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(Further and Further Away (2)

Qi Lei, Im sorry. I didnt think that would happen to Aunty Wang either, Gu Lingsha spoke, the hint of sorrow unable to be concealed in her voice.

However, before Gu Lingsha could finish, Qi Lei had already spoken up to cut her short, My mothers already gone. Can you all stop bringing this up every time? I already said Im fine. Im fine! Im doing great! If I wasnt fine, would I have come back to work?

When Qi Lei said this, his silent eyes gleamed with gloom.

Im sorry, Qi Lei. Dont be angry! I was just I was just concerned about you! Since youre fine, thats great! You look like youve become much thinner. I hope that youll take good care of yourself, said Gu Lingsha, helplessly lowering her voice as she turned pale.

Qi Lei did not take another look at her. He turned around and walked away, leaving only an apathetic shadow behind with Gu Lingsha.

Gu Lingsha just stood where she was in a daze. She could not quite react to Qi Leis sudden change in attitude, and she found his indifference hard to believe. She thought about it for a long while, and then sadly lowered her gaze.

Qi Lei returned to his office casually. Yang Sheng was already in the office arranging the documents. When he saw Qi Lei, his worries finally subsided a little. He quickly went up to greet him, Master Qi, I was worried that youd be late!

Qi Lei took his coat off and tossed it onto the table as he leisurely sat in his chair. He turned around and looked outside the window behind him as he said calmly, Am I the kind of superior whos always late to you?

His direct words stunned Yang Sheng who could not help but think to himself, Master Qi, you are late every day! You were only two minutes earlier today.

Whats this? Qi Lei quickly noticed the pot of ball cacti on the low stool by the window. They were green and round, seeming quite refreshing.

Yang Sheng followed Qi Leis gaze. When he saw those ball cacti, a smile could not help but ripple across his face. Oh, those! I got them from Director Xi. When I was at Glory World to deliver some things the day before, I saw that there were quite a few pots behind Director Xi on her window sill. She personally planted them herself. I suddenly remembered that you dont have these little things in your office, Master Qi, so I casually mentioned that. Afterward, Director Xi gave you this pot. She even picked the nicest looking ones, saying that it was a gift for you. She hopes that you could be like these little guys.

As Qi Lei listened, the gloominess on his handsome face faded a bit, and he could not help but smile. He thought about it, then bent down to pick up the cacti to examine. Then, he sighed softly and a poignant smile spread across his lips. Ball cacti Does she really think that this thing can be a metaphor for me? Do I look like the kind of person with thorns all over me?

When he heard Qi Lei mutter, Yang Sheng seriously examined him, and then shook his head before answering honestly, You dont look like it, not at all!

Upon hearing that, Qi Lei chuckled. A hint of gratitude flashed in his eyes as he looked carefully at the pot of cacti for a long while before putting it back. I understand what she means Alright, give her a call and thank her for me. Please also call Deputy Chief Zhang and ask him how Mu Yuchens thing is going. See if we can do anything.

Yang Sheng nodded quietly. Okay, Ill go right away. Oh, right, Master Qi, previously, Manager Gu brought a document over to Glory World directly. It should be about using new materials. I heard that Director Xi furiously reprimanded her, saying that if there was any issue, you should personally go to Glory World for a discussion. Also, at 9 a.m. CEO Qi has called for a meeting with everyone. Its about South River Project No. 2. In the afternoon, CEO Gu from Gu Feng has a lunch appointment with you, and at 3 p.m. youll need to inspect the South River. At night, Miss Sun has asked you out for dinner

Got it. Reject the dinner. I want to go back to the Qi residence tonight to pack my mothers things, Qi Lei said calmly.

Yang Sheng fell silent, then answered, Okay, Master Qi!

Then, he left.

As the sound of the door closing carefully sounded, Qi Lei suddenly fell limp. He lifted a hand to hold his forehead and relaxed before gently touching that cactus with thorns all over it. He felt a faint prick, then was clear-headed again.

The warm sun was hanging high up in the sky outside while the morning winds were calm. The breeze brought a faint scent of grass, complementing the warm morning sun. It made one feel quite refreshed, and there seemed to be no more of the gloominess from the past few days.

Xi Xiaye had just sat down in her office when Xiao Mei informed her happily, Director Xi, our shares are getting back on track. Even though they havent returned to the way they were before, there are signs of it going back up. Assistant Li has handled things on the medias end, so theres no need to worry.

Xi Xiaye looked at the data on her laptop screen as ease flashed in her twinkling eyes. She nodded gladly. Mmm, this is the result of everyones hard work. Everyones been working hard in recent times. When Chairman Mu gets back, Ill definitely get him to reward everyone well. Tonight, tell everyone to relax at Imperial Sky. Put the expenses under my name.

Really? Then, Ill have to thank you on behalf of everyone first! Director, youve been quite worn out recently too. You should rest well!

Xiao Mei smiled as she arranged the documents on hand before delivering it to Xi Xiayes desk.

Xi Xiaye nodded gladly.

Right, Director Xi, earlier, Vice President Qis assistant from Qi Kai, Assistant Yang Sheng, called. He said that VP Qi wanted to thank you. He really likes that cactus, and he wants to treat you and Master Mu to a meal soon.

When she heard this, Xi Xiaye raised her brows and asked, VP Qis back to work?

Xiao Mei nodded. Yeah, he went back to work this morning. Assistant Yang said that VP Qis alright now, and he told you not to worry. Theyre really thankful for you, Director Xi.


But she had not done anything.

However, since Qi Lei could walk out from his valley of sorrow, this was a positive thing.

Xi Xiaye fell silent for a while. She blinked, then responded softly, Okay, I got it. You can leave first.

Xiao Mei bowed respectfully, before retreating quietly.

Xi Xiaye fell silent for a while, then subconsciously turned to look at the remaining pots of cacti behind her. A faint warmth gathered in her eyes as she got up and walked over to draw open the curtains shielding her from the sun. Rays of warm sunshine poured in, the light instantly filling the room as if the chilliness from before was all gone.




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