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Gu Lingsha then felt assured. She thought about it and continued, Ill explain it all to her later on. I cant let there be any barriers between her and Weiwei. When she said this, Gu Lingsha spoke softly. She was not sure if she was saying this for her own sake or to Assistant Song.

After that, before Assistant Song could say anything else, there was a commotion ahead and the bodyguards were on high alert.

Miss Shasha, its Master Feng and the rest! Miss Weiwei is there too. Look! Assistant Song became emotional as she went up to greet them while beaming.

Gu Lingsha looked to where Assistant Songs gaze was. Quickly, she noticed that amidst the crowd of people, a few dark figures were slowly separating from the crowd and making a path under the protection of several bodyguards. A cute little girl dressed in a pink princess dress slowly appeared before everyone.

The little girl looked about three or four years old. Although she seemed really young, she was also exceptionally beautiful. Her beautiful blonde hair was tied into two long braids with a little crystal princess hair clip. Carrying a doll in one arm, she was held by a middle-aged woman who looked like a female servant. On a closer look, she realized that the girl was very fair. Her azure eyes were also a little dull, and she looked frail as if she had an illness.

Closely behind the girl was a young man in a wheelchair. He was dressed in a gray casual outfit. Underneath his black cap was a fair and handsome face. His profound eyes looked like the deepest pits in the dark of the night, but on that handsome face hung a smile that seemed like it was bathed in the spring breeze. He was extremely handsome, and the aura from him felt gentle, but this did not diminish his presence at all. In just a few short meters, many people already stared at him with gasps of admiration.

He just sat there quietly in the wheelchair while being pushed by a bodyguard in black. His gaze fell onto the girl in front of him from time to time.

Their appearance caused some commotion, especially with an exquisitely beautiful woman like Gu Lingsha going up to them.

Weiwei, Ah Feng! Gu Lingsha could not help but call out to them without much regard. She had already rushed up to them from afar, quickly reaching the little girl while the middle-aged woman subconsciously stopped too.

Weiwei! Youre back! How are you? Are you feeling okay? The flight was so long. Do you feel discomfort anywhere? Are you hungry? Im Mother. Call me, Weiwei. Gu Lingsha lowered her voice, but it was not hard to hear the emotions in it as she held the little girls arms. She spoke in concern with nervousness and stirred up emotions.

However, when that little girl saw Gu Lingsha, her beautiful blue eyes only flickered and her pale face reddened. She started to struggle and pull at the middle-aged woman beside her. Then, she hid behind that woman, her eyes clearly seeming uneasy and at a loss.

Weiwei? Whats wrong? Dont be scared. Its me, Mother. Do you remember? Im Mother, Weiwei. Dont be scared. I wont hurt you, Weiwei

When she saw the little girl like this, Gu Lingsha felt like her heart was going to shatter. She felt waves of pain overcome her, and she could barely take them in, but she had to hold down the sadness and anxiety in her, not daring to be too emotional because she was worried that it would frighten her.

The little girl held tightly onto the middle-aged womans shirt as she looked nervously and confusedly at Gu Lingsha. Then, she looked up to the middle-aged woman who patiently bent down and gently said to the little girl, Weiwei, this is your mother. Do you remember her? Not too long ago, she even called you. Didnt you use to like playing with Mother very much, Weiwei? Do you not remember Mother? If you dont believe me, ask your father.

Then, the little girl timidly turned her head and silently looked to the man who was in the wheelchair but had not said anything.

He only smiled and nodded gently at her. His deep and raspy voice sounded somewhat gentle. Shes your mother, Weiwei.

When the man said that, the little girls gaze clearly softened. Even though she was still holding on tightly to the middle-aged womans shirt, when Gu Lingsha held her, she did not struggle anymore.

Gu Lingshas blue eyes were tearing up as she pulled the girl into her embrace and choked on her sobs. Weiwei, this is great. I can finally be with you!

The man watched the mother and daughters reunion for a while, then upon seeing more and more people watching them, he said in a soft and hoarse voice,Lets go back first. This is the airport.

You could tell that the mans voice was probably damaged before. His voice was raspy from an illness. In fact, it was quite soft too. If he tried to speak a little louder, he would involuntarily frown, but even so, you could not conceal his soft elegance amidst his steadfastness.

Upon hearing the mans voice, Gu Lingsha eased back a little from her emotional state. She hugged the little girl and looked at him. When she took a good look at that handsome face underneath the cap, she could not help but be dazed. Her blue eyes gave away the fact that she was stunned.

In this world, only two men could take her breath away like this. One was the noble and handsome yet distant Mu Yuchen, and the other was this man before her. Incisive as ice and oh-so-handsome, it was Qi Feng!

Even Qi Qiming was sometimes rendered absent-minded by his extraordinary looks.

Qi Fengs mother was a famous beauty on the scene, and Qi Feng had completely inherited his mothers extraordinary looks, brimming talents, and outstanding intellect. He also had a laid-back manner that made one want to get close to him. This was one of the reasons why Gu Lingsha had always been infatuated with him.

Ah Feng! Youre finally back!Gu Lingsha said after a while of being dazed. She subconsciously held his fair hand that lay on his knees.

Youve waited too long. Lets go home.

Qi Fengs handsome face very quickly flashed with faint tenderness as he took a look at her, and then down at her hand holding onto his. When he looked at his legs that could feel nothing, a coldness flashed in his eyes.

Gu Lingsha seemed to be able to feel Qi Fengs mood. She looked down to where his gaze landed, and her expression turned slightly rigid as well.




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