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Qi Feng?

This name was also taboo in Xi Xiayes heart. Upon hearing it, she immediately tensed subconsciously.

Qi Feng was coming back? Why did she not hear him mention it?

She hesitated before answering,Hold on, Assistant Li. Ill hand the phone to him.

On the other end, Li Si was shocked to hear that it was her. He almost lost his voice as he stammered, M-missus? Why is it you?

While Xi Xiaye was already walking towards the bathroom with the phone in her hand, the man was brushing his teeth with his top bare while preparing the bath for her. When he saw her come in, he turned to look at her. Who called? Why dont you look pleased at all?

Xi Xiayes brows were furrowed into a knot. As she handed the phone to him, she responded, Its Li Si. He said that Qi Lei might only return in two days. Hes asking you whether they should tell him about Qi Fengs return.

Mu Yuchen paused what he was doing and looked at her. Then, he quickly took the phone to listen to Li Si briefly explain things to him. Soon, he hung up while Xi Xiaye began brushing her teeth.

Mu Yuchen took the towel from the side and wiped his face. He put the phone on the rack beside him. I just heard about it, he said, then walked into the shower.

The shower curtains that he pushed aside swayed a bit. The sound of the suspended beads sounded a little cold to her as she quickly finished up and walked inside. Inside, the man was standing underneath the shower, beginning to clean up. She thought about it, then did not say anything before turning to leave the bathroom.

When he heard her turn around, Mu Yuchen paused what he was doing. He fell silent, then continued. About a few minutes later, when he was almost done showering, he saw her come in again as the curtains swayed. He turned and saw that she had set aside his clean pajamas on the rack.

His expression softened a little at this point. Swiftly, his hand reached out and circled her waist, pulling her in.

When they were done, it was already past 9 p.m. which was when the night came alive, but the couple had been busy the entire day, so they were indeed quite tired. In fact, they had just battled several rounds, thus right now, Xi Xiaye was already lying on the bed while the man beside her made a call to Qi Lei who was out of town.

Xi Xiaye could hear the contents of the call clearly, but she did not ask him much about it. She just closed her eyes and slept in a daze, barely hearing him. He probably wanted to talk to Qi Lei about Qi Fengs return and their plans.

Xi Xiaye was not patient enough to listen to the rest. When Mu Yuchen hung up, she was almost asleep. The moment she saw him set the phone down, she reached out to hug his strong waist and automatically leaned into his embrace.

They had not fallen asleep in each others embrace for a long while now. Every night, they would usually have Mu Xiaocheng in their middle. Even when they were affectionate with each other, they mostly got it done very quickly and were reluctant to let go, but if the little guy was awake, then the couple would have lots to do.

He reached out to hug her tightly and whispered softly in her ear, Next time, just leave our son to Aunt Lin and the rest. We can spend more time with them in the future, then they wont be distant from us. You dont want our son to see us like this either unless you want to raise our son to be that kind of person

Xi Xiaye then fell quiet and thought about it for quite a while. Finally, she nodded and agreed, Its not like its every day that IFine, I got it.

Sleep now.


The night was still lively. At this moment, in a VIP passage and departure lounge of a certain airport inCity Z .

Gu Lingsha wore a light lilac muslin long dress. Her beautiful hair was tied into an elegant bun. With a few bodyguards accompanying her as she waited nervously, her beautiful little face was brimming with anticipation. From time to time, she would look down at the time on her phone. Her personal assistant, Xiao Song, seemed anxious too.

Upon seeing Gu Lingsha anxious, her assistant Xiao Song could not help but speak out,Miss Shasha, lets sit first. The plane just landed, so it will still take some time. Master Feng hasnt switched on his phone. Im sure he hasnt even gotten off the plane.

Xiao Song had also just returned not too long ago. Previously, she had been with Gu Lingsha abroad and was a trusted aide that Gu Lingsha had nurtured herself.

When she heard her assurance, Gu Lingsha inhaled and held back her nervousness as she sat down on the chair behind her. She said worriedly, Im a little concerned for Weiwei. This is her first time taking such a long flight. Ah Fengs phones been switched off too. I really dont know how they are. Shes so weak, so Im worried that she wont be able to handle the trip, but with Ah Feng back, I was worried about leaving her there alone too.

Gu Lingsha was deeply bothered. Her grip on her handbag tightened too.

Miss Shasha, dont worry. With Master Feng around and the doctors accompanying her, Miss Weiwei will be fine. Youll see her soon. By the looks of the time, the plane shouldve landed by now, Assistant Song consoled her, as she looked at the time on her wrist.

Gu Lingsha nodded as she looked at the departure gate.

They waited for quite a long time before there was finally some movement from the empty passageway. People started to stream out, and Gu Lingsha began to stand up impatiently as she walked towards the entrance.

Miss Shasha, do we want to inform Boss Gu? Two days ago, CEO Qi said then when Master Feng gets back, we could also invite Boss Gu to visit the Qi residence. Boss Gu is so busy. Would it be better to inform him beforehand? Assistant Song suddenly remembered.

Gu Lingsha fell silent as she thought about it, then nodded. Sure, when we fetch them, Ill call my father later. Right, dont tell my mother about this first. I dont want her to make a special trip over.

When she mentioned Doris, Gu Lingshas eyes could not help but dim a little. There was a trace of bitterness on her face as well.

Her mother did not quite like Weiwei, so she did not want to let Doris meet Weiwei. Despite having matured early, Weiwei was weak and her heart was sensitive. Naturally, she could not bear to see her hurt because Gu Lingsha understood Doris too well.

Earlier when she called her, it was because of Weiweis matter that the mother and daughter became aggrieved. These past few days, Gu Lingsha did not call home either.

Dont worry, Miss Shasha, I got it! Assistant Song answered.




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