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(Remember Her (2)

Qi Lei was dazed for a moment. He stared at the pills that Xi Xiaye stuffed into his hand. After a long while, he lifted his hand weakly and swallowed them.

He had not eaten or drunk water in quite a few days, so Qi Lei now looked quite dehydrated. Xi Xiaye examined him and then turned to say to Li Si,Li Si, go see if theres any glucose water here. Bring some over.

Li Si nodded. He turned around to leave the room very quickly.

Let me help you downstairs to sit.

The room was filled with the stench of alchohol which Xi Xiaye could not quite bear and she began to feel dizzy.

Qi Lei did not respond, but Xi Xiaye just took it as his agreement. When she was about to help him up, Qi Lei, who had been keeping quiet, suddenly said, No need. I can do it myself. Help me take a set of clothes from the wardrobe.

His dry voice sounded raspy and weak, and he seemed absent-minded.

Xi Xiaye paused for a moment, then nodded and walked to the wardrobe while Qi Lei propped himself up on the bed with a little difficulty, but he still managed to steady himself.

Xi Xiaye silently brought his clothes to the bathroom, then looked at him with mixed feelings, though she did not say anything before leaving the room.

Half an hour later, Qi Lei had finally changed into a set of clean clothes and slowly made his way downstairs. Apart from his pale complexion, he did not look very different from his usual self, yet if you looked closely, you could still sense that faint grief and melancholy on him.

He did not say much as he just finished his food while Xi Xiaye and the rest prepared the car.

Today they were going to attend the funeral. Early in the morning, Li Si had arranged for people to help out, but they said they did not see Qi Lei, so Xi Xiaye was worried. After that, she decided to go over and take a look with Li Si. Unexpectedly, Qi Lei was indeed here.

With regard to Wang Qins passing, Xi Xiaye did not know what else she could say. Mu Yuchen was still at the police station. As long as he was not clear of suspicion, he would need to continue being detained in there. As for how it affected the outside world

She did not know whether Qi Lei believed Mr. Mu as she did, but she thought that he should at least have sensed that even Wang Qin believed him, did she not?

Wang Qins funeral was organized quite simply. According to Qi Qimings orders, they only informed several friends and family members.

The cemetery was chosen to be at West Hill Cemetery where Xi Jiyang was also buried.

It wasQingmingjust yesterday, so before the many tombstones were bouquets of fresh flowers, but the cemetery looked quite deathly still.

Along the way, Qi Lei did not say a word. Even though Qi Qiming tried to say some things to him, he did not respond at all.

The rain was falling quite heavily. Despite holding up umbrellas to shield themselves, you could still hear the raindrops pitter-pattering. The friends and family members who came to send her off had left, so only Qi Qiming and Qi Lei were left in front of the tombstone. Yang Sheng stood behind Qi Lei and quietly held up the umbrella for him.

Qi Qiming turned to look at the expressionless Qi Lei. He thought about it for a long time and said in the end, Dont be too sad now. Shes gone. Your mother has always hoped for you to take responsibility for yourself. Since shes gone now, then you should take over her position. Go back and sort out your frame of mind. Then, come back to work in a few more days. Ive already called for an adhoc shareholders meeting which everyone has agreed to, so you still have quite an important duty to uphold.

A few days ago, the father and son had fought at the hospital. Now, Qi Qiming still felt a vague pain all over him, yet he studied Qi Lei with mixed emotions.

Qi Lei seemed quite distant from Wang Qin before this, yet of course, deep down he cared very much about his mother.

When Qi Qiming finished, a sneer immediately surfaced on Qi Leis face as he said in a raspy voice, Havent you long wished for her to be dead? The entire Qi Kais in your hands now. Its exactly what you want, so why do you have to pretend like you care?


Qi Lei made Qi Qiming furious again. His sharp eyes flashed with hostility as he responded coldly, Your mothers death has nothing to do with me. The person you should be looking for is Mu Yuchen, not me! Even if I controlled the whole of Qi Kai, I wouldnt go to the extent of taking out my own woman!

Your woman? Do you deserve to say that? Dont think I dont know that you force her every time, you animal! I find myself dirty just thinking about how your blood flows through me! You know that shes your woman, but what have you given her in this lifetime? Trash like you should be dead! All these years, you know best yourself what youve done just to defeat her. Dont be bloody disgusting and pretend to show affection now. Theres no one more despicable and hypocritical in this world than you, Qi Qiming!

Qi Qimings gloomy and cold handsome flashed with hatred as he looked at Qi Qiming beside him with disdain.

Enough, Qi Lei! Dont think that because I empathize with how you feel, you can be disrespectful to me. Horrid as I may be, Im still your father who gave you life! Do you think its just me who caused all of this? You know well yourself what kind of person your mother is! She never cared for my dignity as she provoked me time and time again. You also know what her purpose was when she married into the Qi family. All these years, has she treated me like her husband?

Qi Qimings eyes were red with fury, and he lost control as he spoke through gritted teeth, She wished I could be dead too, didnt she? If the person who laid buried today was me, Id imagine the two of you popping champagne and celebrating!

When he said that, Qi Leis gaze instantly turned cold. His hands that hid underneath his sleeves quietly clenched into fists. Without a doubt, he had the urge to swing his fist out in the next instant!

Ive said what I should and Ive done what I should. I know that the two of you hate me to the bones. Hmph, I dont care anymore! Whether you want to accept it is up to you. Qi Qiming left these words coldly and put the bouquet in his hand onto Wang Qins tombstone before turning around to leave.

Now, only Qi Lei and Yang Sheng were left in front of the tombstone.

Qi Lei turned to look at Qi Qiming who had blended in with the rain. A sneer of disdain flashed across his face, making his smile look a little sorrowful.

Go down first. I want to accompany her alone.

Master Qi Yang Sheng said worriedly.

Qi Lei reached out to push him and then walked beyond the shelter of the umbrella. Let me be alone for a while. Wait for me downstairs.

When Yang Sheng saw that, he could only nod in silence and then retreat.




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