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(Further And Further Away (1)

She saw that the man was calm as usual. His low and sensitive voice was filled with gentle comfort as he assured her, Missus, dont worry. Itll be fine in a few more days. Wait for me to get back.

It was a very simple sentence, yet it had been more than ten days since she last saw him. Hearing his familiar voice once again, the emotions she had been suppressing involuntarily poured out, and she could not help but tear up a little.

She sniffled and lifted her hands to cover her face. After a while, she sighed and then blinked hard before keeping her phone and getting into her car

With Shen Yues enormous flow of funds, Zhang Lan quickly got through to the government. Their lament about the South River project being forced to stop work was resolved. Soon, Glory Worlds shares slowly showed signs of picking up again. As a result, Qi Qiming and Gu Lingsha could not quite react from Qi Kais end.

Inside the spacious office, Gu Lingsha frowned as she watched the share market graph on the screen, and asked, puzzled,Uncle Qi, whats happening?

Qi Qiming was on another call at that moment with Yue Hai from the government. He seemed extremely troubled. Afterward, she only heard a thud as the phone in Qi Qimings hand was tossed into a corner.

The loud sound startled Gu Lingsha who quickly turned to Qi Qiming. Uncle Qi, did something happen?

Qi Qimings aged face was stormy as he shouted, This bastard, Hua Heng! Is he thinking about raising the price? We already had a deal before, but now he suddenly wants to raise the price., I dont think that Fuhuas Shen Yue would use that much money to monopolize that land!

Gu Lingsha immediately knew that it was probably the land near the South River which was a highly valuable land as the outback of South River Project No. 2. One of the main reasons the government had used a tender process to look for a developer was that they had no way of getting a deal for that land, so if they wanted to win the bid, they would have to get this piece of land!

Now upon hearing this, it looked like Hua Heng had raised the prices again!

The initial price was already very high. In fact, the price that Qi Kai offered was not that low either, so why was there suddenly a change right now?

Fuhua Real Estate was thinking about how to collaborate with Glory World. Now that somethings happened to Glory World, I thought I could use the chance to take them down, and Project No. 2 would be a guarantee, yet Shen Yue still dares to offer a new price. Does he think that just Fuhua alone can take this gold mine on?

Qi Qimings eyes darkened. From his clenched fists, you could see that he was extremely furious. He thought about it, then turned to the secretary who had kept quiet before he said, Quickly go check what happened at Hua Heng, and find out whats the situation on Fuhuas end!

The secretary quickly retreated in shock. Yes, CEO Qi! Ill go check right away!

Uncle Qi, dont be anxious first. Lets see how it goes. Dont worsen your health over this. I think somethings up with Glory World. As Gu Lingsha said this, she looked at the screen above and frowned as she pointed out the discrepancy.

Qi Qiming then took a deep breath and followed Gu Lingshas gaze to look up. His eyes turned steely, and after a while, he sighed. It looks like your fathers analyzed it correctly. Glory Worlds got a concrete foundation. This time, weve underestimated Mu Yuchen. Hes managed to survive so many days

Uncle Qi, dont forget that Zhou Zimo isnt a pushover either. Hes been going to Glory World frequently in recent times.

Thats right. Zhang Lan, Liu Lingyu, and the others arent good-for-nothings either! Qi Qimings expression darkened as he slammed the table. At this moment, the secretary who had gone out to find out about things had returned.

CEO Qi, we received news that Shen Yues just sold off a few lands under his ownership, so

It should be those few ones in the east of the city! It looks like hes determined to get Project No. 2. Ive really underestimated old Shen Yues capabilities, Qi Qiming growled frustratedly. He pondered for a moment, then looked up. Okay, lets call for a meeting! Have it in half an hour. Inform everyone!

Yes! CEO Qi!

Gu Lingsha nodded. Uncle Qi, Ill go back to my office to get some materials then.

Qi Qiming waved his hand at her.

Gu Lingsha then slowly left the office and walked towards her office.

However, she had just stepped out of the elevator when she unexpectedly saw a frail and lonely figure before her.

Gu Lingshas eyes lit up. She could not help but call out to the figure upfront,Lei!

When he heard the voice from behind him, Qi Lei stopped and turned around indifferently to look at Gu Lingsha who stood before him. His still eyes dimmed, and you could see that faint loneliness on his calm face as he stared at Gu Lingsha for quite a while. He said softly, Its you.

His voice was cold like a little pebble that had been tossed into still water. It only caused a small ripple, and then there was nothing more.

Gu Lingshas heart sank slightly. She was about to ask about him something when he had already averted his gaze as he turned around coolly before continuing to walk ahead.

Qi Lei! Hold on!

Almost as if she could no longer handle Qi Leis indifference and distance, what more his lonely figure, Gu Lingsha felt her heart ache, and she could not help but chase after him. She reached out to pull his arm.

Qi Lei then stopped walking silently. He turned to look at her again before asking calmly, Do you need something, Manager Gu?

When she heard his distant voice, Gu Lingsha could feel a sour sadness swelling in her heart. With a frown, she said gloomily, Qi Lei, do you have to be like this?

How am I being? Qi Leis glance was calm as he glanced at her hand that held onto his arm without batting an eyelid. His indifferent glance made Gu Lingshas heart sink even deeper. After that, she could only let him go in a daze.

Are you okay? Ive been worried about you. Gu Lingsha changed her tone slightly, her beautiful eyes sparkling with genuine concern. Her voice was lowered too. She looked up like that and silently watched Qi Leis handsome face that seemed deep in thought.

Do I look like Im not doing well right now? Thank you for your concern, Manager Gu! Is there anything else?

Qi Leis tone was distant and cold as he calmly looked at Gu Lingsha.




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