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Gu Lingsha nodded as a subtle smile appeared on her beautiful face, and she subconsciously held her necklace. Alright, lets not talk about it.

Qi Qiming sat down. Ill let you handle the South River project at the moment. Is your injury alright?

Its fine. Its just a little scratch, so you dont have to worry about me. Gu Lingsha gave Qi Qiming a grateful glance.

Qi Qiming then replied, Thats good, or else, I wouldnt know what to tell your parents. By the way, did your father contact you lately?

Gu Lingsha hesitated for a moment before shaking her head. Its difficult enough to see my father. Hes invested all his time into his work. At other times, he would be with my mother. He has no time for me at all.

Qi Qiming then looked downwards with a smile. Thats true. Anyway, you can head out now. I have some documents to work on.

Gu Lingsha nodded with a smile on her face. Dont overthink things, Uncle Qi. You have to take care as well. Im sure Aunt Wang will forgive you. Theres nothing wrong with treating yourself better. She then left the room with a gentle smile.

Qi Qiming leaned his back against the chair with his eyes closed as he heard the sound of the door closed. He just could not relax.

Xi Xiaye was exhausted ever since Wang Qins funeral. Her body had just recovered not too long ago, and then she went on for several days without sleeping well, so she caught a cold after a night of freezing rain. Luckily, Sis Wang gave her some medicine, and Wang Hui made sure she took a break. Only then did she get better.

When she returned to the office on the third day, she received bad news from Zhang Lan. The company had decided to stop working on the South River project.

Why stop? Xi Xiaye looked at Vice President Zhang Lan with doubt. Even if Glory World isnt doing very well right now, we dont have to stop it at the moment. We still have funds, dont we?

Director Xi, this is Master Mos suggestion because thats our baseline. Master Mo also said its Chairman Mus idea, Zhang Lan explained.

That was impossible. Xi Xiaye knew very well that doing so was not that impactful, so why would Mu Yuchen do that? Did he not know the consequences of doing this?

Xi Xiaye did not question Mu Yuchens decision, but she just did not understand it very well.

Assistant Xiao Mei came over before Xi Xiaye could sort things out. Director Xi, Qi Kais Manager Gu is here! She said she has something to talk to you about!

Manager Gu? Gu Lingsha?

Before Xi Xiaye could answer, Vice President Zhang Lan voiced out lamentably, She must be here because of the South River project. She dropped by several days ago asking about the materials. Vice President Qi has already confirmed with us before that well be using traditional materials, and Chairman Mu and Director Xi approved the sample materials as well, but now she said she wants to use the new model materials because it will provide better lighting. I rejected her proposal. This is the document right here. Take a look at it, Director Xi.

Zhang Lan then took a document out from her folder.

Thats right, Director Xi. You have no idea how arrogant she sounded when she came the other day. She was so confident when she tried to argue with Vice President Zhang. She looked like a witch from every angle. Ugh, how frustrating!

Xiao Mei was really angry. When she was there the other day as well, she was annoyed at how Gu Lingsha carried herself. It was as if she was trying to show off the kind of life she was leading abroad. Although she tried to be humble, it was not difficult to sense that Gu Lingsha was trying to be sarcastic, and Vice President Zhang almost lost the argument to her.

Xi Xiaye flipped through it and then left it on the table as her eyes darkened. A cold light flashed in her eyes as she said, Ill go and meet her then.

Xi Xiaye told Zhang Lan, Vice President Zhang, I have my thoughts reserved. Dont just stop it right away. Ill think about it. Stopping it right now will leave a negative impact, and we cant let Glory Worlds reputation suffer anymore. Ill come up with something.

Zhang Lan was startled for a moment. Then, she gave Xi Xiaye an uneasy glance and nodded. Alright then, Ill let the other Vice Presidents know for now.

Thank you for your hard work. Ill get Chairman Mu to reward everyone when he returns safely, Xi Xiaye said.

Zhang Lan smiled kindly. Its alright, Director Xi. Chairman Mu said before that theres no you and me, only us and only everyone. Well definitely make it through this if we stick together. We all believe in Chairman Mu and everyone else!

Xi Xiaye nodded gratefully as Zhang Lan left the office. She turned towards the large window looking outside as she told Xiao Mei,Send Gu Lingsha in!

Yes, Director Xi! Xiao Mei replied briefly before leaving.

Gu Lingsha wore a white suit with her hair tied up. Her outfit was smart, and she appeared very confident. Xiao Mei had to admit that this woman was charming in her own way. She was really a strong, beautiful woman!

However, Xiao Mei did not like her, so she was not really pleasant to her.

Director Xi has allowed you to go in now!

Gu Lingsha still maintained a smile as she glanced at Xiao Mei. I thought a big company like Glory World would have high standards for all employees. Ah, I guess Im wrong.

She then slowly ambled into Xi Xiayes office.




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