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(Mastermind? (2)

Qi Qiming walked to his side and stopped, meeting the other persons gaze. His eyes flickered from dark to light as he fixed his gaze on the person before him.

That person stood there quietly too. Unmoving, he let Qi Qiming size him up. Moments after, he slowly pulled down his sunglasses and revealed that distinctly grave and stern handsome face. Those deep eyes of his did not conceal his sharpness, and there was an indescribably chilly aura all over him.

Apart from Gu Qiwu, who else could it be?

Was it you who did it? You killed her, didnt you?

Qi Qimings gloomy gaze revealed a flash of hostility as he coldly stared at Gu Qiwu.

Gu Qiwu did not respond. Instead, he quietly put on his sunglasses again and turned to look at Qi Qiming with a faint smile. You dont seem too upset. Havent you always hated her? Whoever could help you finish her off this time is a good thing for you anyway.

I didnt tell you to kill her. No matter what, shes still

Still what?

Before Qi Qiming could finish, Gu Qiwu had already indifferently cut him off. His deep voice was colored with disdain. Your woman? Or your wife? I dont think youve cared about that all these years. Coming to a realization and having remorse doesnt seem like something Qi Qiming would do.

Youre crazy! Did you kill her? Tell me!

Qi Qimings expression was as gloomy as the sky before a storm. Veins popped on his forehead as he fixed his gaze on Gu Qiwu.

Compared to Qi Qimings fury, Gu Qiwu was much calmer. He smiled indifferently and said, For what reason are you certain that its me and not Mu Yuchen? Isnt there conclusive evidence on him already? This incident is a good thing for both me and you.

But I never wanted her to die! Who told you to act by yourself? Youre cruel! Qi Qiming lowered his voice and said through gritted teeth.

Gu Qiwu smiled without a care as he gave Qi Qiming a side look. Shes already dead. Have you come to reveal your feelings for her? If were talking about cruelty, how cruel can it be compared to you, Qi Qiming? You know very well yourself how youve been treating the mother and son all these years, and how many women youve let down. Wang Qin was quite smart. She didnt fall for it. This time, Ive helped you get rid of huge trouble for the future. You should at least say thank you to the person who helped you.

You No matter what, she was still my woman and Qi Leis mother. Gu Qiwu you can be heartless, but I cant necessarily do that too! Qi Qimings expression was exceptionally gloomy as he stared coldly at Gu Qiwus stern face.

Gu Qiwu looked extremely calm. He calmly examined Qi Qiming for a long while. You could not hear any emotions from his voice as he spoke, Okay, no need to act all soft-hearted now. The wheels are already set in motion, so whats the use of talking about it now? Once Mu Yuchen is halted, Glory World Corporation might as well have collapsed, and the South River project will no doubt fall into your hands. You can have complete control of the entire Qi Kai, so what else are you unhappy about?

Did you want to take down Glory World by so carefully going against Mu Yuchen? Qi Qiming stared coldly at Gu Qiwu. through that pair of sunglasses, he could not see Gu Qiwus reaction.

Why else did you think? If you think that this reason isnt sufficient enough, then you can just assume that Im taking revenge for Lingsha and Wei Wei. Gu Qiwus voice was cold. One could tell whether that tone was real or fake.

Mu Tangchuan wont willingly let his son stay at that place for too long.

Then, they will have to find evidence for Mu Yuchen to be clear of suspicion. I dont know about this either. I only heard about it. All the huge media are fighting to report on it, so itd be hard to not know about it. At the end of the day, it was just a woman. Ill put more joss sticks on for her for futureQingmingFestivals and just grieve a little. Ive asked you not to forget your original intentions.

As Gu Qiwu said this, he sighed calmly. Okay, well just let this matter pass. Theres still much to do after this. The news from Ah Fengs end came. The surgerys very successful, and soon hell be able to return. Wei Wei will come home too. When that happens, you should let them consider marriage. Wei Weis really cute, dont you think so?

When Gu Qiwu said that, a light flickered in Qi Qimings eyes, yet he did not answer.

Well use this time to hit Mu Yuchen down. You know Ah Feng hates him to the bone. Sigh, now that hes like this, and Wei Wei That way, at least Ah Feng would feel better. Okay, go home. The rains getting heavy. I wont be going to the funeral tomorrow. My condolences to you, Gu Qiwu said indifferently, and then turned around to walk away.

Qi Qiming felt rigid all over. He turned to watch Gu Qiwus figure gradually move away as fury flashed in his eyes. After that, it slowly turned into a complicated gaze, and finally, he could only take in a deep breath. Both his hands suddenly covered his face, and after a while, he put both his hands down.

Gu Qiwu walked back to his car in the cold rain. The person who sat in the front passengers seat was his person assistant, Ah Yong.

Gu Qiwu had just gotten into the car when Ah Yong asked softly,Boss, are we going straight back to City B now?

Gu Qiwu looked up at the sky, and then glanced at the watch on his wrist. He thought about it, then said, Lets make a trip to the cemetery.

Dont you want to visit Miss Lingsha, Boss? Ah Yong asked softly. He paused, and then added on, Her arms quite injured, and it affected her previous wound too. After that accident, every time when the weather is like this, she would

Gu Qiwus eyes darkened. He thought for a moment, then responded, No need. After going through so many things, shes stronger than we think.

Boss, do you really think that person slipped up? Ive checked. Hes never slipped up. Didnt you say to just give a little warning? Ah Yong suddenly asked softly.

When he said that, Gu Qiwus slightly good-looking face flashed with a smile. However, that smile did not seem genuine.

Assassins right now are all very clever, especially at that ranking. We have to be more careful. If I guess correctly, that person has probably chosen to escape to Europe, hasnt he?

How do you know, Boss? Ah Yong looked a little surprised at Gu Qiwu as a light of disbelief surfaced in his eyes.

Gu Qiwu only scoffed as he took the newspaper from the side and said coldly, Hes been pulling some smart tricks in front of me, using me to get rid of Wang Qin. Thats quite a brilliant move.



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