Si coughed lightly as he covered his mouth to hide a laugh. His legs were crippled since the accident six years ago. Even though he tried a lot of treatments, his legs still cant feel anything. In a nutshell, his lower-half body is paralyzed.


Su Chen stared at the photo in surprise for a while before laughing. That must be really sad for him. Im sure its hard for a person like him to accept this truth, huh?

Master Su, I also heard from Ah Mo that he tried to commit suicide when he woke up, but a certain thought prevented him from doing so.




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