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(Remember Her (1)

It was burning hot!

He was having a fever!

Master Qi! You have a fever! Go and rest on the bed! Hey, you, come over and help me! Yang Sheng called out to the locksmith standing beside the door.

They managed to pull Qi Lei onto the bed. Yang Sheng then started looking around for medicine frantically.

Master Qi, the last time, CEO Wang Yang Sheng stopped his sentence halfway as he realized her name should not be mentioned. He took a deep breath and looked at Qi Lei cautiously. Then, he calmed down when he did not react. He knocked himself on the head before continuing to look for the medicine box.

Qi Lei was completely sober, but he just felt sapped of strength. After drinking for several days, he was exhausted. He slowly opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling without moving an inch.

It took Yang Sheng some time to find the medicine box inside the drawer in the living room. He opened the box and saw many medications prepared such as gastric pills, paracetamol

These were all prepared by Wang Qin beforehand, and now she was gone. It felt like a nightmare!

Yang Sheng stared at the pills for some time as his eyes started to get teary.

Wang Qin was pretty kind to him when she was still alive. He had been working for Wang Qin for many years and was arranged to stay with Qi Lei afterward. He was really grateful for the opportunity Wang Qin gave him, and now

He took a deep breath before taking the paracetamol and a glass of warm water back to Qi Leis bedroom.

He felt depressed when he saw Qi Lei staring blankly at the ceiling with a pale face. He went over and placed a glass of water and the pills on his bedside table. Master Qi, youre having a fever. Please take the medicine, or else, you wont recover. Its been several days since you last ate anything.

Ding dong

Dong dong

Someone rang the doorbell as Yang Sheng spoke.

Yang Sheng was distracted for a moment. He glanced at Qi Lei before going to get the door.

To his surprise, he found Xi Xiaye and Li Si outside, but he hesitated for a moment before opening the door.

Director Xi, Assistant Li, why are you two here? Please come in. Yang Shengs expression was glum, but he still forced a smile as he spoke.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath before she nodded. I heard CEO Wang is going to be cremated today. The memorial service

CEO Qi wants to keep it simple. CEO Wangnever liked bustling events anyway. The funeral is supposed to be today, but Master Qi Yang Sheng took a deep breath as he closed his eyes.

What happened to him? Xi Xiaye asked as she looked straight at Yang Sheng.

Li Sis expression darkened as well. He could sense something wrong after taking a quick glance around the house. He started to feel depressed as he remembered Qi Leis usual smile and thought about the kind of life he was living.

It was hard to imagine that a carefree, flirtatious person would actually be

Yang Sheng took a pause. He inhaled a deep breath and then sighed. Master Qi locked himself up in the house for several days. Today is CEO Wangs funeral, so I had a locksmith force the door open. I found Master Qi passed out on the floor with a fever. CEO Wang is gone now, but he needs to get himself together.

Xi Xiayes heart sank as a sourness rose in the back of her throat. She turned towards Li Si as he gave her a sad glance, then shewalked upstairs.

Ill go and take a look at him.

Her small figure soon disappeared at the end of the staircase.

Qi Lei had been reduced to such a state in just a few days.

Xi Xiaye watched Qi Lei as he stared at the ceiling blankly, and she frowned.

She thought he never cared about Wang Qin. He had always acted against his mother, yet he had been on the verge of breaking down when she passed away.

Xi Xiaye did not know how to comfort him. There was nothing she could do to bring Wang Qinback to life.

Get up and take the medicine. Today is CEO Wangs funeral. You have to go and send her on her final journey no matter what. Xi Xiaye handed him the glass of water and the pills.

However, Qi Lei did not move at all. It was as if he did not hear anything.

CEO Wang wanted you to take good care of yourself during her final moments. She can only rest in peace if youre well, Qi Lei. Xi Xiaye looked at the pills in her hands. Shes already gone. The living still have a life to live. Youre going to suffer if you continue like this. There are a lot of things you need to do. She dragged the blanket away from Qi Lei.

Qi Leis eyes reacted slightly when he felt cold. He looked at Xi Xiaye who was worried about him. His eyes turned red as he watched her. It felt like ice needles were piercing his heart which felt cold and painful. He felt suffocated.

He watchedher quietly for a while before closing his eyes.

Alright, get up and take the medicine. Then, have something to eat afterward. Xi Xiaye took a deep breath and held his shoulder. She glanced at Li Si behind her who quickly came up and held Qi Leis other shoulder. Together, they helped him get up.

Assistant Yang, could you please cook some simple porridge? Xi Xiaye took the pills outand gave them to Qi Lei as she asked.

Yang Sheng was stunned for a moment. He then nodded.Relieved to see Qi Lei coordinating, he quickly rushed downstairs to prepare as he responded,Yes, Ill make it right away!




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