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(Inside Story (2)

Xi Xiaye shared Mu Yuchens message with everyone.

Nonsense! This is a severe matter. Hes telling us not to get involved? Does he think he can count on himself to get him out? Who is the one with such motives? We have to investigate it thoroughly. In fact, from what I can see, many people are implicated too. This is bad! Mu Tangchuan shouted angrily. He knew what Mu Yuchen was thinking. He probably did not want to impliacte him and Zhuang Shurong.

Mu Tangchuan knew his son very well. Ever since he was young, he would not be willing to beg them for anything. It was not that they had a poor father and son relationship, but Mu Yuchen had been very independent since he was young. He was also sensible and would very knowingly think from him and Zhuang Shurongs perspectives. In fact, as the eldest brother, he always set a good example and was protective over Lingshi and the rest while he himself

Mu Tangchuan had always felt like he let down his son, but he and Mu Yuchen were quite similar in terms of personality. They were both reserved people, so

How are things at the company? Mu Yinan, who had been quiet on the side, asked.

Just as he predicted, when I returned earlier, I received VP Zhang Lans call. Glory Worlds shares have begun to destabilize. Now, the medias spreading this news all around. Its normal for the shares to be affected. Ive already discussed a temporary countermeasure with some of the higher ups, and I let VP Zhang Lan execute it. I hope that it can stabilize things for a while, and it wont fall too badly. Besides, Lawyer Wangs been looking for evidence to help Ah Chen from being the suspect. As he ordered, I went to look for Su Chen last night. Su Chen said hed think of something with Zimo,Xi Xiaye explained softly.

Tangchuan, think of something. Go see Ah Chen. Find out whats going on. Its already gone over our heads! You and Ah Rong havent cared much for him all these years. You know yourself how well youve been as parents. Now, your childs in trouble. Do something! Mu Yinan demanded.

As Mu Yinan spoke, his aged voice was colored with unhappiness. Worried as he was, he could not help but be furious at Mu Tangchuan too. He rolled the newspaper in hand and tossed it into the bin as he said with a heavy voice, What nonsense! These reporters really have nothing better to do! What do they mean by manslaughter? How about they explain what manslaughter is? Did they see Ah Chen do it themselves? I cant stand these people. They just want to report nonsense for the attention!

Mu Tangchuans expression sunk as dimness flashed across his dark gaze.

When Xi Xiaye saw that Mu Yinan and Mu Tangchuan were so dejected, she advised, Grandfather, dont worry. I believe him. Lets just straighten things out. Well let the few Vice Presidents hold down the fort at the company. The most important to do right now is to find out what really happened.

Then, she turned to look at Mu Tangchuan. Father, Ah Chens just saying that he hopes you and Mother wont worry about this first. I think he should have his own plans. Otherwise, he wouldnt have told me that. He said to let Su Chen find a way to meet him. I think he has some things to discuss.

At the moment, Xi Xiaye was extremely anxious too, but after she calmed down and thought about it, the fact that he could be calm in such a tense situation and not look anxious must mean that he should have made other plans, so she felt much more relaxed too.

Mu Tangchuan thought for a bit before he said,Ill explain it to your mother. Xiaye, you have to shoulder more burden about the companys matters right now. Im going out. With that, he left.

As Xi Xiaye watched his figure vanish out the door, she breathed in slightly, and when she thought about how things were a mess at the moment, she could not help but feel a headache come.

Alright, look at you. You didnt sleep for the whole night, did you? Go home and get some good sleep. Leave Xiao Cheng with me for the next few days. Pick Xiao Ru up on the weekend. Dont worry about the children. You have quite a lot on your mind with the company, and youve just recovered too. Take it easy.

When Wang Hui saw Xi Xiayes fatigue that could not be concealed, she advised the girl gently. Her sharp eyes looked at Mu Yinan who also seemed worried. Alright, calm down now. Its not a huge deal. Since everyones clear, now is the time to find evidence and prove Ah Chens innocence. Theres no use worrying. Well have to get moving! Go do what we should be doing!

Wang Hui had been in the army her whole life, so she was quite frank about the entire situation. After having heard so much, sheclearly believed her own kin.

Xi Xiaye then nodded and sighed. Ill have to trouble you then, Grandfather and Grandmother. Ill leave Xiao Cheng to you for the next few days. I cant be lax on the companys end. Besides, I still have to go take a look at Master Qis end too.

Whatever it is, you have to watch your health. Dont fall sick now.


Xi Xiaye still did not have time to take a breather. After she explained a little more, she rushed out of the door, recalling that she should check on how things were at the police station.

Like Xi Xiaye who had been worried the whole night, Su Chen and Zhou Zimo had not slept either as they had been stewing about this.

The next morning, Su Chen secretly went to the police station. He had just parked when he saw Xi Xiaye waiting outside the station. She must have come to see Mu Yuchen but clearly failed to.

As Su Chen watched Xi Xiayes slender figure shiver in the cold amid the wind and rain, he only sighed to himself, before turning to say to Secretary He,Secretary, go call Missus Mu over.

Got it, Chief Su! Secretary He answered, and then got down from the car.

After a while, Xi Xiaye walked over to him. When she got into the car and saw Su Chen, she could not care less about the cold she felt. She looked hopefully at him. They wont let me see him, Su Chen. Do you have a way for me to see him? Im really worried

Su Chens steadfast, handsome face looked a little gloomy too, and his eyes were dark. Dont worry. You still cant see him now. Xiaye, you look weak. You should go home and rest first. Leave this to me. Zimos already rushing towards Glory World. Dont fret about anything right now. Just rest well. Otherwise, the person inside will worry too.

But I, I

No buts. The only thing you can do right now is trust Ah Chen and us. Watch the company for him, and take care of your son. Listen to me. Go home and rest right away. Ill find a way to meet him.

Su Chens tone allowed no room for rejection. He had just finished speaking when he immediately told Secretary Ho to send Xi Xiaye back to her car. Then, he watched her car leave. A long while later, he rushed into the police office.



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