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(Bitterness (4)

Gu Lingsha nodded in agreement before her petite body turned and walked towards Qi Feng while wheeling Qi Feng to the dining table.

The servants served the food coordinatedly as the few of them washed their hands quickly before going to the table.

Qi Fengs expression had returned to calmness. He did not bring Wang Qin and Qi Lei upagain because he seemed to have vaguely sensed that Qi Qiming did not seem to be at ease. He wondered if it was because he was still fussed over Qi Lei.

Youve just returned, so rest well at home these next few days. Lingsha, stay at home to be with him too. There are some things that still need more discussions with the government for South River Project No. 2, so itll take some time before it can be carried out. For the promotional campaign, Xi Xinyi has begun preparing for it. Ill leave this to you, but you should exchange thoughts with Xi Xinyi on a daily basis. Do this well because the early stage preparations are very important. Those old guys on the governments side are not fools.

Qi Qiming had been losing sleep over this project. Previously, he had been ripped off by Hua Heng, and he was still angry about it because he had to spend all that money for nothing. Obviously, he furiously cursed Hua Heng for not being honest!

However, Hua Heng could not care less since he had earned a large amount over nothing, then divided it with Shen Yue who did not know the slightest bit about the shady business involved!

Gu Lingsha knew that Qi Qiming had been unhappy over this incident too, so she could only console him, Alright, Uncle Qi, since youve got the land, thats a wonderful thing too. Now, weve successfully gotten the bid for South River Project No. 2, so when we start on it, you dont have to worry that you wont get a return on your investments. Even Glory World, Fuhua, and some large companies have been watching the project closely. Now that its with us, Im sure many people are envious.

Upon hearing Gu Lingsha, Qi Qimings expression started to look slightly better. When he looked up at Qi Feng, he realized that he had already picked up his chopsticks and was silently having his meal, not seeming interested in their conversation at all.

Alright, lets eat first and talk about these things later on. Qi Qiming then stopped talking about the topic. He turned to look at Qi Feng with eyes filled with tenderness. Your room is the same as before. I told them not to touch anything. Usually, they only do a simple clean up while all the things youve used have been changed to new ones.

Qi Fengs movements paused slightly. He looked up to Qi Qiming and said in a raspy voice, Thank you. Anything goes. I dont care about these things anymore. He then continued to quietly lower his head and continue eating.

Upon hearing this, Qi Qiming felt his heart sink a little. He subconsciously lowered his gaze and looked at Qi Fengs legs, but it was blocked by the table, so he could not see them. Still, he could catch a hint of gloominess from Qi Fengs words!

When Qi Feng first woke up, he almost could not handle the shock and wanted to kill himself. All these years, he became more and more reserved, so Qi Qiming could not help but be worried.

Ah Feng, dont say that you dont care. Youll get better. In fact, I hope that you can pull youtself together because Ill only feel assured handing Qi Kai over to you.

Qi Qimings tone was heavy as he said that. When Gu Lingsha heard him, her hand that held the chopsticks tightened as she fixed her gaze on Qi Feng.

However, Qi Feng did not say anything and just silently continued eating.

Qi Qiming felt extremely helpless seeing Qi Feng like this. He exchanged a look with Gu Lingsha and did not continue.

It was a dreamless night. Xi Xiaye had a rare good nights sleep. When she slowly woke up, she could still feel the source of warmth closely on her back. He was hugging her waist tightly while his long legs were entwined with hers. No wonder she could feel something heavy on her legs.

She lifted a hand to rub her blurry eyes. After a while, the view before became clear, so she glanced up slightly and her fingers combed through her long and messy hair. She then turned to look at him to see that he was indeed sleeping soundly.

There was none of his usual coldness from when he was awake. Right now, he looked quite peaceful as she continued looking, and then she could not help but brush away the little hairs on his forehead. Her long fingers picked up a few strands of her own hair, and then she contentedly brushed them past his handsome face.

Mu Yuchen was sleeping soundly when he felt something tickling his face, so he reached out and accurately caught her wrist. His eyes instantly opened too with a serene radiance flickering in them. In her startlement, before she could react, he had already pulled her into an embrace. His soft and deep voice contained a hint of sexy laziness and raspiness. How rare of you to be in such high spirits early in the morning. How about we do a morning song?

No! Arent you worried about dying from too much of it? Xi Xiaye quickly caught his restless hand and frowned at him.

Youre wrong. Were very disciplined and harmonious when it comes to this aspect of life. In fact, do you think with a body like mine, that situation would happen? Wasnt it your body that couldnt take it and then declare surrender every single time? He looked at her delightedly, then subconsciously let his gaze trail down her body before he frowned.

Fine, I know youre good, Mr. Mu, Chairman Mu! You can do it yourself. Let me off for once, okay? Xiaye put both palms together and begged pitifully.

He chuckled but still lowered his head to steal a morning kiss before he slowly got up. Then, he took both their clothes, first putting hers on, before wearing his own as he got down from the bed.

Xi Xiaye got up while getting dressed too. We still have to go back to the old residence. Its Ah Mo and Ah Shis first day as newlyweds, so we have to go back for a meal. Its already 10. Hurry up!

Well reach in half an hour. What are you rushing for?

Although he was quite calm, she already walked towards the wardrobe and looked through it, unable to decide on what to wear. After she flipped through the wardrobe for a while, she prepared both their clothes.

The couple finished washing up as quickly as they could and went downstairs. Almost half an hour had passed, and Aunt Lin had already packed Mu Xiaochengs things.

After a simple breakfast, Li Si came to pick them up.

Master, the cars ready. We can leave now.

Mu Yuchen nodded as he carried Mu Xiaocheng with one hand and walked out.




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