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Yang Sheng had gotten pretty close to Li Si lately. Besides work, they would often discuss Qi Leis situation, and Li Si would let Mu Yuchen know if it was necessary.

Mu Yuchen had a solid grasp of what was happening inside Qi Kai, or else, he would not have made that bold proposal to Qi Lei. He thought Qi Lei would mind, but he was willing to trust him.

Ill call Qi Lei later. Dont tell anyone about this. Wait until the wedding is over, Qi Lei said after some hesitation.

Yes, Master! Li Si replied.

Mu Yuchen looked at the glass in his hand for a while. His face turned expressionless. He did not say another word and returned to the event.

It was already evening when the wedding ended and the guests started to leave. They also had a huge room prepared for the after-party at Imperial Sky Entertainment City. Naturally, Zhou Zimo and Su Chen went over to have fun while Wang Hui and the others left the youngsters to themselves.

Brother, Sister-in-law, arent you guys going?

Mu Lingshi had already changed from her wedding dress into a pink dress. Her scar was beautifully covered up by the make up artist. Xi Xiaye suddenly thought that Mu Lingshi was a really pretty girl, but she rarely used makeup and would only cover up her scar with just a pair of sunglasses.

We wont be going. Im worried that we might be late. Xiao Rui and Xiao Cheng are still at home. Your brother drank a lot just now as well. You guys have fun. You might feel restricted if he went. Xi Xiaye turned around and looked at Mu Yuchen who was still talking to Su Chen and the others with a gentle expression.

She hardly touched alcohol that night since the man helped her out because it was still not suitable for her to drink. His face was getting red, and she could smell the heavy alcohol stench on him as he got near. Evidently, he was getting drunk.

Alright then. He did drink quite a lot just now, so please take care of him, Sister-in-law. Mu Lingshi smiled.

Xi Xiaye nodded with a smile too. I will. You guys have fun. Well be heading back for now. Call us if theres anything you need. Grandmother and the others called just now and told me theyve reached home. Ill leave Sis Wang here to stay on. Dont stay out too late. While its a happy day, I know its exhausting as well.

After that, Xi Xiaye walked towards the car as Mu Yuchen finished talking to his brothers and headed to the car as well.

He took out the car keys and handed them to Xi Xiaye. My head is feeling a little heavy. Can you drive?

Xi Xiaye grabbed the keys while he went to sit in the front passenger seat.

She got into the car to notice that he had his eyes closed and was leaning back against the chair. She sighed and observed him for a moment before she quietly took out a sobering pill as well as a Thermos flask. Then, she took out several tablets and handed them to him.

Take these. Youre really bad at holding liquor.

Mu Yuchen opened his eyes when he heard her voice. He took the tablets obediently while Xi Xiaye hovered over him and massaged his temples. Do you feel better?

He wrapped his arms around her waist and closed in, leaving a kiss on her cold lips. I feel much better now. Lets go home.

Xi Xiaye nodded as she fastened the seatbelt for him before starting the engine. He switched on the music player in the car, looking visibly tired.

Lets rest early tonight. Youve been exhausted these past few days. Ill ask Uncle Lan to take care of Fuhua for me at the moment since you have a lot of things piled up. Ill be your head secretary for tomorrow. Its a weekend anyway.

She could not bear to see him like this. He had been working late at night and woke up early every morning. He really thought he was indestructible.

Its fine. They can be left to be done later. The weekends should be for rest. Didnt you just say you wanted to have more time for yourself just a few days ago? His gentle tone reached her as he looked at the darkened sky. Its a happy day, so I just drank a tad too much.

Xi Xiaye glanced at him. Her tone was gentle, but at the same time, it was firm as she replied, Do you think I dont know whats in your mind? Ah Mo and Ah Shi are now married, and they are happy together. Its about time you let go of the past. They never blamed you, and its not your fault.

But theres no denying that Im responsible for what happened.

They hardly talked about this topic. Even if they discussed it before, it did not lead to a satisfying conclusion. However, this time, he sounded more relaxed than before.

Mr. Mu, there are a lot of things we cant predict just like back when I was extremely determined to cling onto someone. In the end, youre the one by my side now. What I want to say is that theres no point clinging onto the past, so let it go and move forward.

Xi Xiaye took a deep breath. Treating them better in the future is the best thing we can do now.

He smiled as he put his arms over her shoulders. Yes, my dear wife is right! Ill make sure to keep that in mind.

Xi Xiaye rolled her eyes at him. You always brush me off like this!

I never have the courage to do that. I really keep your words in my mind, especially when youre in high EQ mode.

Are you saying that I usually have low EQ? Xi Xiaye glared at him.

Thank God, you finally realized it! His smile grew wider while his grip around her shoulders tightened.





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