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(Inside Story (4)

Su Chen was stunned for a moment. He stared at Mu Yuchen as he recalled his conversation with Zhou Zimo last night. Then, he patted Mu Yuchens shoulder again. Alright, I can somewhat guess what happened. Its been some time since you started investigating Lingshis background. I dont see you doing anything else ever since you returned from City B the last time, so Im sure youve foundsomething.

Mu Yuchen did not deny it. He replied, Zimo shouldve told you about this.

Su Chen nodded as his tone became lower. I couldnt believe it when I listened to Zimos analysis, but I suppose its not far from the truth now that Ive spoken to you. Gu Qiwu should be the person Lingshi and we have been looking for!

I sensed that something wasnt right when all the evidence pointed towards Qi Qiming. If it really was Qi Qiming, he wouldnt have that kind of relationship with Lu Xinlan. Moreover, Qi Qiming was in contact with Lu Xinlan before she met my aunt. Do you think Lu Xinlan would have allowed my aunt to have a romantic relationship with Qi Qiming? Mu Yuchen looked at Su Chen as he spoke calmly.

Thats impossible. I do remember Sis Lan being on very good terms with Aunt Mu Zi, but when romance is involved, friendship can get pretty fragile there.

Thats why I didnt think Qi Qiming was that person, but I still did a DNA test just to make sure, and the results confirmed my guess.

Lu Xinlan probably knew something, but she didnt want to spill it even right before her death. Im not sure what she was trying to do. Su Chens eyes were filled with doubt as he spoke.

Mu Yuchen glanced over at the blood-stained area on his collar before he closed his eyes. She knew. Actually, shes just trying to protect my aunt. I can understand what she felt. Maybe she felt responsible for my aunts unfortunate end and her neglect towards Lingtian and Lingshi.

Su Chen found it a little hard to breathe all of a sudden. He calmed down before looking at Mu Yuchen firmly. How are you going to tell Lingshi this? Does she know? I dont think she can take it if she finds out!

He could not imagine how huge of an impact this would be on her if this news made it out to the public! Suddenly, he understood why they could not find the person after so many years of investigation.

Mu Yuchen did not reply as his expression darkened.

But if its really him, why didnt he reunite with Lingtian and Lingshi? Hasnt he always had a strained relationship with your family? How did he get together with Aunt Mu Zi? Su Chen still found it unbelievable.

Mu Yuchen opened his eyes slowly as a faint light flashed in his eyes, yet he did not answer.

Su Chen stopped the conversation when he noticed that his expression seemed unwell. He handed the pack of cigarettes over, but Mu Yuchen declined it this time.

What have you planned to get yourself out of this mess? Im sure you have a plan since youre so calm under such circumstances. Glory Worlds shares are already affected. All the media are reporting about this, and Xi Xiaye is facing enormous pressure.

Mu Yuchen did not reply to Su Chens question. He asked one instead,Hows Wang Qin?

Su Chens expression darkened, and he paused before replying, She didnt make it.

Mu Yuchens expression clouded as well. He looked downwards at the blood on his collar, not showing any emotions in particular, but Su Chen could feel a chilly aura emanating from him.

Gu Lingshas injury is minor. It was just a scratch on her arm. As for Wang Qin, if theres no evidence that can clear you of suspicion, youll definitely be in trouble. Dont tell me youre really going to stay here. Su Chen glanced at Mu Yuchen in concern.

Give it some time. I have a favor to ask from you, Mu Yuchen said quietly.

Tell me.

Mu Yuchen looked at Su Chen for a while before he closed in. He whispered into Su Chens ear, his expression going strained and then relaxing. Su Chen gave Mu Yuchen a complicated glance as he asked, Are you sure?

Not really, but from my understanding, hell probably do that. Im not his only target. Ive had people investigate his background. He got together with my aunt after he was married to Doris, and in that span of a few years, my aunt gave birth to Lingtian and Lingshi. Its already a fact that they are actual siblings. Do you think a man would find another woman if he truly loves his wife? Mu Yuchens tone was cold while his expression was still calm.

So, you mean Gu Qiwu and Doriss lovey-dovey act is all fake? Su Chen looked at Mu Yuchen in disbelief as he went over this newfound knowledge. Thats impossible, right? That reasoning feels too weak. Everyone in City B knows Gu Qiwu loves Doris. He could give up everything for her. He even offered 30% of Hui Gu Corporations shares as a gift in order to show his sincerity in marrying her. It was huge news back then. Their wedding was extremely extravagant as well. It was one-of-a-kind! I attended dinners with them when I went abroad to work in City B before. That kind of bond between them cant possibly be faked.

But Lingshi

How could that be explained?



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