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(Inside Story (1)

When Li Si said that, Lawyer Wangs expression sank. He hesitated momentarily, and then said regretfully, I really didnt think that she couldnt make it in the end. Ive met Wang Qin. Shes a classic iron woman of the business world, but right now, I do find it a pity.

Li Si nodded as he sighed softly. Now that VP Wang is gone, Qi Kais going to be a mess again. Masters still inside there right now, and I dont know if Master Qis going to make it. If Qi Qiming Sigh, Lawyer Wang, you must find a way concerning Masters matter. Do your best to get him out. Missus is worried sick now too. Elder CEO and Elder Madam dont know yet. I wonder hows the situation on Chief Zhuangs end now.

Lawyer Wang nodded. Dont worry. Ill do my best.

Okay, Ill go do my work now. If theres anything, contact me by phone, Li Si said before he got into the car and left the police station swiftly.

The night that was tossed about by wind and rain was not destined to be peaceful. Xi Xiaye rushed back to Glory World while Zhang Lan called everyone to discuss strategies. Xi Xiaye joined the discussion too. Afterward, at dawn, they finally came up with the initial steps to handle the situation. Everyone was quite tired after pulling an all-nighter, what more Xi Xiaye.

Inside the office of Glory World Corporations Chairman.

Xi Xiaye was sitting on the chair at Mu Yuchens desk with her back to the door. She quietlywatched as a clear sky gradually appeared in the window. With her frail figure sheltered by the chair, she seemed even more fragile.

She had been busy the entire night, and now that it was dawn, even though she was exhausted, she did not have the mood to sleep. She closed her eyes, and all she saw was Mu Yuchen turning around to leave with the police, Wang Qin at her last breath, and Qi Lei on the verge of a breakdown.

An indescribable feeling of gloominess weighed on her chest when she thought about Mu Yuchen. Apart from feeling touched, she felt even more heartbroken.

He was always so honorable to her.

She felt deeply sorry for Wang Qins passing and even pitied Qi Lei. Their fates were very similar, but she was a little luckier, but at least, ever since she had Mu Yuchen, everything that she had lost, he had slowly found them back for her.

She only hoped that Qi Lei could have a better life from now on.

She looked out the window quietly for a long while. The glass of water which she held that was initially warm had become cold when she quietly averted her gaze.

Ji Zitong, who had rested in the resting lounge outside, was quite energetic at the moment. When she saw the way Xi Xiaye had not slept the whole night, she could not help but worry, so she reminded her,Director Xi, you should rest. When its light, youll have a lot to do. Youve got to watch yourself.

Its fine. I couldnt sleep either. Its fine on my end. You should go home. You cant be of help with the company matters anyway. I dont know how to explain to Su Chen that Ive exhausted you now. Li Si and the rest are here for the matters to come, so it should be fine.

Xi Xiaye looked to Ji Zitong, paused, and then continued, I havent even had the chance to prepare a gift for you and Su Chens new marriage.

Dont worry about that. Were not planning to have a wedding either. Anyway, well talk later on. Ill go home now. Let me know if you need anything. Ill be at the flower shop. I usually dont have much work anyway, but I believe that soon, itll all be okay, Ji Zitong said, unsure whether that was comforting or not.

Xi Xiaye nodded gladly and moved towards the table before she quickly made a call. Xiao Mei, organize for a car right away to send Miss Ji home.

Not too long after Ji Zitong left, the sky began to turn bright.

The incident last night was clearly a very controversial one. Vice President Wang Qin ofQi Kai was stabbed and had passed away in the hospital, and the suspect, Glory Worlds Chairman Mu Yuchen, was detained by the police at the moment!

This was shocking news!

With the occasion last night, the whole news spread even faster. The entire country had probably heard of it by now.

It was such a huge matter, so naturally, it could not be hidden from Mu Tangchuan and Zhuang Shurong. Last night, when she was busy working and remembered them, it was already late at night. She thought Mu Tangchuan and Zhuang Shurong must have been asleep, so she did not make the call.

When the phone rang, it was only daybreak.

It was Mu Tangchuan, and Xi Xiaye rushed to the old Mu residence.

At the Mu residence, Xi Xiaye had just walked into the living room when she could faintly feel the stifling atmosphere. Mu Zichengs cries could be heard. She looked toward the sound and saw that Mu Tangchuan and the rest were sitting on the sofa in the living room. Wang Hui was coaxing Mu Zicheng who wept incessantly while Mu Yinan was reading the newspaper. Mu Tangchuan and the rest fixed their eyes on the papers too, all their expressions solemn. Zhuang Shurong was not back from work abroad yet.

Grandfather, Grandmother, Father! Xiao Cheng!

Xi Xiaye quickly walked in.

Xiaye! Youre back! What happened to Ah Chen? Its only been a night and such a huge thing has happened. What do they mean? Accidentally injured? Wheres Ah Chen right now? Whats the deal with all of this?

The moment she saw Xi Xiaye appear, Wang Hui anxiously walked up to her. Mu Zicheng cried nonstop in her arms as if he could feel the uneasiness in the adults hearts. His little pair of hands struggled and waved in the air.

Xiao Chengs been crying ever since he woke up this morning. I think he must miss the two of you!

Xi Xiaye quickly took her son from Wang Huis arms as she softly coaxed him. After a while, the little fellow finally stopped crying.

She held the milk bottle and fed him for a bit before he fell asleep soundly. Then, she handed him to Aunt Fang. On the side, Mu Yinan and Mu Tangchuan were looking at Xi Xiaye, waiting for her answer.

Xi Xiaye roughly explained the whole incident to them, and all of their expressions instantly turned grim. Even Mu Tangchuan, who was usually calm and collected, now looked unusually grave as heaviness gathered in his eyes. His tone was extremely grave with a hint of worry. Based on what youre saying, someone deliberately framed you two?

Glory Worlds been emerging at a rapid speed in the past few years. Its normal to be attracting trouble. Now that Glory World and Qi Kai are collaborating, Im sure everyone will know how Qi Kais situation is. This person chose Wang Qin of all people. Its just too coincidental! Mu Yinan analyzed calmly.

Mu Yuchen says that he has his own plans. Grandfather, Grandmother, Father, he asks for all of you not toget involved.



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