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When Xi Xiaye said that, Gu Lingsha was instantly stunned and did not immediately react. She widened her eyes in disbelief and almost snarled. What did you say? Are you calling me a vase?

Gu Lingshas long, shapely brows furrowed into a knot as she subconsciously gripped the document before her.

I didnt say that. Its not my fault if the shoe fits. A hint of impatient hostility flashed on Xi Xiayes face, her tone as indifferent as ice.

Xi Xiaye, you Gu Lingsha tightened her grip onto the document in her hand. Her beautiful face could not hide the fury in her heart, yet Xi Xi Xiaye had already pressed the button on the phone as she instructed sourly, Xiao Mei, come in and see our guest out!

Then, she turned around without giving Gu Lingsha a second glance.

Xiao Mei rushed in quickly. Earlier, she could already feel that the atmosphere in the office turn odd when she came in. Gu Lingshas beautiful face was livid and pale at the same time that her eyes coldly glared at their Director Xi. It seemed like the conversation did not go well, and this woman was quite infuriated by their Director Xi.

At this sight, Xiao Mei could not help but feel delighted. Then, she walked over before she smiled sweetly and said, Manager Gu, this way!

Gu Lingshas gaze was cold. The document was scrunched up in her hand. After a while, she sneered and held back the anger that surged within her. Instead, she smiled back. Xi Xiaye, youre quite a capable one. Ill remember what happened today. Id like to see how you get through this one.

Xi Xiaye returned the smile coldly without a word while Gu Lingsha sucked in a few more breaths before turning around to leave unhappily.

She was pissed!

Initially, Qi Qiming wanted to use this change of events to allow her to build some credibility in the company. That was why he had handed the project to her while South River Project No. 2 was the main focus. Unexpectedly, this woman would not budge, and even shamelessly called her unprofessional, clearly making things difficult for her.

Gu Lingsha was filled with anger. Even if she was unwilling to do so, she could only leave.

When she heard the door close, Xi Xiaye sighed softly, and then could not help but massage the tired space between her brows.

It was a fidgety moment, yet this woman had to come at this time to step on where it hurt, so no one could blame her for using her as a punching bag. She thought about it for a while before turning to pick the phone up and quickly make a call. The phone only rang a few times when the other person picked it up.

Hello. Youve reached VP Qis office! It was Yang Shengs familiar voice.

Xi Xiayes sharp eyes eased a little. Assistant Yang, its me, Xi Xiaye. Did VP Qi go to work today? Hows the situation on your end with regards to the South River project? Havent we already decided on the selection of materials? Why would Gu Lingsha bring another document over?

Xi Xiayes words stunned Yang Sheng, but after a while, he reacted. Director Xi, Master Qi didnt come to work today. Ill ask him about it right away, alright?

Xi Xiaye nodded. Okay, please tell him to call me later.

Then, she hung up.

She was thinking about the South River project. There was no way they could put the construction on hiatus. Once they stopped, it would have a negative effect. Forget about the rest, but just explaining to the governments end would be trouble. Furthermore, this was a newly developed area, and the slightest whiff of bad news about it would affect public opinion. Xi Xiaye mulled and pondered over many factors before she decided she could only ask for help from her grandpa, Shen Yue.

Shen Yue did not go to the office today, so Xi Xiaye found him at the Shen residence. Lan Zilang was there too.

He was not surprised by Xi Xiayes request at all. Instead, he thought it was normal.

Inside the study room, Shen Yue looked at Xi Xiaye who was worried with a frown before his desk. After some time, he set the calligraphy brush in his handaside, his deep yet clearly aged voice saying, Ive been assigning Zilang to pay attention to Glory Worlds situation these few days. Hows Ah Chen?

Father says hes fine. The police are still gathering evidence, and Lawyer Wangs been busy too. Dont worry, Grandpa. Hell be fine.

When Mu Yuchen was mentioned, Xi Xiayes heart sank a little. It had been ten days. Mu Tangchuan had been anxiously pressuring the police station while Li Si had been gone too. Yesterday, when Xi Xiaye asked about Mu Yuchen, Mu Tangchuan smiled in a relaxed manner and told her that he would be back really soon.

Shen Yue sighed and held his head of grey hair before turning around to say, Sigh, it must be tough on you to do all of this alone. Zhou Zimos been helping quite a bit too. Its a good thing Ah Chen has these buddies of his. Alright, lets not talk about that. Zilang, give her the items.

Lan Zilang, who had been waiting on the side, instantly smiled. He walked over and handed the document to Xi Xiaye with a smile. Miss Xiaye, take a look. This is something that Elder CEO has prepared right from the start. We were just waiting for you to ask when you needed it.

Lan Zilangs statement stunned Xi Xiaye. She froze for a while before reaching out to take it. Then, she flipped open the document and took a closer look. When she had studied the contents, a light flashed in her twinkling eyes as she looked up at Lan Zilang. Upon seeing Lan Zilang nod with a smile, she felt a warmth surge inside her, and she turned to look at Shen Yue.

Grandpa arent these those plots of land that Grandpa was planning on developing? In fact, Uncle Lan even said that theres a huge opportunity for them to appreciate in price. Why

Its not that easy to develop them. You wont see results within 10 or 20 years. In fact, Ive shifted this land aroundquite a few times now, and I didnt make a loss. Ive already signed the contract, so Ill be able to get the money back today. Well talk about it when the matter with the South River project is settled. Okay, times of the essence. I wont keep you from lunch. Xiao Ru can stay at the Shen residence with me this weekend while you handle the company matters first before anything.

Shen Yues deep voice was filled with consolation. Just treat this as the final training for you. In the future, youll meet more troublesome things than this. This is how business is. Just treat it with a calm heart. Alright, go back now.

Xi Xiaye felt like crying. She nodded gently and said in a slightly raspy voice, Thank you, Grandpa.

Shen Yue smiled lovingly and then waved his hand.

Xi Xiaye then turned to leave Shen Yues study room. Just as she stepped out of the Shen residence, the phone in her pocket suddenly vibrated. She quickly took it out and saw that it was unexpectedly a video sent by Mu Yuchen. She paused, then quickly played the video. To her delight, that exceptionally handsome face greeted her sight.




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  1. I also noticed something
    Miss gu came to came a victory over an issue she didn't fight
    I wonder how high her horse would be when things works out quite oddly or favourable


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