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(Bitterness (2)

Qi Feng put on a stiff smile. He stopped talking and looked out of the window again.

I thought it wouldve at least given him a solid blow or deal some damage to him, yet he got out unscathed! he finally said.

Gu Lingsha was annoyed as she was reminded of it. She took a deep breath and said, Im not sure if its a coincidence, but the murderer is still not found yet. Its really tragic that Aunt Wang just left like this. By the way, Ah Feng, the woman that married Mu Yuchen has something up her sleeve. Ive met her several times and things didnt end well. We

Gu Lingsha did not continue because she noticed that Qi Feng had already closed his eyes, so she was not sure if he was listening anymore. After all, he seemed exhausted from the long flight here.

Have a good rest. Ill wake you up when we reach home. Aware of the atmosphere between them, she knew there was something he did not want to talk about.

The temperature was still pretty warm at night. In the midst of summer, the citizens could still feel the residue heat after the city was baked in the sun for a whole day.

The moon was nowhere to be seen that night, but infinite waves of stars were visible instead.

On the hotel room balcony, Qi Lei stood there as he listened to the sound of the wind brushing past his ears along with the sound of the curtains swaying behind him.

His phone screen had turned dark some time ago.

The last phone call he received was from Mu Yuchen who had givenQi Lei bad news. He told him that Qi Feng arrived in City Z at 10 p.m. that night, and Qi Qiming was already prepared to welcome him back.

His mind went blank.

Master Qi, you must be hungry working until this hour. Eat something! I told them to deliver it just now. These are your favorite dumplings! The dumplings in this hotel are very famous! Yang Sheng had just finished checking the documents. Worried that Qi Lei might get hungry, he ordered some supper for him.

Qi Lei flicked the cigarette on his finger when he heard Yang Shengs voice. He took a deep breath and threw the rest of the cigarette butt into the flower pot nearby. He then said, Its better if you call me Second Master Qi now. Im not going to be Master Qi anymore.

He glanced at Yang Sheng before walking past him. When Yang Sheng turned around, he could only catch a glimpse of his back.

His back showed avery lonely figure.

Yang Shengs heart ached, and he yelled as if he was trying to prove something,Master Qi, youre always the one and only Master Qi to me!

Qi Lei took a pause when he heard Yang Shengs words. Moments later, he turned around with a wicked smile on his face. Qi Feng is alive. He came back, and its a fact that hes older than me. Anyway, Im just the second son, and its not like I care about the title.

His smile seemed similar to the sly smile of a rich brat, but in Yang Shengs eyes, he looked so bitter.

How could there be such a big difference in treatment when they were both Qi Qimings sons?

He had been working alongside Qi Lei for many years, but he only recently noticed that he had never known his Master Qi thoroughly.

Everyone thought of him as a useless brat from a wealthy family with countless rumors with female celebrities, but Yang Sheng knew that Qi Lei was a person with high moral standards. He would never randomly stay outside and had never brought any woman back to his villa. Xi Xiaye was the first woman to enter his bedroom!

The villa in the Grand Lake area was Wang Qins birthday present to him and was a meaningful place. Although they did not seem to get along well on the surface, he never really went against his mother before.

Master Qi, youre the only recognized Master Qi in Qi Kai. In the end, Qi Kai will still belong to you. Yang Sheng was not sure how to give him comfort.

Qi Lei did not seem to care. He went to the table and picked up a pair of chopsticks as he started eating. My mother wouldnt be so concerned if that old man really has the intention of passing Qi Kai to me. He hates me. Do you really think someone like me can take over Qi Kai?

Master Qi, your talent is definitely not below Master Fengs! Even Master Mu holds you in high regard! Yang Sheng said.

Mu Yuchen? That bastard could do anything for the sake of benefits. I bet I owed him a lot in my past life! I hate dealing with sly foxes like him. It hurts my brain!

Qi Leis only conclusion for Mu Yuchen now wasbad rating!

Yang Sheng chuckled. Master Qi, I do think Master Mu and Director Xi are nice people. They are kind, unlike most of the other people in similar positions.

Only fools like you would think they are kind. All businessmen are wicked! The more powerful a person is in the business world, the more wicked the person is. Are you really experienced in this field? Qi Lei stared at Yang Sheng angrily before putting another dumpling into his mouth. He chewed on it aggressively as if it was Mu Yuchen.

Yang Sheng coughed lightly and lowered his head.

He did not hear anything at all. Nothing!




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