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(Mastermind? (1)

Xi Xiaye nodded gratefully. Thank you. Her voice sounded tired and hoarse.

Zhou Zimo returned a smile before glancing over at Xiao Mei. Get Director Xi to rest. Ill go talk to the Vice Presidents and see whats happening.

Xiao Mei gave a brief affirmative reply before he left.

Although Glory Worlds share prices fell sharply, they were still able to stabilize their core operations as they took precautionary measures early. Xi Xiaye was so exhausted that she fell asleep the moment she arrived in Mu Yuchens resting lounge.

She woke up hungry the next morning. She could still hear the sound of the rain pouring outside.

As she walked out of the restroom after washing up, there was a knock on the door. Xiao Mei came in with breakfast.

Have some breakfast, Director Xi. I thought you might be up right now. Xiao Mei smiled.

Xi Xiaye nodded as she grabbed the remote control and switched on the screens on the wall. She asked as she observed the market shares, Where are Vice President Zhang and the rest?

Vice President Zhang and Vice President Wen worked for a full day, so they went back home at midnight yesterday. They should be arriving at work soon. By the way, Elder CEO Shen dropped by just now and spoke to Master Mo in the meeting room. He went back when he realized you were still asleep. He told you to go back to Shen Residence tonight.


Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment. She then remembered she could not possibly hide such huge news from him, and with the South River project at its critical moment, she felt stressed again. She studied the shares and noticed that the losses were not as severe as yesterday. The Vice Presidents had discussed and decided to halt the two big projects they were working on at the moment and solely focus on the South River project because they were not sure what the government would do.

I got it. Give Uncle Lan a call and tell him Ill be going back tonight.

Xi Xiaye grabbed the breakfast from Xiao Mei, chewing while having her eyes glued to the screen. Her thoughts were to ask help from her grandpa if things did not get better.

Inside the office of Qi Kai Corporations CEO.

Qi Qiming had been staying in his office ever since he came back from the hospital. He did not step out of the room at all.

CEO Qi, I just received news that CEO Wangs remains can proceed for cremation now the secretary spoke carefully, afraid to disturb Qi Qiming who had maintained the exact same position on his chair for a very long time.

Qi Qiming opened his eyes slowly. It was a rare occasion to see his sharp eyes darken as he asked, Wheres Qi Lei?

He locked himself up inside his room in the Grand Lake Villa, Master Qi. Second Master Its taken a huge impact on him. CEO Wang already left, CEO Qi

Tell him that his mother is getting cremated tomorrow. Keep everything simple.

After fighting for their whole lives, it was not his intention to see her end up like this. Although he hated her, he felt empty inside him now that she was gone. He was used to her existence, or else he would not be feeling that tiny bit of grief at this moment.

Yes, CEO Qi!

His secretary was about to leave, but Qi Qiming then said, Wait!

CEO Qi? His secretary turned around and waited for Qi Qimings orders.

Gather the stakeholders for an emergency meeting. Let Qi Lei take over CEO Wangs position, Qi Qiming said.

Qi Qimings secretary was stunned. He just heard Vice President Yue talking about how easy it would be for CEO Qi to take over the whole company now that CEO Wang was gone, yet

CEO Qi, you mean? His secretary was unsure.

Tell him to get back to work. Theres no point to be sad over a dead person now! Qi Qiming took a deep breath and said.

Yes, CEO Qi! The secretary did not dare to question Qi Qimings decision, and he left the room after a brief reply.

Qi Qimings phone started ringing the moment the door was closed. Qi Qiming picked it up without looking at the callers name.

Hello? His hoarse voice reached the other end.

Come over. Ill be waiting for you at the usual place. A cold, deep voice came back to him.

Qi Qiming froze slightly when he heard the voice. There were waves of emotions in his eyes. Its you!

The man on the other end laughed coldly before hanging up on the call.

Qi Qiming was dazzled for a moment before finally coming back to his senses. He kept his phone and put on his coat before finally leaving his office.

The rain still continued. It was cold even sitting inside the car.

Their usual meeting place was at a dam near the river on the outskirts of City Z.

That man had already arrived when Qi Qiming reached.

Dressed in a black outfit and a black cap, with a pair of large sunglasses covering his face, he stood in the rain without an umbrella. He was watching the grass quietly, and there was no one else aside from him at the tranquil scene.

Qi Qiming could smell the stench of cigarettes when he got near. He also heard some light coughing, and the scarf on his neck was swaying as the wind blew.

The man tossed his cigarette into the dam when he sensed someone was near.

Youre here. He turned back and glanced at Qi Qiming.



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