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(Mastermind? (3)

Upon hearing Gu Qiwu, Ah Yongs gaze sank. He thought about it seriously and then realized that, of course, he knew who the so-called he was referring to.

Boss, if thats how it is, then the person who benefits the most would be him! Unfortunately, Boss, you have to take the blame for him. Boss, do you want to

Before Ah Yong could finish, Gu Qiwu had already lifted a hand to stop him from continuing. Okay, lets just turn the page for this matter. Him getting promoted is a good thing for us. Qi Leis already in shambles, Qi Qiming doesnt like him, and now upon getting hit with this blow, he might as well be crippled.

Boss, youre right. Qi Lei and Mu Yuchen have always been on good terms. If we let him be promoted, it would do us no good. Even though the way Qi Feng cleared the obstacles was a little despicable, the results are powerful. I really didnt expect this fellow to be this merciless. I almost thought that there was a mishap. Unexpectedly, this reason cropped up. Boss, youre thorough with your analysis.

Ah Yong could not help but look admiringly at Gu Qiwu. He thought about it, then could not help but say, Qi Lei is quite pitiful. Hed always thought so wishfully that

When Gu Qiwu heard him about to comment further, his eyes darkened and he suddenly said coldly as he turned to look away at the hazy night,Drive.

Noticing that his bosss tone was not quite right, Ah Yong quietly shut his mouth and quietly walked over to start the car.

At this moment, Mu Yuchen was sitting cross-legged and meditating. He quietly combed through the many things that happened recently from start to end. He was about to get up when he suddenly felt like someone was staring at him. Then, he quietly opened his eyes and what greeted his sight was his own father, Mu Tangchuan.

Mu Tangchuan stood quietly outside the door, his gentle and handsome face colored with a hint of worry. He looked as if he had aged quite a bit as he silently watched him.

Father? Why are you here? Mu Yuchen frowned while a faint warmth could not help but flash past in his eyes. He propped himself up to get up.

Mu Tangchuan quietly stared at him for quite a while before pushing the door to enter.

Have a seat. Mu Yuchen pushed the only chair in the room to Mu Tangchuan while he sat down on the bed.

Mu Tangchuan did not reject it. He sat down quietly, his gaze remaining on Mu Yuchen. After a while, he asked in a deep voice, Did you do it?

No, Mu Yuchen answered swiftly.

Was it Xiaye? Mu Tangchuan asked again.

No. Mu Yuchens tone was very firm.

When Mu Tangchuan heard that, he nodded and said in a deep voice, Thats good then. If its not you, then I wont let anyone recklessly frame my son!

Upon hearing that, Mu Yuchens gaze softened. Father, you dont have to worry about me getting out. You and Mother should just stabilize your own matters. This incident can have huge implications. You and Mother have been quite pressured too.

Enough, were already here. Dont say these things now. These two days, Ive been getting orders from your grandparents. They say that your mother and I care too little for you. I thought about it, and its true that your mother and I havent done well enough all these years. When she knew that something happened to you, your mother rushed back. Shes not in a great state either.

Mu Tangchuans tone contained a hint of reprimand as he fixed his eyes on Mu Yuchen. Xiayes already told me about the whole thing. Dont think that youll be just fine like this. Wang Qins already dead, so this is going to be a sticky situation. Shes also someone influential in the field, and the backlash is bad.

If I say Ill be fine, then I will be.

Why are you still in here if youre fine? Are you at your wits end? Mu Tangchuan frowned and squinted at him as he asked.

I just wanted to prove my guess back then, but afterward, it all happened too quickly, Mu Yuchen responded frankly.

Your guess? A puzzled looked flashed in Mu Tangchuans eyes.

Mu Yuchen nodded gently and calmly lowered his gaze, his expression composed as usual. Mmm, I have a way to prove my innocence. I just need some time.

That means youre planning on staying here for quite a while then? Its not looking good at Glory World, and its hard for Xiaye to hold on alone. Mu Tangchuan did not continue asking.

Mu Yuchens gaze dimmed, and he said calmly, I know. Tell her that I wont take too long.

Okay, I will. Three days, in three days, if you cant completely resolve this matter, then go with my arrangements. Mu Tangchuans tone was quite solemn while his eyes were filled with a determination that could not be rejected.

Mu Yuchen paused, and after that, he suddenly smiled gladly and nodded. Thanks, Father.

Mu Tangchuan then lifted a hand to pat his shoulder. Well then, you shall have to be wronged for the next few days.

Mu Yuchen cleared his throat and said with a lowered voice, No worries, I can get used to it. Its much better than the army days, but its cold at night. Father, can you ask them to prepare a cleaner blanket? And bring me two sets of clean clothes to change into. I havent had a shuteye in almost two days.

Mu Tangchuan raised his brows and looked at his sons handsome face before grinning. Considering my abilities, I can get you some blankets? And clothes to change into? Do you think this detention center is a luxury hotel that youre staying at for work abroad? Spoiled brat!

Father Mu Yuchen frowned.

Consider it an experience of life here. Im leaving now! Mu Tangchuan did not stay to negotiate. Before Mu Yuchen could speak up again, he already turned to leave the room.

As he watched Mu Tangchuan leave, Mu Yuchens brows furrowed into a knot. He suddenly thought if it was him who brought this upon himself.

He had sacrificed so much to come to this horrid place

After he stayed quiet for a while, someone suddenly came. It was a very young policeman holding clean blankets and clothes that Mu Yuchen usually changed into. He respectfully said to him, Master Mu, its quite cold and a little humid too. Everyones changed to new sheets. This is yours, and here are some clothes for you to change into. Missus Mu specially sent it over.

When Mu Yuchen heard that, his brows that were furrowed slowly smoothened out. He quickly got up and asked, Wheres she?

One could hear a hint of anxiousness from his tone.

The policeman said, Shes gone back, Master Mu. You still cant see any family members or people as you wish. Please understand!

Mu Yuchen then sighed as he sat back down helplessly. The hands underneath his sleeves slowly tightened into fists. His heart that had always been calm finally could not help but begin to feel a hint of annoyance.



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