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(How Could You (2)

Li Si nodded as he gave Xi Xiaye another concerned look. You have to take care of yourself well, Missus. Dont be too sad about CEO Wangs misfortune tonight. We cant control the matters of life and death. Master will return safely and the police will find the real perpetrator. CEO Wang will be able to rest in peace by then.

I know, but your Master is now and Qi Lei Xi Xiaye put on a bitter smile as her mind replayed the scene where Mu Yuchen left with the police as well as Wang Qins final moments.

Alright now. Thats all for tonight. You should head back as well, Zitong. Its past dawn and Im sure Su Chen is still waiting for you at home. I need to go back to the company. Vice President Zhang is probably still busy. There are more tough challenges awaiting us tomorrow

Xi Xiaye then got into the car, quickly followed byJi Zitong.

Im fine. Let me be your bodyguard for the next few days. Ji Zitongs tone was firm as she traded glances with Li Si who nodded as she gave him a calming smile.

Xi Xiaye smiled as she looked at Ji Zitong. She did not say anything and just leaned back to take a rest with her eyes closed.

The night was getting late and the rain continued to splatter on the cold window. The thick curtains were starting to get wet, yet the person standing by the window did not seem to be affected by the cold at all.

The subordinate in the suit gave his report to the man before him,Boss, Mu Yuchen has been arrested by the police. We just received news from the hospital that Wang Qin is dead. Qi Qiming went over and fought with Qi Lei. Ms. Lingshas injury is fine, and the police are involved.

The man in the black suit guffawed coldly. Mu Yuchen, you took this upon yourself. Im going to see what youll do this time!

Boss, there was some error in the operation this time. We

Nope, its marvelous. Im extremely satisfied with the outcome. At first, I just wanted to give Mu Yuchen a warning and let him have a taste of losing someone dear to him, but since he got himself involved, its great for us. Ill see how Glory World will be ruined in his hands. That idiot Qi Qiming should be thanking me for getting rid of a nuisance for him, killing three birds with one stone! The man smiled ruthlessly as he coughed a little.

Youre right, Boss. What should we do with that person?!

Give him some money and arrange for him to leave the country as far away as possible. Make sure that he doesnt come back to City Z ever again. Erase all his information and contacts once hes left. Dont leave any traces. Itd be best if he got involved in an accident abroad and never returns again. Understand? said the man in the black suit.

His subordinate nodded and replied respectfully, Yes! I understand!

Besides, have someone to keep an eye on the police station. Report to me if anyone peculiar visits Mu Yuchen. Mu Tangchuan and the others will never let Mu Yuchen stay in jail like this. They will surely think of some way to rescue him, but Ill make sure that Mu Yuchen stays in jail for a few years. Even if hes lucky enough to get out, he wont be in control anymore!

Yes! What should we do on Australias side? the subordinate asked again.

Let them investigate. We can stand back and just watch from now on. Mu Yuchen, you have no way of running now. I used to have high expectations of him, but now He seemed unimpressed. The cold air had another layer of chilly aura added to it.

As Li Si barely finished making arrangements at the hospital, he received Lawyer Wangs call, and he quickly rushed over to the police station.

The police had finished interrogating Mu Yuchen. He was forced to stay there at the moment, and Lawyer Wang was by his side when he came out of the interrogation room.

Lawyer Wang kept the documents into his briefcase as he told Mu Yuchen, Master, its mostly done with the police at the moment. Ill think of a way to find evidence and clear you of your charges. Just remember that you didnt do anything. You were framed.

Mu Yuchen was calm although a brief light flashed past in his dark eyes. Its fine. Just do whatever you can. Tell Li Si to do what Ive told him to do before.

He then walked over with two police officers behind him who were too afraid to put handcuffs on him. Moments later, they all disappeared in the corner.

Lawyer Wang had just come out of the station when Li Si arrived.

Lawyer Wang! How is it? Whats happening to Master? How is he doing? Li Si was worried as he fired numerous questions at once.

The police just finished interrogating him. Dont worry. Well be able to find evidence to prove Masters innocence since he didnt do it. By the way, did Master tell you to do something? He said for you to do whatever he ordered you to do before. Lawyer Wang was confused because he was not sure what Mu Yuchen meant by that.

Li Sis eyes gleamed as he nodded. Dont worry. I will.

Although Li Si did not know his Masters intentions, he supposed the situation was not as horrible as he thought. After all, he had already noticed something was wrong when they were on their way there. Master might have been trying to lure out the mastermind and make a comeback!

It was a common tactic for him to use.

However, to use Glory World as a bet

Only his Master would have this courage to do so although Missus was worried sick and Wang Qin was

It was all unexpected. Who could have thought the mastermind would be this cruel?

By the way, hows Wang Qin? Did she survive? Lawyer Wang asked.

Li Sis eyes dimmed as he replied, She just passed away in the hospital. Missus told me to handle her funeral. The police might be heading over to retrieve the evidence later.



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