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Xiao Mei was stunned for a moment before realizing what the woman meant. In fury, she gritted her teeth!

Xi Xiaye overheard their conversation, and her face suddenly turned cold! She swore to herself that she would pay Gu Lingsha back for Xiao Meis sake!

As she was having thoughts to herself, she heard the sound of footsteps behind her, but she did not turn back. Instead, her eyes darkened.

We meet again, Ms. Xi! Gu Lingsha smiled, but her tone of voice was cold.

Why are you here? Getting addicted to chatting with me? Xi Xiaye did not want to see her face at all, so she did not turn back and merely replied to her coldly.

I suppose what happened lately mustve been troubling you a lot, Ms. Xi. I personally sympathize with you about what happened to Mu Yuchen. I didnt expect him to accidentally injure CEO Wang

Xi Xiaye laughed coldly and gave her a harsh reply, You dont have to be all sarcastic right now. The police havent made any conclusions yet. Youre going overboard with your words. Your behavior today makes me doubt that you might be the actual mastermind behind this instead. Only the real perpetrator could be so confident in their words.

Gu Lingshas expression froze. As she bit her lip and was about to say something, Xi Xiaye turned around with a calm expression. She was impressed that Xi Xiaye was able to hold her ground.

She noticed Vice President Zhang Lans darkened expression when she walked over just now. It must be due to the South River project. The government had given their orders, thus some interested partners pulled out, yet this woman could stay calm.

Xi Xiaye pushed the document she left on the table just now aside.If youre here because of this, Im telling you now that were never going to agree to it. Weve come to an agreement with Vice President Qi to stick to the original plan. Although youre the main person in charge of this project right now, how can we just simply change what has been decided?

The elements of traditional materials are plain and boring. The lighting effects arent as visible as it would be with the new type of materials. Isnt the South River project all about being new? Gu Lingsha argued.

Xi Xiaye grinned. New type of materials? Manager Gu, can you guarantee these new materials can highlight the theme? How durable are these new materials against the cold? How are its anti-corrosive properties? Whats the highest impact force it can withstand? Have you not spoken to Vice President Qi and found out weve already made comparisons before?

Please dont try to act like a professional when you dont know anything. This wont earn you any credit. The new type of materials is just a slight variation during the process. Ill still go with Vice President Qis proposal. If youre thinking about rising up by using him as a stepping stone, youd better get rid of that thought. Weve already said that well only deal with Vice President Qi. I cant trust you, Ms. Gu. If this is Qi Kais decision as a whole, please send Vice President Qi to discuss it with us.

Xi Xiayes words left Gu Lingshas expression stiffened. She knew very well that Xi Xiaye was trying to embarrass her, so she put on a saccharine smile. Ms. Xi, you dont really need to put on a front right now. Were not even sure if Glory World will continue the South River project.

Why not? Xi Xiaye asked her back.

Do you think youre in a good spot at the moment? Gu Lingshas smile was becoming sarcastic, and she was not hiding her feelings at all.

I heard things didnt go well when Vice President Zhang Lan went to deal with the government personnel. Not only is Glory World not doing well, but were not even sure if Mu Yuchen can be safely released.

So, are you here today to see if Im as miserable as you imagined? Xi Xiaye asked dangerously.

Gu Lingsha nodded. Of course, thats part of why Im here today aside from work. Even God is on my side. Youll never know who the winner is until the very end. Ms. Xi, dont you think its Mu Yuchens mistake for choosing you?

Xi Xiaye finally understood. This woman was here for a declaration of war today!

She squinted as her gaze turned cold. Then, she stared at Gu Lingsha for a while, Why didnt you come and say these when Mu Yuchen was around? Im not sure where your confidence comes from, Ms. Gu. Do you think youre so charming that every man has to like you? I heard from Mr. Mu that you were unhappy when he said you were unworthy of him. Have you been angry and hurt about that all these years?

Gu Lingshas eyes shifted slightly, but her expression remained calm. With a smile still on her face, she replied, You dont have to bring that up. You might not understand the past conflicts between us.

Xi Xiaye could sense something gushing into her brain, so she frowned and spoke in a warning tone, Ms. Gu, mind your words. Dont speak as if you were in an extramarital relationship with my husband! Conflicts? What could possibly happen between you two? Isnt it just about the accident? You dont have to try to weaken our relationship.

Youre wrong. What if its not just about the accident?

Then, you can talk to Mu Yuchen yourself. Im not interested at all. Besides, the South River project will surely be continued. Please tell Vice President Qi to manage his priorities. Glory World will only deal with Qi Lei since he knows each and every detail regarding the project. We need a professional to take charge, not a decorative vase who cant do anything.

Xi Xiayes crisp voice was powerful as she threw the document in front of Gu Lingsha. Send Vice President Qi over next time. I only speak to people who can properly hold a conversation!





  1. Damn! Decorative vase
    Now miss gu has gotten her intention straight nd not beating round d bush.
    Now play it head on
    Nd stop trying to use emotional blackmail it isn't working
    Rooting for xi xiaye


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