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(Inside Story (3)

Obviously, it required some work, but Su Chen finally met Mu Yuchen.

Mu Yuchen was arranged to be kept in custody alone. When Su Chen went in, Mu Yuchen was sitting on the hard stool and closing his eyes to rest. His manners remained noble and extraordinary. Steady and calm, his clothes were tidy although his white sleeve was stained with fragmented dark red blots that had already dried up.

Su Chen stopped at the door for quite a while. With his handsome brows raised, he could not help but be speechless.

Everyone was an anxious mess outside while a certain someone seemed quite relaxed in this quiet place. He did not look nervous or worried at all.

After a while, he shook his head and then walked in.

When he heard footsteps, Mu Yuchen calmly opened his eyes and looked up to the source of the sound.

Su Chen sat down across him and smiled. I cant believe thered come a day youd be like this, but you seem quite relaxed and natural in this terrible place! Earlier, when I came over, I saw a certain woman outside anxious and frantic while a certain someone else has been quite calm!

When he heard this, a hint of light flashed in Mu Yuchens calm gaze. He asked softly, Hows she? His voice was a little deep and raspy, and you could tell he was a little bit worried.

Hows she? How else could she be? When she came looking for me last night, she was worried to the point of tears. After that I was anxious, so I told Zitong to accompany her. Earlier, I saw that she was looking quite wan and sallow. She must have pulled an all-night last night. Su Chens teasing tone eased as he answered seriously.

A faint heartache flashed in Mu Yuchens eyes. He lowered his gaze and said helplessly, Shes like that. I knew it.

Fine, how about you explain what this is all about? Youre already at this point. Dont tell me that Mu Yuchen would do something this dumb. What is actually going on? Tell me. Quickly find out the truth about this whole thing and leave this damned place! Otherwise, the people outside will really need to be worried now, Su Chen simply asked, not quite able to stand the way his friend looked.

Mu Yuchens gaze dimmed, his handsome face returning to its usual calm. I might need to stay in here for a few more days. Help me take care of things outside.

Tell me what is it? Becoming the black sheep isnt something different you would do. Do you have any plans? Who dares to scratch the Buddhas head?

Su Chen obviously knew how Mu Yuchen was like. This incident was filled with oddities, so he was really curious.

Who do you think could do this? Mu Yuchen looked up calmly at Su Chen.

Su Chen frowned and squinted at him. He thought about it before testing, Someone I know.

Mu Yuchens gaze was stunned and then he nodded gently. Yes.

Glory World has been racking up quite a few rivals these few years. If I were to really guess, Im afraid itd be a little hard, but Ive straightened things out with Zimo before. All of your movements could roughly ruffle the feathers of two people. In fact, only these two people would have the most animosity toward you and have the abilities to pull this off,Su Chen fixed his gaze on Mu Yuchens calm and unaffected gaze as he said with a faint smile.

As Mu Yuchen listened, his calm lips gently started and curved into a faint smile. He reached out towards Su Chens pocket and very quickly took out a cigarette box to slide a stick out. He took a drag and then handed it back to Su Chen. I want to hear it.

Su Chen lit a stick up too. Just as he floated the cigarette at his lips, he said in a deep voice, Is it that one from the Qi family, or the one from City B? Apart from them, I dont think anyone has the ability to pull this off. In fact, could they have easily walked into the venue themselves? I gave Li Si a call earlier and got some news from his end.

He calmly exhaled the smoke before Mu Yuchen nodded gently and said softly, You could all guess it too. It looks like this storm wont be calming down so soon.

When he heard his friend sigh, Su Chen could only reach out to pat him on the shoulder. These grudges should be resolved. Havent you been able to let go of these things all these years? Hello, who is it? Is it the one from the Qi family? Is it because of revenge?

Mu Yuchens slender fingers gently tapped the cigarette, and with the ashes that dropped to the ground, he said softly, He wouldnt do that. Even though he has many weaknesses, he wouldnt have made a move on Wang Qin.

Thats right. After all, she is his wife. In fact, they have a son who was right there. He wouldnt have been so dumb. That means were only left with that other person! Su Chen narrowed his eyes at him again.

Mu Yuchen straightened up slightly and leaned back against his chair. The smile on his face suddenly turned bitter although his tone remained quite calm. Who else could it be apart from him?

Is it really him? How do you know? Su Chens expression changed slightly as his gaze began to look solemn.

Mu Yuchen frowned slightly, and he took a drag, a little annoyed. After the last auction, I arranged for people to secretly watch him in City B. I roughly know what happened. Id just gotten the news from Ah Mo in France the day before yesterday. Gu Qiwu didnt even go to France. After that, I found out from Ah Bao that actually hes returned to City Z. Actually, I even found out which hotel he stayed at. Its not too far away from the South River dock.

After that? Why did he suddenly come to City Z? The South River dock? Was he really after you? Su Chen asked, puzzled. He paused, thinking that it was odd. That doesnt make sense. There was indeed some bad blood between them and the Mu family, but to say its a motive, I think

He has the largest motive. ItsQingmingtomorrow. Its been six years. I think, this time, he should be making a visit to West Hill Cemetery. Mu Yuchen tossed the half-smoked cigarette onto the ground while his low raspy voice sounded quite bleak.

What do you mean? Su Chens gaze darkened. He stared at Mu Yuchens handsome face and took in all of his expressions. For some reason, he could feel a bleak stillness. In fact, upon looking closely, he could unexpectedly notice sparse helplessness as the light in his eyes made him seem sober.

Mu Yuchen lifted a hand to hold his forehead habitually before gently massaging it. The light in his eyes darkened. Wait till Ah Bao verifies it. Youll understand.



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