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(Bitterness (1)

After a moment of hesitation, she grabbed his hand and said gently, Lets head back. Uncle Qi is waiting for you at home. everyones expecting you.

Qi Feng lowered his eye and gave a brief reply. While the bodyguard behind started pushing his wheelchair, Gu Lingsha wanted to hold Qi Weier. However, Qi Weier avoided her and went to grab the helper, Marys clothes instead.

Gu Lingsha put on a bitter smile, not wanting to force Qi Weier.

She could not afford to spend a lot of time with her daughter who suffered from bad health with an introverted personality. Her development was slower than other normal childrens due to the injuries she had when she was still in her mothers womb, so her intelligence was affected as well. Overall, her impression of Gu Lingsha was not very memorable.

Gu Lingsha felt guilty towards Qi Weier, and she blamed herself for not providing enough for her. Fortunately, Qi Feng was still very close to Qi Weier, and Gu Qiwu was pretty fond of Qi Weier as well. Ever since the accident, he provided a quiet space for Gu Lingsha and Qi Feng to recover. He also hired professional doctors for them, especially for Qi Weiers sake. She spent most of her time inside the manor without ever going out.

The helper, Mary, put on a jacket over Qi Weier as they walked out of the airport. The car Qi Qiming sent over to pick them up had already been waiting outside, and the driver quickly came up to greet Qi Feng, First Master, youre back!

Qi Feng lowered his hat and covered most of his face. He just gave a brief reply without showing any emotions before he waved his hand for the bodyguard to quickly help him into the car. Gu Lingsha and Qi Weier followed suit.

The car left the airport quickly and went on its way in the midst of the night.

Qi Feng did not say anything. He just turned over and looked out of the window. Although his expression did not change at all, there was something in his eyes. No one knew what he was feeling.

Qi Weier sat right beside him, holding onto a Barbie doll tightly. She looked at Qi Feng and curled up towards him, then sheglanced over at Gu Lingsha without saying anything.

Gu Lingsha carefully fixed Qi Weiers skirt as she spoke gently, Weiwei, dont be afraid. Im your mother, so I wont hurt you. Dont you remember me? We caught butterflies together in the garden last time and made them into specimens. Do you remember?

Qi Weier looked at her quietly. Because she could sense there was no evil intention from her, she nodded and then pulled Qi Fengs sleeve. Then, she looked at Gu Lingsha for a long while before replying with a weak tone, I remember

Gu Lingsha was extremely touched even if it was just two words. She almost cried out loud.

Qi Weier was suspected to have autism. She hardly spoke in her daily life, having only started speaking pretty late. When she first said the word Father, she was three years old. Apart from Qi Feng and the helper Mary, as well as Gu Qiwu, she hardly spoke to anyone else. She also felt Gu Lingsha was a stranger due to the lack of interaction even though she was her mother. That was part of the reason why Qi Feng wanted Mary to follow them back to City Z.

However, it did not matter because Qi Weier would still get close to Gu Lingsha every time after they spent some time together.

Qi Weier was exhausted from the long flight and fell asleep as she leaned on Qi Feng. Gu Lingsha looked at her daughter and carefully put a blanket over her before she turned towards Qi Feng.

Its been six years. Do you find that a lot of things are different now? I was shocked by the number of changes when I came back. I suppose youll feel it difficult to adapt to life here after living abroad for a long time, but itll get better. Gu Lingshas tone was gentle as she looked outside as well. The colorful city lights felt unreal.

Are there really a lot of changes? Qi Feng asked, turning over to Gu Lingsha. I dont think so.

Ah Feng Gu Lingsha called his name. There were some feelings inside her that she could not express, so she grabbed his hand and said, We can start everything anew since youre back, cant we?

Qi Feng did not answer. He just stared at Gu Lingshas little hand as his eyes seemed to be hiding something.

Uncle Qi missed you. Especially after Wang Qin passed away, he was down for a period of time. I thought about informing you about Wang Qins death, but I remember you have an unhappy past with her, so I decided to keep it from you. That way, it wont feel so burdensome on you after the whole thing has died down. Its been tough for Uncle Qi. Although Aunt Wang has some misunderstanding towards me, I still feel sad for her misfortune. Gu Lingsha seemed to be genuinely sad.

However, a cold light flashed in his eyes as he heard her words. Ive been calling her Mother for the past few decades, so I certainly feel sad that she passed away.

Gu Lingsha did not expect that from Qi Feng. When she wanted to explain after a moment of hesitation, Qi Feng continued, I found out what happened to her through the Internet and the newspapers. It seems like Mu Yuchen got into the police station because of this too. Is he out already?

Gu Lingsha could sense a chilly aura being emitted from him when the name Mu Yuchen was mentioned. It was an enormous pressure that made one feel difficult to breathe.

He got out some time ago, Gu Lingsha replied briefly.




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