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(Mastermind? (4)

The sky turned dark as the rain continued to fall. It was only 5 p.m. in the evening, but the sky became gloomy. The cars on the streets started turning on their lights. A black car was parked on the roadside.

Ah Yong came down from the car with an umbrella.

Boss, were here!

Gu Qiwu got out of the car. He raised his hand and stopped Ah Yong as he stood under the rain and extended his arm towards him.

Ah Yong quickly handed him the two bouquets of white lilies. Gu Qiwu took the flowers and then instructed, Wait down here. He pushed his sunglasses up his nose bridge as he climbed up the staircase.

Ah Yong turned around and watched as Gu Qiwu walk up the staircase, his expression solemn.He would accompany his boss here almost every year, but his boss would never let him go up with him. He did not know whose grave he was visiting as he was very mysterious when it came to this.

He had worked for a long time alongside his boss and knew that his boss kept a lot of things to himself. He was an extremely cautious and doubtful person. Even he could not gain his full trust, and his boss was also wary of his own wife. No one could enter his bosss office without his permission, including his wife.

However, he knew his boss had a long history of conflict with Glory Worlds Mu Yuchen. His boss probably would not have put in so much effort just for Ms. Lingsha and Ms. Weiwei, but if it was for Glory World Could an enormous company like that just fall so easily?

His boss had said it himself. Mu Yuchen was a genius businessman. He might even be more talented than Qi Feng, and his boss rarely gave compliments.

Ah Yong never asked too many questions. His boss hated subordinates who talked too much, so he went back into the car and waited patiently.

The staircase felt endless every time Gu Qiwu came by, and he always felt exhausted when he finally arrived at his destination.

It was an old gravestone unlike the one beside it which was still quite new.

Mu Zixi. Date of birth, XX year XX month XX day. Date of death, XX year XX month XX day.

Gu Qiwu put the flowers onto the gravestone, staring at the photo for a very long while. These are for you. You always complained that I never gave you any flowers in the past. Whats so good about them? I never liked flowers because they wilt too easily, just like you.

Gu Qiwu took a deep breath, closing his eyes behind his pair of large sunglasses. He opened his eyes moments later and took out a cigarette and started smoking. His eyes never moved away from the photo. Mu Yuchen is too smart. From the moment he auctioned that pen, I already guessed that he was starting to get suspicious.

He walked aside and stopped before Mu Lingtians grave, studying Mu Lingtians photo for a while. Stay beside your mother. Ill take revenge for you. Youre as innocent as your mother. How could you think of Qi Feng as a brother? He even did something stupid Everyone thought Mu Yuchen was innocent, yet you you dont only have one sister.

He took out another cigarette and lit it up before putting it on Mu Lingtians gravestone.

Its a relief that you dont know about it. Rest in peace here. I hope you two will never be bothered.

Gu Qiwu looked up to the gray sky before he gave a final glance at Mu Zis photo before throwing the cigarette in his hand away and leaving.

The stormy sky quieted down as Gu Qiwus shoulders started to get wet after standing in the rain for so long. His tall figure seemed so lonely.

Gu Qiwu never expected there to be another tall figure behind a nearby gravestone. His handsome face was strained as his eyes were sharp and cold. He also had two bouquets of beautiful white lilies in his hand.

Who else could it be other than Su Chen?

Su Chen remained at his spot as he stared at the person who walked down the staircase. His face was strained as he felt depressed.

Mu Yuchen had told him to wait there, so he stood there since early morning. Just as he thought Mu Yuchen had miscalculated and was about to leave, Gu Qiwu actually came!

He heard everything Gu Qiwu just said and even recorded his voice. Although the recording was not perfect, it was good enough to hear what he said.

Su Chen slowly processed Gu Qiwus words as he felt moody. He took a deep breath before heading towards Mu Zixis and Mu Lingtians graves.

Several days passed by.

On the third morning since Wang Qins death, in Qi Leis private villa at the Grand Lakes Villa area.


Together with the sound of the door being crushed, the lock fell onto the floor as the door was forcefully pulled apart.

Yang Sheng smelled the heavy stink of alcohol everywhere. He quickly rushed inside and looked around, finally finding Qi Lei near the thick curtains by the windows.

There were empty bottles everywhere. Qi Lei just sat on the floor with his back leaning against the cold wall. He was covered by the curtain, his face pale.

Master Qi! Yang Sheng sensed that something was wrong. His expression changed as he quickly rushed over to get Qi Lei up.

However, Qi Lei slumped onto the floor the moment he touched him.

Master Qi! Whats wrong? Yang Sheng was shocked as he helped him up and touched Qi Leis forehead.




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