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(Master Mu Returns (1)

The storm went on for over ten days, yet Mu Yuchen felt like they were the most relaxing ten days he had ever had. He did not see them as unfortunate. Instead, he used the days to sort out his jumbled thoughts and feelings, feeling much more at ease because of that.

When the police called him to the interrogation room, he was relieved. The first thought that crossed his mind was Xi Xiayes bright and beautiful face. It had only been over ten days since they last met, yet it felt like a century had passed. He truly missed her a lot.

In the interrogation room, Lawyer Wang sat aside, and before the table was Captain Wang and two other police officers. Meanwhile, Li Si and Su Chen were waiting outside.

When they saw Mu Yuchen walk towards them along the corridor, Li Si could not help but rush up to him as he shouted emotionally, Master!

Ah Chen! Su Chen called out softly too. He wanted to go up to his friend but was stopped by the two police officers that stood guarded by the door.

Mu Yuchens expression was calm. He nodded gently at the two of them, a faint smile rippling across his handsome face before he walked in.

Mu Yuchen had just sat down when Captain Wang smiled and said as he opened a folder, It looks like youve gotten quite used to staying with us now, Master Mu.

Mu Yuchen nodded calmly as he answered humbly, Indeed, its a good place to cultivate ones character and mental strength.

Captain Wang chuckled with his gaze lowered. The higher-ups had explained things to him, so he dared not be disrespectful towards Mu Yuchen either. If not for Mu Yuchens lawyer bringing in new evidence today, Mu Yuchen would have to be continued being detained. Wang Qin and Gu Lingsha were no ordinary people either. With both sides pressuring them, it was hard for him to be stuck in the middle. He would much rather Mu Yuchen quickly hand in new evidence and then leave. That way, he would not need to be troubled with this every day and lose sleep!

They repeated the inspections over and over again near the dock and with the footages on the ship. Captain Wang kept looking through them. In fact, he looked at them so much that his eyes could bleed. Alas, even though he found it suspicious, he did not discover anything.

So, today when Lawyer Wang came over, he was relieved.

Lawyer Wang, you said that you have new evidence to prove that Master Mu wasnt the one injuring the victims. What evidence is it? Captain Wang asked frankly, not delaying any further.

Lawyer Wang quickly took a document from his briefcase and handed it to Captain Wang. Im sure this document has been handed to Captain Wang before by the forensics department. The results from the forensics team have proven that the tissue underneath Madam Wang Qins nails doesnt match our Master Mus DNA. The fingerprints on the knife were also messy, so you cant prove that only our Master Mu has handled that knife. Furthermore, you cant prove that it was Master Mu who accidentally injured the victims with the knife. Also, we found these things in a garbage heap near the dock.

As Lawyer Wang said that, he picked the bag beside him up and put it before Captain Wang. This is the uniform of the waiters that night. There are some red wine stains on it. Of course, there are some blood stains too. Even though the clothes have been burnt, thankfully the blood traces on it can still be detected. I brought it to the lab for a test which can prove that the bloodstains on this are Madam Wang Qins. Its also the same as the DNA from Madam Wang Qins fingernails. It doesnt belong to our Master Mu.

Captain Wangs eyes darkened while a solemn expression flashed across his face. The police did not even find such important things. How did they get all of that?

He took the bag a little doubtfully as he pulled a pair of gloves on. He inspected it closely and flipped through the examination report before nodding at the officer beside him. That officer swiftly picked up his phone to call the lab. Shortly after that, he kept his phone away and leaned in towards Captain Wang to whisper something. The captain nodded tersely.

Master Mu, the fact that you could even get this report from the lab shows that your people are really going all out. Lawyer Wangs quite capable. When Captain Wang said this, they were not sure what he meant.

Captain Wang, youre over-praising me now, Lawyer Wang said humbly.

Captain Wang muttered to himself for a moment, and then said, However, this shouldnt be enough to clear Master Mu of suspicion. Im sorry. You need to have stronger evidence. His steadfast face contained a hint of indescribable sternness as he looked up to Mu Yuchen.

Captain Wang, you dont have evidence to prove that our Master Mu did it either, do you? Just based on the fact that Master Mu held a fruit knife, can you prove that he did it? Did you see him personally hurt someone with the knife? How can you be sure that someone else didnt frame him in the mid of the chaos then? You cant just convict and lock him up based on this alone. The police shouldnt treat this like childs play! Lawyer Wang demanded when he noticed Captain Wangs tensed expression.

I think you wouldnt have just brought these things to prove your innocence, would you, Master Mu? Captain Wang looked at Lawyer Wang, then turned to look at Mu Yuchen who had remained silent.

Then, Mu Yuchen smiled and straightened up. Captain Wang, you seem quite calm, but this incident really has nothing to do with me. Instead of spending time on me, how about you look through these things? My people have already saved you half the effort. His deep voice came through as he looked pointedly at the things on the table.

As the police, we will definitely look through what should. Thank you for your cooperation.

Mu Yuchen nodded gladly. He turned to look at Lawyer Wang who coincidentally met his unfathomable gaze. Upon seeing him nod gently, Lawyer Wang took a document that had many pictures attached out of his briefcase.

Mu Yuchen casually took two of the pictures to study casually. Then, a perfect curve flashed in the corner of his lips before his long fingers tossed the pictures to Captain Wang. If the previous evidence isnt enough as proof, these should be sufficient.

Then, Captain Wang picked the pictures before him up while Lawyer Wang handed him the complete document too. Captain Wang, this was the instant before the lights dimmed. Our people caught that in that split second. Theres even the timestamp of when the picture was taken. It coincidentally captured the moment the murderer did it. Even though you cant see the persons face clearly, at that moment, our Master Mu and Missus were right there!




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