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She glared at him, but then she decided not to get mad when she saw his warm smile.

It was rare that he could put on such a carefree smile. She did think she could be quite stupid at times. Although he had shortcomings all over, she did not care as long as he continued to love her forever.

She decided that she would take care of Mr. Mu forever.

She knew very well that he would only present his vulnerable self before her. Although she might not be strong, apart from staying by his side, she wanted him to know she was willing to bear the burden with him.

Im still your wife, and your sons mother. Her voice was warm, but her eyes were still focused on the road ahead instead of looking at him.

He felt overjoyed inside, so he laughed as his eyes were brimming with life. That can only be you. Youre the only worthy one. Ive told you before that Ive had some regrets. If only I had met you sooner, thatd be really great. Our happiness couldve been much more than this.

Xi Xiaye was stunned for a moment. But Im satisfied now. I dont feel sad about my past as long as I have you. It isnt worth mentioning anymore.

Am I really that good? He smirked.

She remained quiet for a while, and then suddenly parked the car by the roadside to turn towards him and stare at him in the eyes. Her eyes were filled with certainty as she spoke firmly, Yes, youre great. No one can ever replace you in my heart.

She put a hand on her chest as she took a pause before continuing, If one day, you left me or some other woman took you away, Ill never be able to stand it and will definitely become a real witch. You can only be mine. Do you understand?

He was shocked by her sudden aggressiveness, but he felt really turned on. Looking at her intently, he said, I remember telling you before that I like witches even better.

Xi Xiaye let go of the steering wheel and grabbed his face, so their lips met. She was not acting graciously like she usually would. Instead, she was getting aggressive and rough

He smiled helplessly and wrapped his arms around her slender waist, allowing her to do whatever she wanted. Then, he took off her hairpin and her silky long hair curtained her chest as well as her back, the aromatic scent of her shampoo filling the car.

He could not control his desire anymore as her scent was fueling his inner beast.

She just had a way to make him lose control!

However, he spent an enormous amount of effort to get back to his senses because he knew this was not the appropriate place no matter how excited he was. Xi Xiaye did not plan to continue as well. She just wanted to give him a good kiss.

As their lips parted, Xi Xiayes breathing was uneven as she looked at him and saw the emotions he was trying to keep at bay, so she put on a seductive smile.

Mr. Mu, I realize youre getting more and more vulnerable now. Your willpower is weak, she teased him when she noticed his blushing face.

You heartless woman, youd better drive home quickly if you dont want to receive your punishment here! Mu Yuchen was getting impatient. She knew that his self-control was practically non-existent before her, and she always teased him like this, just like her several visits to his office before!

Sensing the hidden meaning in his words, she chuckled and then continued driving.

Her driving was decent as they went through the highway without any traffic. The sky turned dark as they arrived home. By then, Aunt Fang had already bathed Mu Xiaocheng and put him to sleep.

Xi Xiaye wanted to take a look at Mu Xiaocheng when they got back, but a certain pervert dragged her into the room impatiently, so they just gave Aunt Fang a brief nod when she greeted them. Aunt Fang was a married woman herself. Of course, she knew what was happening!

Aunt Fang and Aunt Lin grinned knowingly at each other as they heard the sound of the door being closed upstairs. It was common for young couples to have such an impulse and it was pretty understandable.

As Xi Xiaye just entered the house, Mu Yuchen nudged her up and went into their bedroom.

Xi Xiaye pushed him away after two rounds of bed play, and she rolled her eyes at him. Go to sleep after a bath. Ill prepare the water for you.

He was still a drunkard moments ago, but his performance in bed did not seem like it at all. Would sudden exercise not increase the blood flow and make drunk people even drunker?

He glanced at her and got up as usual. Then, he picked up his clothes on the floor and put it over himself before heading into the bathroom.

Xi Xiaye got up after a while. As she wanted to take their pajamas out to set on the bed, the phone on the bedside table started ringing, so she went over and grabbed it.

It was his phone, and Li Si was calling.

Mr. Mu, its your call! she yelled into the bathroom.

Answer it! he gave a brief reply before preparing the bathwater.

Xi Xiaye was startled for a moment before answering the call.

Master, Assistant Yang called me back and said Master Qi will only be back in two days. Should we tell him that Qi Feng is coming back?

She frowned when she heard Li Sis words.




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