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(Bitterness (3)

It was quite a distance from the airport back to the Qi residence. By the time Qi Fengs car reached the entrance of the Qi residence, it was close to 11 p.m.

The streetlights before the Qi residence lit up. The butler had been waiting at the door for a long while now. As soon as he saw the car driving over, he immediately went up excitedly.

First Master, youre back!

Youre back!

Quickly inform CEO Qi that First Master is back!

In an instant, cheerful laughter was heard. The servants that had been waiting for a long while went up to them to greet them.

However, because he was disfigured by the car accident, post-surgery, he looked very different. Even his voice changed, so everyone could not immediately recognize him. They stopped not too far away from the car and looked at the scene before them in confusion.

With the help of his personal bodyguard, Qi Feng sat in his wheelchair, and a faint smile flashed across his handsome face. Mary carried Qi Weier, and the accompanying doctors went up to briefly check on her. Upon seeing that all is well, everyone was relieved.

Long time no see. Has everyone been well? Qi Feng smiled calmly and greeted everyone. His raspy voice was not loud, yet you could still hear a hint of tenderness in his caring tone that was familiar to them.

With Gu Lingsha standing right by his side, everyone immediately reacted to this scene. This foreign-looking person in the wheelchair with a familiar air should be the First Master that they had missed, Qi Feng!

Everyone eased a little, then nodded and smiled at each other.

Weve been quite well. All these years, weve missed you, Master. We all thought that youWhen Miss Shasha told us, we didnt dare believe it, but we feel sincerely glad. Thankfully, youre alright, Master. Otherwise, wed continue being sad, but now that youre back, thats great! Everyone has been looking forward to your return! The butler beamed as he spoke, unable to hide the emotions stirring in his eyes and the joy of the reunion.

Qi Feng was very well-liked there because he was a very gentle person. Usually, he would be very friendly with the people in the residence. In fact, he was so handsome, and the servants all like him very much. Compared to his warmth, they did not quite like Wang Qins coldness and Qi Leis frivolousness, causing them to have a poor impression of him. Besides, Qi Lei rarely went home in a year, so everyone had a far poorer perception of him compared to Qi Feng.

When Qi Feng heard the butlers speech, he only smiled and indicated to his bodyguard, Morrison, to wheel him in.

Lets go in. Everyone, go in. CEO Qis already prepared some drinks and dishes. Its quite late now, but its not a workday tomorrow, so you can all rest well, said the butler with a smile.

The rest of them then went into the house.

Inside the majestically decorated living room, Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha had just walked in when they saw Qi Qiming who had come out to meet them.

Qi Qimign had changed into a casual home outfit. When he saw Qi Feng and Weiwei in Marys arms, his tensed his expression immediately relaxed. The gloom in between his brows dissipated too and a smile appeared for the first time in a long time.

Youre back! Youre finally back!


Quite a few people following behind Qi Feng were all quite familiar with Qi Qiming. When they saw him, they all respectfully greeted him.

Qi Qiming nodded and ordered, Butler, arrange for everyone to get some food. Rest for a bit first!

Okay, CEO Qi! the butler answered. Then, the bodyguard in black made a gesture and the few people quietly left the living room with him.

Qi Qiming examined the scene. Upon seeing that Qi Weier had fallen asleep in Marys arms, there was a hint of lovingness on his aged face as he ordered again, Someone, guide Mary to bring Miss Weiwei to the room thats been prepared. Also, get Doctor Wang to take a look at Weiwei.

Okay, CEO Qi!

Qi Qiming swiftly issued all the orders. When he was done, only Qi Feng and Gu Lingsha were left with him.

Qi Feng took off his cap, revealing an exquisitely handsome face that appeared even more outstanding under the light. Qi Qiming and Gu Lingsha were a little stunned just looking at it.

Actually, even though Qi Feng had plastic surgery, his jawline from before did not change much. If you looked closely, perhaps you could even see shadows of him from before. In fact, he was a handsome and gentle person even before this.

Qi Feng looked around the living room and realized that while everything looked so familiar, some things felt different. Finally, he paused his gaze on a wall in the living room.

He remembered that a famous artists oil painting of a scrap collector, which happened to be Wang Qins favorite painting, was hung there before. Qi Lei had auctioned it from abroad back then and given it to Wang Qin who liked it so much that she moved Qi Fengs favorite vase and changed it to that painting.

However, now, the painting was gone. It was switched back to his favorite Qinghua porcelain vase again.

He fell silent for a while, then an uneasiness flashed across his handsome face. After a while, he spoke in a hoarse voice, That painting might be more suitable for this position than the vase.

When Qi Feng said that, Qi Qimings expression instantly darkened. Gu Lingsha did not look too comfortable either. Of course, Qi Feng caught their expressions. He laughed softly, then looked around again before asking, Wheres Xiao Lei? Why dont I see him?

Qi Qiming looked even more annoyed. His tone was filled with helplessness and annoyance. Dont talk about that useless person! Ever since his mother passed away, he no longer sees me as his father! Hmm, in truth, he never thought of me as his father!

Uncle Qi, dont be angry. Beware of your health! Leis just too sad. He didnt mean to provoke you. Ah Feng, Lei went abroad for work, so hell only be back in two days. Otherwise, he wouldve gone to personally pick you up from the airport if he knew you were back. He mustve missed you a lot all these years too.

Gu Lingsha did not want everyone to be unhappy because of Leis matter again, thus she quickly tried to smooth things over.

Qi Qiming scoffed in irritation, but after that, he kept it down. Alright, wash your hands and have something to eat. It mustve been a long journey!




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